Tracking Change Management

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You’re making a change in your organization to further success and stay ahead of the competition. But the changes are not sticking and the cost is quickly skyrocket if you don’t set a realistic expectation. Tacking Change Management.


 What you'll learn:

  • Figure out what you want to change.
  • Place to manage requirements.
  • Recording the method and implementation of change
  • Logging requests for changes against products and documentation

The problem isn’t the requirements document itself.

The problem is in using the document as the place to manage requirements.

If you’re hoping to set expectations, communicate project details, and track changes throughout the process with documents – good luck. You’ll need it.



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Ovalle Silva, Business Administrator

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Peter Lackner, Managing Director at Spectrum Consulting Japan G.K.

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Hanson Grant, Founder & CEO of Think Board.

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