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Top intranet features that you absolutely need to have

Top intranet features that you absolutely need to have
Top intranet features that you absolutely need to have
Top intranet features that you absolutely need to have. Every employee in the organization needs access to a directory, giving contact and role details ideally. Here are a few more features your intranet must have.
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Top intranet features that you absolutely need to have
Top intranet features that you absolutely need to have

It's not uncommon for intranet companies to resemble your cable company. A lot of the options they give you are unnecessary, and you don't want to pay for them. Even if you don't care about golf, that doesn't mean you should stop watching TV. What it really means is just the opposite: You're expecting things to happen exactly when you want them to happen. Similarly, businesses are starting to speak out about their intranets in the same way that consumers have been doing for years.

They're looking for technologies that can truly help their business run more smoothly and produce more value. So, how can you declutter your intranet so that you can focus on the things that are truly necessary? Fortunately, we know the answer to that! A company network can give several advantages, and intranet professionals recognize this. To help your company succeed, we've compiled a list of the top nine collaborative intranet features that you should have.  AgilityPortal is one of the best intranet apps you can find on the internet, there are so many intranet platforms in the uk but what makes AgilityPortal stay out is that it also includes a digital workplace and the tools required to run your small business online,  and has everything In One Place. 

Company pages that are easy to access

Using company pages is an excellent approach to communicating with and educating your employees. Intranet sites and pages can be used to manage company strategy, policies, service plans, HR information, and more. You may break down departmental information silos and give everyone a centralized location to access resources by distributing information in this manner. Employees should be able to sign up for update notifications and have the ability to customize company pages.

Improving communications

Improving communications

Ideally, your intranet should serve as a one-stop-shop for all of your company's internal business needs. A well-designed intranet keeps you up to date on company announcements, significant news, and virtually anything else you would normally receive via regular company email. With an announcement area, your staff will be able to stay up to date on the newest company developments.

Social media portal

Social media portal

Employees and employers should be able to share updates, ideas, insights, and other kinds of workplace communication on your intranet. Depending on the audience, these posts can be shared with the entire organization, a specific department, or even a small group of people. It is important to add social elements to posts. Comments, likes, gifs, and anything else that helps coworkers communicate more effectively are all included here. Having a working social environment that stimulates amazing ideas, a spike in updates and a nice work culture is a benefit.

Charts of organization

Charts of organization

In the right hands, organization charts can serve as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration. There should be an easy-to-find org chart on your intranet that identifies staff responsibilities, available resources, and contact information. People, departments, locations, and skills should all be searchable. It is important that your administrators have the ability to regulate the content that is presented to individual employees. This can be done through a hierarchical structure or by syncing with your AD/LDAP.

Voting, surveys, and quizzes

Voting surveys and quizzes

A wide range of important information can be gleaned from surveys, polls, and quizzes that are available on an intranet. This can be as simple as deciding on what to serve for lunch as a corporation or as complex as coming up with concepts for new initiatives and goals for the business. Multiple pre-built templates for these features should be available, as well as the option to develop your own bespoke versions. Allowing participants to answer questions anonymously will encourage honest responses and break the stalemate of silence, which is a key component of a well-designed survey. Gamification modules that are enjoyable to use as well as visually appealing are an added advantage.

One-stop-shop for all your documents  

One-stop-shop for all your documents ​

As a central hub for a company, intranets are meant to allow all of the company's information to be accessed and kept in one place. As a result, one of the most essential intranet features is the ability to easily share documents. Any document or media file can be safely stored and organized on an intranet if it is designed appropriately. In addition, it should be able to share files in posts, chats, comments, pages, updates, and any other type of communication.

Infinite possibilities for accessibility

Infinite possibilities for accessibility

​ Employees of today no longer spend their entire workdays confined to a desk chair at an office. Today's business environment is one that encourages participation, mobility, remote working, and adaptability. Your company's intranet should also reflect this. The vast majority of employees choose to do some of their work from home. It is only a matter of time before the number of workers who prefer to work from home grows. You'll be able to work from wherever you want with an intranet that works on any device. Both you and your staff will be able to achieve better success and efficiency as a result of this strategy.

Customization and branding  

Customization and branding ​

​ Customers and employees alike are influenced by your brand, which is a reflection of your company's core values. Research reveals that branding is more important to employees than customers. Your company's activities and resources must be consistent in order for employee branding to be a success. Your intranet features must be on board in order to maintain that continuity. Sharing and expressing your brand through logos, colors, customization, and personalization are just some of the benefits of a good intranet. Customers should be able to customize it to their own specifications.

One-step access to the admin panel  

​ A lot of admins already have too many responsibilities on their plate. Having an uncooperative intranet is the last thing they should have. You should be able to easily adapt your intranet to accommodate certain shifts in your company. IT staff should not be required to make any changes to your system.



AgilityPortal has created a modern and customized intranet that is tailored to the demands of our clients. This article's must-haves, as well as a slew of other supplementary features, are all available from us. When it comes to connecting and working together, we rely heavily on our intranet. An intranet developed to make your business ambitions a reality is the goal of AgilityPortal.

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