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Simple intranet software is a must for a great employee experience. Here's how to not overcomplicate it

Simple intranet software is a must for a great employee experience. Here's how to not overcomplicate it
Simple intranet software is a must for a great employee experience. Here's how to not overcomplicate it
A good communications platform is the core of the digital workplace—delivering the right information and experience at the right time to the right worker is also important.
Simple intranet software is a must for a great employee experience. Here's how to not overcomplicate it
Simple intranet software is a must for a great employee experience. Here's how to not overcomplicate it

Even if you're a remote team, you should consider intranet software if you want an internal digital workspace for your organization.

What is intranet software, and how does it work? It's a private network that businesses use for internal communication, task delegation, and analytics. To design a simple intranet software, you need to learn intranet design principles.

Consider it a kind of internal social network. Intranet software is only accessible within your organization, and its contents are not accessible to the general public. The company can keep it private by restricting access to only employees and personnel.

They're useful for making staff feel connected despite remote working if you have a small or medium organization. Some intranets, for example, have a social media-style dashboard where you can submit work progress and get likes or feedback. Meanwhile, businesses profit from intranet capabilities such as live-streaming platforms, which can accommodate thousands of people.

Intranets have been shown to improve employee engagement in general. You can construct a more unified digital operating system for team communication by keeping the same tools, calendars, and files together. Which intranet, however, is best for your company? Some of the easy-to-use and simple intranet software for a fantastic employee experience are listed here.


A simple intranet software

AgilityPortal provides a social employee intranet and employee experience platform designed by employees for employees. AgilityPortal allows you leaders to create a digital culture for remote teams to improve employee engagement and productive.   The perfect option for any size business, whether you're SME or a global enterprise looking to improve internal communications & productivity efficiency.   AgilityPortal provides a digital experience solution, that delivers a simple user experiences combined with a robust evergreen platform. 

Key features:

  • Social Portal – Like, comment, @mention, #tag and share with encourages two-way dialogues and internal networking.
  • Collaboration – Fuel collaboration with group spaces that provide a home for resources, discussion, news and insights related to a specific department or topic.
  • Experience management – Create simple digital experiences using a simple Pages, Widgets structure that simplifies design.
  • Integrations – Connection your existing tools to AgilityPortal.
  • Empower non-technical users – Let department heads and key stakeholders take ownership of the intranet with an intuitive CMS that simplifies content creation.
  • Communication – Connect your employees with the rich news and insights that keep them up to date and engaged from any device, in any language.
  • Analytics – Gain real-time insights with powerful analytics that empower you to optimize engagement and adoption.
  • Success Framework – Maximize your technology investment with on-going support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager.
  • Extranet Portal – Give your external network controlled access to the information they need to support your business.

Best Features

  • Excellent mobile experience
  • Packaged with collaborative features
  • Custom options available to suit needs
  • AgilityPortal: $6.99/user/month

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It is a cutting-edge intranet that improves staff communication and discovery. Igloo offers a variety of tools to help you establish a digital workplace that satisfies the needs of everyone in your company – end-users, content creators, and administrators — from file sharing and calendars to dedicated spaces and comprehensive search capabilities. Igloo's digital workplace adapts to your company's demands, whether your focus is communication, knowledge management, culture, and engagement, or collaboration.

Through connections with Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, SharePoint, and other applications, Igloo's digital workplace solutions let the team extract all the juice from the tools they use every day for collaboration and information management. Organizations can improve performance and use by using built-in analytics. Igloo is ideal for scattered and mobile workforces, and it's ideal for the hybrid workplace of the future.

Best Features

  • Excellent mobile experience
  • Mobile app for instant access
  • Content governance


  • AgilityPortal: $599/user/month

Microsoft SharePoint

One of the most dependable intranet software options is Microsoft SharePoint. It allows you to share similar resources with your coworkers via a shared home portal. You can divide your team into different divisions for private messages. Each division receives a visual timeline and calendar, allowing you to readily predict the time it will take to accomplish assignments as a group.

SMBs will benefit from the most basic plan, which includes OneDrive, Lists, and SharePoint features. If you need it for a business, Office 365 has additional scalability applications.

Best Features

  • • Good mobile design
    • Ability to custom coding capabilities
    • Project summary tools with clear timelines


  • SharePoint Online: $5/user/month


Friday focuses on resolving the "what's happening?" challenge that plagues distributed and remote teams attempting to scale. Friday is an asynchronous remote operating system that binds your most essential work tasks together and allows your team to work from anywhere. It does not work like a virtual office. It means you cannot walk around and tease your coworkers. It isn't even a project management tool. Friday is the day to share frequent updates, shout-outs, and goal progress, as well as discover a little bit more about the folks you work with. It's an asynchronous tool that your team can utilize on a regular basis.

You'll have an easy and automated means to provide regular updates about what you're working on by Friday, allowing for a continuous flow of information without the need for another meeting. You'll also get icebreakers, goals, a business manual, and even a daily planner to keep your team working together asynchronously.

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook

It is a Facebook feed with a dashboard connected to your coworkers that acts as a company intranet. To stay in touch, you can share live videos, like each other's job progress, and send private notes. A shared knowledge library is a supplementary feature that allows employees to find resources in one single area.

Facebook's Workplace is better suited to SMBs than businesses. While it is a viable option for enterprise teams, they may choose other solutions that provide greater security and privacy.



It is made to simplify complex procedures. You can use team matrixes, for example, to see who does what in your company. Employees can also be filtered by location, department, and other smart search criteria. A benefit is that subject matter experts can manage their shared resource library themselves rather than relying on IT.

Jostle offers packages for small organizations and teams, as well as enterprise-level solutions.



ThoughtFarmer is an amazing intranet for businesses that collect data. It also provides excellent security for your business by allowing you to self-host your software on your own premises. It also doesn't deter newcomers to technology. Its user-friendly platform makes it simple to share movies and communicate, regardless of your degree of technical expertise.

SMBs will benefit from ThoughtFarmer's cloud service. The security of an on-premise hosting service may be appealing to businesses.



Interact is an all-in-one digital workplace that includes customized dashboards, onboarding tools, directories, and broadcasts. It allows you to customize your products to match your brand, making your organization seem more tied to its culture. Furthermore, strong analytic programs make it simple to see where your company may improve.

For large corporations or enterprises, we propose Interact. Zillow, AT&T, PlayStation, and Domino's are among Interact's clients. Its capabilities, such as HIPAA secure hosting, will appeal to highly regulated areas as well.


Ask yourself what your priorities are before deciding on the simple intranet software for your company.

Will you be required to host live meetings with a large number of people? Do you think a social feed is useful for getting immediate feedback? Do you need detailed analytics reports for your company? Finally, which method of task organization do you find to be the most effective?

While this list contains the top enterprise intranets, each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, good intranet software should be scalable to meet your long-term business objectives. You may easily adjust your bundle over time by using programs that offer prices for both SMBs and businesses. Additionally, you may be eligible for discounts as a loyal customer.

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