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Intranet Feedback & Evaluation – Surveys, Questions & More!

Intranet Feedback & Evaluation – Surveys, Questions & More!
Intranet Feedback & Evaluation – Surveys, Questions & More!
An Intranet Feedback & Evaluation survey aims to gauge how employees feel about your intranet. In addition to documenting improvements, it can show the strengths and weaknesses of the platform over time.
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Intranet Feedback & Evaluation – Surveys, Questions & More!
Intranet Feedback & Evaluation – Surveys, Questions & More!

Just as your organization keeps evolving, so should your intranet be evolving in response to the ever-changing business landscape. Businesses often make the mistake of seeing their intranet as a project that ends once launched. However, the best company intranets include processes for review and development.

The top organizations have methods in place to constantly evaluate their intranet performance to make sure it is always fit for the purpose. It is essential that you take time to examine whether your intranet works as expected. Let us try to understand how feedback and evaluation help you keep your company intranet fresh and thriving. 

Intranet Feedback & Evaluation Survey – A Complete Guide

Intranet Evaluation Survey

Users of the intranet are undoubtedly the best starting point for measuring the effectiveness of the platform. Staff members use the intranet all day and know everything about how it works and whether it meets the goals and objectives set for it. The best way to hear directly from your employees is through an intranet evaluation survey.

An intranet feedback survey intends to measure the level of satisfaction and engagement of the users with the platform. Not only does it exhibit the strengths and weaknesses of your system but also helps document improvements. It also shows the latest trends in its usage and provides guidance on how the team can focus efforts to make the most out of it. 

Intranet Feedback Questions

Intranet Feedback Survey Example

Intranet Feedback Survey Example When creating an intranet feedback survey, make sure you are clear on the purpose of the survey. Keep the survey short while including questions associated with the value of the intranet. There is no need to collect feedback on all the intranet features, but what matters is the overall impact on the tasks employees perform. Most intranets are aimed at improving access to information, internal communication, collaboration, connections, and community.

Here are some factors the feedback should measure and be the core of the survey questions.


​ Usage metrics provide a measure of how users engage with the intranet. Keeping track of the key performance metrics is a great way to understand the way people perceive the platform.


​ The survey questions should gauge whether employees are able to understand and use the features of the intranet. An important factor that decides usability is the speed performance of the platform.


The content is the heart of any intranet. The questions should be based on top areas of the intranet and should help find out how they are doing and how they can be improved.


​ A company hosts most of its business applications on its intranet. Your survey should help identify whether these are working and are useful to employees.

Intranet Feedback Survey Examples

Intranet Feedback Survey Examples

Let us try to look at an example feedback survey for organizations that prioritize the use of intranet, its design, and performance. Depending on what your digital workplace prioritizes, you can add and remove questions in the survey. For example, if your intranet emphasizes streamlining processes or improving knowledge sharing, you can ask more questions about how the users share information rather than their overall experience with the intranet.

Demographic data

  • -In which department do you work?
  • -What is your job position level?
  • -What is your primary job location?

How often do you use the intranet?

  • -Multiple times in a day
  • -Once a day
  • -Once every week
  • -One time in a month
  • -Rarely or never

How useful do you find the intranet to obtain the information needed for your work?

  • -Can't imagine work without it
  • -Very useful
  • -Moderate
  • -A little
  • -Not at all

How well the intranet helps collaborate within teams?

  • -Critical
  • -Very well
  • -Moderate
  • -A little
  • -Not at all

How useful is the intranet in building a connection with your co-workers?

  • -Very useful
  • -Somewhat useful
  • -Not effective
  • -Useless

How user-friendly is the intranet to you?

  • -Highly
  • -Moderate
  • -Neutral
  • -Not much
  • -Not at all

If you could change one thing about the intranet, what it would be and how you would do it?

  • -Open-ended 

Other Intranet Assessment Methods

While an intranet feedback survey is a great way to understand how employees are using the digital workplace, relying only on surveys for staff feedback is not enough. There are several other ways organizations can collect feedback from intranet users. Depending on the size of the company, you can consider adding value to a feedback survey by creating steering teams that speak directly to other members about how the intranet works for them.

Companies can also set up blogs and discussion boards on the intranet where staff members can contribute ideas and discuss well-performing areas and those that need attention. With this method, employees get a chance to voice their views to the management. This way, you also enhance employee engagement within the organization. 

Focus Groups/ Audits

Collecting feedback is an important step in evaluating intranet performance. However, more detailed analysis can be done with focus groups and in-depth audits for intranet usage. When used to supplement feedback surveys, these methods give you a more complete picture of the intranet performance.

You can conduct focus groups with specific teams and departments throughout the organization. You may also choose to hold such discussions with teams in particular locations, depending on what suits your company the best. Focus groups, however they are conducted, are a great source of intranet effectiveness data. 

Intranet Usage Metrics

Keeping track of the company intranet's usage statistics tells you a lot about how the intranet works in practice. There are several metrics, measuring which on a continuous basis, would outline the effectiveness of the system across areas. Some of the most significant intranet effectiveness metrics include usage time, number of active users, employee reach, most-viewed items, top users, employee satisfaction, employee turnover rates, and more.


It is difficult to measure the exact financial value or return on investment for an intranet, but understanding the overall impact proves to be equally beneficial. Intranet feedback and evaluation surveys provide information on the intranet's success and insights into how well users engage. Such data is often more valuable for companies, helping them work on improving the intranet's effectiveness.

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