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Intranet Forms, Authentication & Workflows – A Complete Guide

Intranet Forms, Authentication & Workflows – A Complete Guide
Intranet Forms, Authentication & Workflows – A Complete Guide
Business have intranet forms and related processes, which improves intranets support with automated workflows. What are the benefits of Intranet Forms?
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Intranet Forms, Authentication & Workflows – A Complete Guide
Intranet Forms, Authentication & Workflows – A Complete Guide

​ A lot has changed since intranet systems were first introduced in the 1990s. They are now a symbol of the modern workplace's transition to digital technology. Increasingly, intranet systems are stocked with useful features that help companies cultivate an effective business culture, one that places employee engagement and experience at the center of their operations.

What are intranet forms?  

Intranet forms

Intranet forms, which reside on your company's intranet and give team members a user-friendly experience for entering forms and documents, are one element that encourages successful and productive working practices.

You can use online multi-page forms to automate previously time-consuming paper-based business procedures by sending support tickets to the appropriate team members and executives. Archived data and request forms are also an amazing feature of these systems.

Managers can use the online form on your intranet as it has the additional benefit of being more secure than paper forms. The permissions for each of your online forms can be defined to specify who can and can't view them and who can develop them. In addition, you can also limit who can see the responses submitted. Form submissions can be reviewed by the appropriate approval managers ahead of time with the use of automated procedures. It is possible to incorporate online forms into your intranet in a variety of ways. So, if you're designing an intranet form, we recommend you to be creative with it!

Benefits of using intranet forms: 

Many different types of data may be collected using an intranet form, making them an indispensable tool in today's workplace. Personal applications and account registrations can both benefit from the use of forms. It's straightforward to install and secure to use intranet forms to collect the data you need in a consistent, automated way.

#1.Collect data

Reducing costs while improving consistency, productivity, and accuracy are all benefits of using an intranet form. You may rest assured that you will solicit input on a regular basis and that you will collect the data necessary to fulfill your specified goals. You can easily increase the number of individuals who can view and fill out your form by using responsive intranet forms for mobile devices and laptops.

If you use the intranet form, you can be certain that your team will ask the identical question each time. For example, it can be used to gather client complaints and personal information or even to take orders. Having a uniform experience and eliminating the possibility of failing to collect key data means that only one survey of the employees or customers is required to make a decision.

#2.Extra features in intranet forms

There are so many advantages to using intranet forms instead of conventional forms. You can use photographs, GPS coordinates, signatures, and easy duplication of your documents to create a record of everything.

Intranet forms allow you to quickly and easily combine data and then export it to an editable file, giving you a clear picture of all the information you've collected and kept in one application. There are multiple options to customize your forms, including adding paragraphs or signing them. There is no need to contact your service provider, and there will be no additional fees for making these changes if you are using an intranet software like AgilityPortal.

#3.Fast and cost-effective

When you use an intranet form, there is no need to print out paper forms and spend money on mailing stamps. To further minimize costs, intranet forms are widely available and can save time and money by allowing you to view the results at any time for analysis.

In addition, the data is collected automatically, and there is no need to waste time waiting for hardcopy surveys to be mailed to you. You can use a customizable survey template to make an intranet form in a matter of minutes and get feedback practically immediately. 

#4.Share anywhere you want 

Google form allows you to share the created form to any distinctive platform you want to share it. Different people have different purposes to create forms, some may want to capture marketing campaigns, some want to use feedback and reviews, teachers use this for distance learning and so on.

#5.Innovative and convenient

Participants can respond to an intranet form at a time and place that is most convenient for them. As a result, users can answer questions in greater depth and complexity.

Your intranet form can be designed to reflect your brand and remind your employees of the organization's values. The background, layout, images, logo, and fonts of your intranet form can be customized to fit your business and bring it to life. You can also make things easier for the user by including external links.

What is intranet authentication?

What is intranet authentication?

In today's data-driven world, securing your online accounts is essential, especially in light of the recent spate of cyber-attacks. Apart from attacks on major businesses, a breach in your own personal accounts, such as social media, email, or even your employee intranet portal, can have a huge impact on your privacy and data. In addition, no one wants their personal information to be misused, so it is critical that you use the strongest security measures possible.

Make a strong password for your Intranet home page your first step. Over half of the world's population uses a password that is one of the 25 most often used ones, including "birthday date" and "1234". To make matters worse, if a hacker gets hold of your password for one of your accounts, they'll have access to all your passwords.

If you're concerned about the security of your online accounts, you might consider using password management software, which generates and maintains unique passwords for each of your accounts. It is much better as compared to storing a list of passwords in your head, or worse, in an unencrypted file on your computer.

Intranet form builder

Intranet form builder

Employee directories, cafeteria menus, and HR forms consistently rank among the most popular intranet applications, according to numerous studies. The fact that most of the forms are still made traditionally (i.e., MS Word or Adobe PDF) and cannot be completed via the browser is often left out of these surveys.

However, now organizations can use intranet form builder to make innovative forms that are time-saving and cost effective. For teams, colleagues, and employees, an intranet can act as a digital home base. Whatever its purpose, it's always a busy thoroughfare, whether it's connecting users to the resources they need or acting as a directory of important individuals and organizations.

The ability to create and publish custom forms on your intranet has the potential to significantly speed up the process of resolving these issues. To conduct a company-wide survey, the simplest method is to utilize an intranet form builder to gather information from everyone in the organization.

Intranet Workflow

Intranet Workflow

Recently, we've seen a lot of debate about intranets in regard to employee engagement, company culture, social and collaborative tools, etc. It's taken a long time to get to the offices without any use of paper. There is a lot of hard copy that needs to be filed and stored in a way that is easy to find in most office situations.

However, we're seeing an increasing number of businesses taking additional steps to go digital. Naturally, this is a step in the right direction, both environmentally and economically, because it reduces the amount of paperwork that needs to be produced and managed.

An intranet portal like AgilityPortal with processes and forms can help businesses save time and money, free up resources and boost output. The return on investment can be observed year after year.

You can use pre-programmed processes to route data from forms to the right managers and staff. These can be customized to meet the needs of the organization and the various divisions within it. Rules in workflows allow them to respond dynamically to input, such as form responses or user profiles.

The use of workflows instead of chasing down paper forms is a time-saving method. At a glance, users may see whether or not a form has been filled out or is being processed by the system. To make things easier for the user, workflows and forms are laid out in a way that makes it clear what needs to be done next.

In addition, the forms and workflows' flexibility can be adopted at your own pace with the departments and management you want to include. You can do it for each group so that tasks can be added that are specific to that group. Workflows and forms can be tailored to suit the needs of the organization and the individual user. It's also incredibly scalable, as an organization may start with a few workflows and add more at a later date due to the lack of paper involved.

Intranet Workflow Software 

Intranet Workflow Software​
For intranet, extranets and web applications, with tools for data integration and online reporting, faxing and document distribution. Intelligent WorkFlow has revolutionised the automation of business processes through its easy to use interface, full functionality and database driven browser interface.


It takes minutes to create an intranet form and expedite business operations, saving employees' time and enhancing the accuracy of both personal and organizational data. The best part is that all of your paperwork can be accessed and stored on the intranet. You can use an intranet form builder to make a customized form. There is also a feature of intranet authentication that can assure that only the right person can access the form and register a response. Similarly, intranet workflow can streamline this process and make data collection fast, reliable, and cost-effective for organizations.

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