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26 Intranet Content Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement -2023 Intranet homepage Beyond Basics

Boost Employee Engagement
26 Intranet Content Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement -2023 Intranet homepage Beyond basics
We explore intranet content ideas on how to create the best content for better Employee engagement Intranet homepage.

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Boost Employee Engagement
26 Intranet Content Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement -2023 Intranet homepage Beyond basics

Organizational communication is more crucial than ever in today's digital era. Intranets play an important role in internal communication. So, you cannot ignore the importance of quality intranet content.

As you know, Intranets are private networks wherein only authorized users can access company-specific data and applications. The term "intranet content" describes all the different kinds of data and assets that can be shared within an organization.

The content on an organization's intranet should encourage workers to be proactive, knowledgeable, and invested in their jobs.

Intranet content, from business news and updates to team and departmental information, is essential for boosting employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration. You can also read our detailed guide about building an intranet content strategy.

Let's check out some great intranet content ideas that can contribute positively to your organization.

What is an intranet used for in the workplace? 

An intranet is an internal network used by organizations to share information and resources with their employees. It is a private network that is only accessible to authorized personnel within the organization.

An intranet software is a valuable tool for organizations to improve internal communication and collaboration, manage documents and resources, share knowledge and expertise, engage employees, and support business processes.  Lets read on to find out why its important and the different content ideas you can add to boost engagement with you intranet users. 

Importance of posting good content on a company intranet

Company intranet

 No two companies have the same idea of what makes "good" intranet content. Your company's intranet requirements and goals must be established before you can choose a solution that works for you.

But a great intranet will always keep your staff interested and provide them with the resources they need to do their jobs well. A well-designed intranet will make it simple for employees to share and view files and boost teamwork, efficiency, and morale.

Likewise, good intranet content must be:

●Relevant  - intranet content is important because it helps employees stay informed and engaged with their organization. An intranet is an internal communication tool used by companies to share information and resources with their employees. The content on an intranet can include company news, policies and procedures, training materials, employee benefits information, and more.

●Up to date - When the content on an intranet is up to date for employees, they are more likely to engage with it and use it to stay informed about their organization. This can lead to better communication and collaboration among employees, as well as increased productivity and job satisfaction.

●Engaging - Engaging content can help to keep employees interested and invested in their organization's intranet. This can include using visual aids such as images and videos, interactive elements such as quizzes or surveys, and personalization features that allow employees to customize their intranet experience.

Intranet content ideas to improve employee engagement

Intranet content ideas

#1. Employee spotlights 

Recognizing and praising the efforts and accomplishments of employees is an important part of any successful business. Especially in bigger organizations where employees may not have the opportunity to engage with each other on a regular basis, it can also aid in cultivating a sense of community and connection among employees.

You can ask the following questions to the selected employee:

●What inspired you to pursue your current role?

●What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of work?

●What are some of your proudest achievements at the company?

●What advice would you give to new employees starting in your department?

With this information, you can make a brief employee profile to be posted on the company intranet. You can add a picture to personalize the feature.

A stronger sense of community and connection is fostered when employees are added to "employee spotlights" on the company intranet and allowed to share their experiences. Employee spotlights can also promote an inclusive work environment by highlighting employees who bring unique views and experiences to the company. 

Key takeaway: Highlighting employees' accomplishments, interests, and backgrounds can build community.

#2. Industry news

Industry news

Posting industry-related news content on the company intranet ensure that your employees are always aware of recent developments. It can also aid in promoting an environment where employees are encouraged to grow and learn on the job.

If you want to establish an industry news section on the company intranet, you can do so by collecting and organizing articles, blogs, and podcasts that cover topics of interest to your company's specific industry. One option is to conduct an internet search, while another is to get ideas from employees.

When you have accumulated a number of relevant materials, you can sort them according to the subject matter and establish a specific industry news section in the company intranet. Employees can also be kept updated with periodic updates or newsletters highlighting recent additions to the section.

In addition to informing employees of developments in their field, you can get them involved by inviting them to comment on recent pieces or participate in roundtable discussions of topical issues. This has the potential to encourage teamwork and information exchange among employees.

Keeping workers up-to-date on industry news that may affect their jobs or the business can also be accomplished through intranet content. This can aid the business in maintaining its competitive edge and adjusting to emerging market conditions and innovations. 

Key takeaway: Regularly share industry news on your company intranet. This can help you stay competitive and adapt to emerging trends and technologies.

#3. Company news

Company news

The company news section of the company intranet is crucial because it keeps staff members up-to-date on company happenings. This content might include announcements of company-wide initiatives, new hires, promotions within the company, and similar items of interest. The intranet can be a one-stop shop where all employees can check in on the latest happenings in the company.

Using the company intranet to disseminate company news is another great way to bring employees together. Sharing the newest company news with employees can increase their sense of belonging and pride in their work.

 Key takeaway: Share company-wide initiatives, new hires and promotions, internal news, company events, and financial performance.

​ #4. Training and development

 Organizational strategies should always include training and development. In addition to improving work satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity, investing in employees' professional development makes good economic sense. When used properly, the intranet can be a powerful medium for providing learning and growth materials to employees.

Giving employees access to online classes or webinars is one method of providing training over the intranet. Depending on the context, these may emphasize technical expertise, interpersonal skills, or sector-specific information. The intranet can also be a repository for instructional resources like videos, handouts, and presentations.

Key takeaway: Post content that promotes in-person training opportunities, such as workshops, conferences, and guest speaker events.

#5. FAQs 


New hires, who may have a number of questions as they get acclimated to their new responsibilities, may find FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) especially helpful. By answering frequently asked questions on the intranet, businesses can save time and cut down on IT, HR, and other departments receiving unnecessary calls.

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing an informative and useful intranet FAQ section:

●First, compile a list of frequently asked concerns from employees. Questions about human resources, employee perks, information technology, corporate culture, or workplace security are examples.

●If you want to make it easier for workers to discover the answers they're looking for, classify the questions into different topics. For instance, questions about human resources, information technology, and business policy could all be filed in their own distinct sections.

●Make sure the information you provide is correct and up-to-date, and do so in a straightforward and concise manner.

●It's a good idea to provide workers with access to relevant supplementary materials, such as summaries of employee benefit plans and IT support documentation.

●Verify the frequently asked questions section is still up to date and accurate on a regular basis. If new inquiries come up, submit them to this section to assist your staff in the future.

Key takeaway: Answering FAQs saves employees time and reduces unnecessary inquiries. This could include questions about HR policies, benefits, or IT support.

#6. Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures

Employees are more likely to follow the company's policies and procedures if they are readily accessible on the intranet. Employees can turn to this content for details on paid time off, sick leave, and other company policies. Employees can gain knowledge and assurance with this content at their fingertips. Further, keeping policies and processes up-to-date on the company intranet helps guarantee that all employees use accurate data.

Key takeaway: Make it easy for employees to access company policies and procedures. This can include information about vacation time, sick leave, or other company policies.

#7. Health and wellness  

Employees' work and personal lives may benefit from an organization's emphasis on health and wellness. One method to help is to publish content about healthy lifestyle choices, physical activity, and mental health. Supportive resources for mental health may include advice on what to consume and how to exercise, as well as information on how to deal with stress. 

Companies that demonstrate concern for their workers' health and well-being by fostering environments conducive to exercise and positive mental attitudes enjoy a healthier and more efficient workforce.

Key takeaway: Share resources on healthy habits, exercise, and mental wellness. This can include articles on healthy eating, exercise routines, or tips for reducing stress.

#8. Recognition and rewards  

Recognition and rewards ​

Another amazing intranet content idea is to post about employee recognition and rewards. Employees are much more likely to put forth their best effort and stay motivated if they feel appreciated and valued. Employees can be motivated to continue making strides toward excellence when their employers recognize and award them for their efforts.

Employees feel appreciated when they are publicly acknowledged for their contributions, and this in turn fosters an atmosphere of success within the company. When workers believe they are valued and appreciated, they are more apt to put forth their best effort. Greater productivity, happier employees, and lower turnover rates are all possible outcomes.

Key takeaway: Highlight employees' achievements and reward exceptional performance. You can post this content on intranet homepage.

#9. Job postings  

Sharing job postings on the intranet can help employees explore new career paths within the organization and promote internal mobility. It can also help the company retain talented employees who may be considering leaving for better opportunities elsewhere.

Posting open positions within the company's intranet can encourage employees to move up the corporate ladder by exposing them to new employment opportunities. Retaining valuable workers who might otherwise leave for greener pastures is another benefit.

Businesses can foster a climate of lifelong learning and professional development by encouraging workers to look for new opportunities within the company and providing resources to help them succeed. As a result, employee satisfaction, productivity, and dedication to the company could all improve.

Key takeaway: Advertise internal job openings to encourage career growth and development. This can help employees identify opportunities for advancement and stay engaged with the organization.

#10. Social events  

A strong feeling of belonging and camaraderie in the workplace can be fostered by holding social events for the employees. Companies can foster a fun and relaxed work environment by promoting company-sponsored social events like holiday parties, company outings, and other events intended to bring workers together. Employee experience will improve and the office environment will become more pleasant as a result.

Consider events that align with your company's values or social responsibility initiatives to boost employee engagement and support a good cause.

Make the events accessible to everyone, including remote workers, by offering virtual participation options or organizing regional events.

Key takeaway: Promote company-sponsored social events to build a sense of community and camaraderie. This can include holiday parties, company outings, or other events designed to bring employees together.

#11. Employee survey  

Employee survey ​

The results of employee surveys can be very helpful in gauging the level of enthusiasm and contentment among workers. Employees' opinions on things like job satisfaction and business culture can be gathered through anonymous surveys. As a result of hearing from staff, management can take corrective action to enhance the workplace.

Employee engagement can be boosted with the help of surveys. There is a correlation between employees' level of dedication and engagement in their job and the degree to which they believe their ideas and input are valued.

Key takeaway: Collect employee feedback through anonymous surveys to improve employee engagement and satisfaction. This can include surveys related to job satisfaction, company culture, or other topics that are important to employees.

#12. Customer feedback  

The company's culture can be more customer-centric if employees know about the customer feedback. Showing employees the positive feedback they've received from customers is a great way to motivate them to keep providing excellent service. Insightful suggestions for enhancement can be obtained from customer feedback, and weak spots in the organization's operations can be highlighted so that employees can be better trained.

Employees can better meet customers' requirements and expectations by hearing both compliments and criticisms so they can learn from each other and improve service. 

The result may be happier and more devoted customers.

Key takeaway: Share customer feedback to promote a customer-centric culture and encourage employee engagement. This can include positive reviews, testimonials, or feedback on areas for improvement.

#13. Diversity and inclusion  

Implementing programs to promote diversity and inclusion is crucial to making the workplace a positive and supportive environment for all employees. Organizations can promote a more diverse and inclusive society by pooling their diversity and inclusion resources.

You can write content and maintain blogs on diversity and inclusion issues like unconscious bias, cultural awareness, and the advantages of a diverse workforce.

You can also add materials for education and preparation in areas like cultural awareness, competence, and diversity and inclusion strategies.

Getting the word out about events that celebrate diversity and encourage inclusion, like ethnic celebrations and talks by experts in the field.

Educating employees on the company's efforts to promote diversity and inclusion is an excellent way to garner buy-in and enthusiasm from workers.

Key takeaway: Share resources and promote diversity and inclusion initiatives to foster an inclusive workplace. This can include articles, videos, or other resources related to diversity and inclusion.

#14. Employee benefits  

Employee benefits are an important aspect of any job. Thus, it's crucial for employees to have easy access to information about their benefits. By providing access to this information, employees can make informed decisions about their health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits offered by the company.

You can make this information easily accessible through a variety of means, such as a benefits portal on the company intranet. This can help employees stay up-to-date on any changes or updates to their benefits package. By prioritizing employee benefits and making information about them easily accessible, employers can help to create a more satisfied and engaged workforce.

Key takeaway: Make it easy for employees to access information about their benefits. This can include information on health insurance, retirement plans, or other employee benefits.

#15. Company history  

Employee engagement

To better understand the company's values and culture, it's important to share the company's past with employees. Additionally, it can make you feel like you're contributing to something bigger than yourself by helping to preserve the company's history.

There are many fascinating facts and stories that can be shared about the company's history. Sharing the company's origin tale, such as how it was founded by a group of friends in a garage, can help employees feel more connected to the company's entrepreneurial spirit.

Another benefit of sharing the company's development is that it helps employees understand their role within the company's broader goals and objectives. It may help to improve employee engagement and productivity.

Key takeaway: Share the history of the company and how it has evolved over time. This can include stories about the company's founders, major milestones, or other interesting facts.

#15. Company history  

Company history

If you want your employees to perform better and learn more, share what you've learned with them. Giving employees guidance and suggestions can improve productivity and encourage a mindset of lifelong learning.

Articles, videos, webinars, and other materials pertinent to employees' jobs are some examples of how this can be accomplished. For instance, a marketing company may offer advice on how to improve the effectiveness of social media campaigns, or an IT company may publish guidelines for fixing typical technical problems.

By posting content about best practices, businesses can assist their staff in keeping abreast of developments in their field and developing their expertise to the advantage of the company as a whole.

Key takeaway: Share tips and best practices related to employees' jobs. This can include articles or videos on how to use specific software or tools, or tips on how to be more productive.

#17. Industry events  

Taking part in industry events can be a fantastic way for employees to advance their careers and learn about cutting-edge innovations in their field. Companies can show they care about their workers' professional development by encouraging participation in such events. Big industry gatherings like conventions can be supplemented by intimate gatherings like classes and seminars.

You can use intranet content to spread the word about industry events. To further show their dedication to employee development, they can also consider providing financial assistance or time off to employees who wish to attend these events. 

Companies can help maintain a competitive and engaged workforce by placing a premium on industry events and promoting staff participation.

Key takeaway: Promote industry events and conferences that employees may be interested in attending. This can help employees stay up to date with the latest industry trends and network with other professionals.

#18. Leadership messages  

One effective method of ensuring that all employees are on the same page with the company's goals and objectives is through regular leadership communications. Post content on company intranet like messages from company executives. Employees can learn more about the company's direction and better tailor their efforts to achieve business goals.

A number of things can be discussed in leadership messages, from changes in the company's strategic direction to a recap of recent triumphs. They may also shed light on the leadership's long-term objectives and their thoughts on how the business can achieve further growth and success. By posting this type of content on intranet on a regular basis, leaders can keep their employees updated on business developments and foster a sense of belonging.

Key takeaway: Share messages from the company's leadership team to keep employees informed about the company's direction and vision.

#19. Get employees' opinion on crucial company decisions with polls  

It's easy to find out what changes impact your employees. The most effective questions improve employee engagement within the company. Get imaginative to get employees to respond quickly.

By conducting polls and votes within the company's intranet, businesses can show their employees that they value diversity of opinion and are committed to creating a welcoming and accepting work environment. When employees know their input is valued and considered in major decisions, they are more likely to feel a sense of ownership over their work and a sense of commitment to the company as a whole.

Key takeaway: Post content that can encourage employees to share their opinion.

#20. New employee announcements  

New employee announcements ​

Employee news is among the most-read articles on our intranet, which presumably comes as no surprise. Every new hire should be welcomed with a bio and some exciting trivia posted on the company website. It's a fun opportunity for current workers to meet and get to know potential new hires.

Key takeaway: Keep your employees updated about new hires.

#21. Ask employees what they want  

​If you're having trouble getting your employees interested in the content you're posting to the intranet, why not take a poll? Submitting a poll is the most convenient method for handling this. Create a short (the fewer queries, the better) feedback form and publish it on the company intranet.

Key takeaway: Asking employees what they want to read can increase relevant content on your intranet.

#22. Celebrate sales  

Never pass up a chance to honor your achievements. Some of my favorite company communications are those in which the sales department brags about a new deal. It's more than just a declaration; it sheds light on why potential customers choose us, the company sizes we resonate with, and the capabilities they may be most intrigued by.

Key takeaway: Celebrate major milestones and deals to improve employee experience.

#23. Interesting trivia  

Who among the employees has been there the longest? Which month celebrates the most births among the staff? To what extent has each member of the group travelled? The business, the projects, and the people who work there provide a wealth of interesting facts. 

Try hosting a trivia night to get your employees more involved and acquainted with the intranet.

Key takeaway: Posting trivia about your employees can help to build a community.

#24. Social media features  

Even though we'd love it if our employees participated more actively in our corporate social media channels, we know they don't always see the posts or be conscious of the conversations happening there. Integrating social media channels into your intranet is a good idea so that workers can stay up-to-date on social media conversations, product reviews, customer concerns, and the latest blog post.

Key takeaway: Social media features can enable employees to post and engage with the content they love.

#25. Resources for occupational health and safety  

Do you still expect workers to dig through a document for an out-of-date safety policy? Build a page full of useful tools to keep people safe that people can easily access and engage with. 

All employees should have read and be conscious of the latest security regulations, and you should centralize all relevant documents and contact information.

Key takeaway: It can be hard to find relevant occupational health and safety documents. You can post it in a separate intranet content section for easier access.

#26. Communication plan for managing crisis  

A website can serve as an "alert system" for staff members. With a mobile-friendly intranet, you can send instantaneous push notifications or email warnings to everyone in your organisation. 

Using your intranet by having users read and respond to specific messages is a beautiful way to track the effectiveness of your communications and ensure everyone is up to date.

As a scenario develops, your intranet can become the primary source of information with news, question submission forms, a list of key contacts, and frequently asked questions.

Key takeaway: Make your intranet content a go-to resource for reliable information.

Frequently asked questions about intranet content  

Frequently asked questions about intranet content ​

What content should be on an intranet?  

As discussed above, the employee intranet should provide useful and relevant information for employees such as policies and procedures, employee benefits, job postings, training and development resources, FAQs, customer feedback, diversity and inclusion initiatives, industry events, company history, leadership messages, recognition and rewards programs, social events, health and wellness resources, and employee surveys. 

Intranet polls can also be used to gather employee opinions on crucial company decisions.

How do I make my intranet engaging?  

To make an intranet engaging, it should have a visually appealing design with images and graphics. Personalization based on employees' interests, roles, and preferences can make it more relevant. Interactive features such as polls, quizzes, and games can increase engagement and social features like discussion forums and chat rooms. 

Posting relevant and timely content like company news and employee spotlights keeps employees informed. It should also be accessible on mobile devices and provide training and support on how to use it effectively.

What is an intranet portal homepage?  

What is an intranet portal homepage? ​

An intranet portal homepage is the main landing page or portal that employees access when they log in to their organization's internal network. It serves as a gateway to various resources, tools, and information that employees need to do their jobs. The homepage typically includes features and links that are relevant to employees and their roles within the organization. 

It can also be customized based on individual preferences and needs. 

An intranet home page aims to provide a centralized and organized platform for employees to access all the resources and information they need in their work.

What should an intranet homepage include?  

Intranet homepage

An intranet homepage should be designed to engage and support employees. 

It should include elements such as company news, quick links to commonly used tools and resources, employee resources, announcements, social features, personalization, search bar, visual design, navigation menu, and feedback mechanisms. 

These elements can help employees stay informed, find what they need, collaborate with others, and provide feedback to improve the intranet. 

The homepage should be designed with a visually appealing layout that is easy to navigate and should provide a welcoming atmosphere to employees.

Wrapping up 

Quality intranet content is essential for effective organizational communication and can contribute positively to employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration. 

To revamp your intranet experience beyond the basics, you can incorporate various content ideas such as personalized content, interactive features, social features, company news and updates, and employee resources. 

By posting good intranet content, you can keep your staff interested, provide them with the resources they need to do their jobs well, and boost teamwork, efficiency, and morale in your organization.

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