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Best Practice Sharing Platform – UPDATED 2023

Best Practice Sharing Platform
Best Practice Sharing Platform – UPDATED 2023
Best practice sharing platform can help identify the practices that work the best for them and share it internally.
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Best Practice Sharing Platform
Best Practice Sharing Platform – UPDATED 2023

Best Practice Sharing Platforms are the latest trend in the digital age. The platforms provide a collaborative environment where users can share, learn, and implement best practices in different areas. Whether it is business, education, or a personal hobby, best practice sharing platforms offer a great opportunity to improve skills, knowledge, and performance.

In this article, we will explore the key benefits of using a best practice sharing platform, how they work, and why they are becoming increasingly popular. We will also provide some tips on how to get the most out of your best practice sharing platform experience.

For businesses to grow and evolve continuously, knowledge transfer of successful methods has always been crucial. Identifying the most effective approach to a problem is the main purpose of a best practice sharing platform. It may be implemented externally in your company or occur within it.

Moreover, the best practice sharing platform aims to disseminate your organization's acquired knowledge and expertise so that everyone may perform at their highest possible level.

In theory, it should be a simple task. 

However, it can be exceedingly difficult to use a best practice sharing platform in organizations to identify best practices and distribute them across the departments. 
The lack of effective methods to facilitate information sharing is a significant barrier in this area.

This article will highlight how the best practice sharing platforms work and things to consider when developing a knowledge sharing platform.

Best Practice Sharing Platform – How It Works? 

​There is a never-ending stream of business problems, yet most of the time, the solutions are only applicable inside a single region. A best practice sharing platform can be a game changer. But what distinguishes successful businesses from those that fail? 

Knowledge sharing inside companies, i.e., disseminating, scaling, and replicating collected knowledge, is the answer to this seemingly complex topic.

Since there is always a chance of losing or forgetting the learned knowledge, creating a best practice sharing platform is essential for companies to flourish. 
Knowledge needs to be disseminated, not merely stored or documented because it has a negative impact on productivity and efficiency if people have trouble locating it when they need it. 

Thus, you cannot ignore the benefits of the best practice sharing platform.

6 Best Recommended Practice Sharing Platforms

  1. LinkedIn - a professional networking site that allows individuals to connect, share and exchange information with each other.
  2. Quora - a question-and-answer platform where people can share their knowledge and experiences with others.
  3. Slack - a collaboration platform that enables team members to communicate and share information in real-time.
  4. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) - a suite of productivity and collaboration tools, including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, that allow teams to work together and share information.
  5. Microsoft Teams - a collaboration platform that integrates with Microsoft 365 and provides features such as real-time communication, file sharing, and task management.
  6. AgilityPortal - A remote teams platform that integrates with other apps, and allow seamless internal communication, and knowledge base, and content management features for easy sharing of information. 

Why should you use a best practice sharing platform? 

The idea of having a best practice sharing platform may initially sound a bit strange. It is because people often believe that the highest levels of management should only ever establish policies and best practices. It is the half-truth because best practices need to be molded by others who have already succeeded in conquering similar challenges. 

So, it can be done by anyone who has sufficient experience. As you may know, it's all about the procedures that lead to the best results, and the folks out in the trenches are usually the best source of information on this front. This is where the best practice sharing platform can be extremely useful.

A best practice sharing platform can make things easy for novice workers. Someone with thousands of hours of experience in, say, employee training is in a prime position to help establish best practices for doing so. These professionals are dispersed throughout the organization and can serve as informal guides for less seasoned workers.

All that needs to be done is to find their location and field of competence. 
The first step is conducting an audit and measuring skills, which will reveal the experts and novices. 

Combining the two is a terrific method to bridge the gaps, and the best practice sharing platform can be extremely helpful in doing so.

Best Practice Sharing Templates & Activities 

Best Practice Sharing Template
Best practice sharing templates can help you excel and stand out from the crowd. The best practice sharing template is a tried and true method of quickly and effectively completing tasks with minimal waste of time and effort. 

The best practice sharing template, explaining the pros and cons, provides authorized and practical procedures and also shows disapproved and ineffective ones.

The workflow process can be sped up, and success and efficiency can be reached in all measurable outcomes with the help of a best practice sharing template. 

Implementing best practices encourages workers to give their all in support of the company's immediate and long-term objectives. Any field can benefit from using the best practice sharing template. 

Latest best practice sharing templates that you organisation needs

An organization-wide effort to share successful methods is a great strategy to boost efficiency and effectiveness. Likewise, a best practice sharing template let you do it effectively. Regardless of your company's size, it can benefit greatly by recording and sharing the insights and expertise of its workforce.

In any given company, you'll find workers with a wide range of responsibilities and seniorities, each requiring a unique set of abilities. 
Every person is the sum total of their life experiences and the lessons they've learned from them. 

Team members are more likely to participate in their own development if they operate in an environment that promotes an attitude of constant learning from one another. Even the most successful companies may struggle with developing a best practice sharing template. 

We know this very well, so we have compiled a set of up-to-date examples for the best practice sharing template. 
This can serve as a source of motivation and creativity.

List of best practice sharing templates 

  • Best practice sharing template for employee onboarding: Download here
  • Best practice sharing template for better management: Download here
  • Best practice sharing template for cross-selling: Download here
  • Best practice sharing template for cloud security: Download here
  • Best practice sharing template for enterprise architecture: Download here
  • Best practice sharing template for marketing and sales alignment: Download here
  • Best practice sharing template for lead generation: Download here
  • Best practice sharing template for supplier evaluation and developing business competency: Download here
  • Best practice sharing template for remote interviewing: Download here
  • Best practice sharing template for corporate finance: Download here 

Best Practice Sharing Activities 

Best Practice Sharing Activities
The organization can disseminate vital information to all of its employees by using best practice sharing activities. However, empowering people to share their knowledge is crucial for best practice sharing activities to be successful at scale. 

Additionally, leaders have the ability to inspire their teams.

Organizational effectiveness relies heavily on best practices being shared regularly. 

Knowledge sharing helps workers become more familiar with company procedures and their roles within them. 

You should plan certain events to foster a culture where ideas and successes are shared.

Here are some of the most helpful best practice sharing activities: 

Use best practice sharing templates 

The list of best practice sharing activities will not be complete without best practice sharing templates. Try to find both flexible and forward-thinking resources, such as online modules and courses covering a wide range of topics. 

On top of that, you don't have to start from scratch with your content each time. Every business has countless files stashed away in various locations. 

Sharing best practices in the form of reusable templates is a wonderful way to get started creating quality content. 

Employees can use these templates to create new documents by adding relevant information such as sales jargon, product codes, technical papers, etc. 

Use modern intranet for best practice sharing activities 

 A modern intranet with social capabilities, such as AgilityPortal, is ideal for best practice sharing activities. 

Having a private corporate intranet provides a forum for employees to share knowledge and best practices. It's a practical intranet option because of its communication features, one-on-one conversation, and file-sharing functions. 

Developing a knowledge sharing platform can be easy if you are using an intranet.

Use knowledge sharing features

One of the most productive best practice sharing activities is to invest in a robust platform for knowledge sharing. These kinds of platforms encourage everyone, from entry-level workers to C-suite executives, to pool their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the whole organization. 

For example, AgilityPortal has top-notch knowledge sharing features. 

The analytics components of these features are also quite powerful, making it possible to monitor individual contributions and overall company growth.

Developing A Knowledge Sharing Platform  

Developing A Knowledge Sharing Platform

With the proper knowledge sharing platform, you can simplify operations like onboarding and training, boost employee engagement, and reduce the time it takes to obtain answers to common issues. However, developing a knowledge sharing platform is not easy. 

Building a culture of knowledge sharing is beneficial for businesses because it encourages workers to use online resources to contribute and receive feedback on their ideas and thoughts and to get advice from more seasoned employees and subject matter experts on a regular basis.

One of the most important factors to consider when running a business is the availability of a knowledge-sharing platform, which can have far-reaching effects on employee output and the company's overall success and profitability. 

This platform must, first and foremost, be user-friendly and conducive to interaction. Focus on developing a knowledge sharing platform that allows workers access from any device, any place. 

The platform should have question-and-answer content, live chat, and a place to leave feedback for the other user.

Best Practice Sharing Process, Systems & More!  

Best Practice Sharing Process

It's common knowledge that a company's productivity and performance can benefit greatly from its employees learning from and applying one another's best practices. This method has many positive effects on enterprises, including increased productivity, fewer knowledge gaps, and increased leadership. Best practices are easier to disseminate in every organization because of the unique dynamics present in each one.

Creating a plan is the first step in the best practice sharing process. Establishing a system for teaching staff what they're doing right should be the first step. Part of this procedure includes explaining how various procedures help accomplish organizational objectives. This enables several departments to aid in their spread throughout the company.

Knowledge sharing tools are essential to a successful best practice sharing process. Every company needs a mechanism for disseminating successful techniques, as was just discussed. Knowledge sharing platforms and corporate intranets are only powerful tools designed to facilitate content management and dissemination. Knowledge sharing tools help compile relevant information in one place so that workers can easily find it when needed.

The company can assemble an expert group to set up procedures for evaluating internal successes. For instance, the group can offer a post-exercise critique of a finished product. This best practise sharing process can be helpful in the implementation phase.

Additionally, organizations can learn from the best practices of other companies by studying their best practice sharing activities. 

This best practice sharing process can be of great help when you are validating the best practices.

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