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Employee Recognition Bulletin Board Ideas – A Complete Guide

Employee Recognition Bulletin Board Ideas – A Complete Guide
Employee Recognition Bulletin Board Ideas – A Complete Guide
Use a Employee Recognition Bulletin Board to engage with your team and generate ideas. Remove the clutter and improve workplace communication by following this guide.
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Employee Recognition Bulletin Board Ideas – A Complete Guide
Employee Recognition Bulletin Board Ideas – A Complete Guide

With workspaces experiencing a gradual shift, employee recognition is no longer something 'nice to have' but is a 'must have'. A survey suggests that up to 88 percent of organizations have some kind of staff recognition program in place ranging from small gestures like gift cards and bonuses to Employee of the Month awards.

While the traditional employee recognition ideas can feel outdated and boring in this age of digitalization, bulletin boards are one of the most effective ways to create a sense of appreciation in the workspace. In this guide, let us talk about some of the best bulletin board ideas for employee recognition that seem to work. 

Employee Recognition Bulletin Board Ideas

Employee Recognition Bulletin Board Ideas

Surveys say that about 70% of employees would want to work harder if their efforts were better recognized. Effective employee recognition programs can boost productivity, improve employee engagement and morale and help the company retain the best talent. However, only a quarter of employees truly feel valued at work. Only one in three people feel that they were recognized properly the last time they did a good job.

An employee recognition bulletin board is one of the best ways to incorporate a positive workplace environment where the best-performing employees are rewarded fairly. It helps you recognize employees easily and quickly on a day-to-day basis. Such recognition is called micro-recognition which is perfect for supporting your organizational values on a regular basis to make the staff feel appreciated without the need for too many resources and too much time.

Here are some of the most important considerations for a successful employee recognition bulletin board. 

Name the program 

Create a team to develop the theme of the recognition program and give it a name and logo. Let the news spread throughout the office and start mentioning the program on the company website, employee newsletter, social media pages, and other places. Decide the awards like a day off or a cash prize. Once the program is created, work on the board that will display the recognized employees.

Create the board

Employee of the month display

​ A well-designed, eye-catching bulletin board would draw attention and make the program successful. Look for a glass cabinet or corkboard and use your theme and logo in the design. You can even use bulletin board applications to create a virtual board in case your employees work remotely across locations. Employee photographs are quite important, particularly if the organization is large. You can even arrange a photoshoot where employees are shot in a professional look. The board should contain a description of the prize and the accomplishment.

Ideas for employee of the month board: Select the display location

ideas for employee of the month board

The placement of the bulletin board is key to the recognition program's success. There is no point in doing it if nobody is going to see it. Avoid placing the board in a narrow hallway that can be missed. Select a location where employees frequently come like the lobby, conference room, or cafeteria. Once the program is live, make sure you update the board regularly. The program should have a schedule of winner announcements and board changes. Nobody would want to see old information on a bulletin board. the image above is an example of how ideas for employee of the month board can be used in AgilityPortal. 

Employee Of The Month Bulletin Board

Employee Of The Month Bulletin Board

An Employee of the Month bulletin board is the first step for those who want to introduce employee recognition culture in the organization. The Employee of the Month programs are general productivity tools used by small to large corporations.

Here are some of the ideas you can consider to make sure the recognition program yields positive results. 

Be proactive

​ The first step in creating bulletin boards is to take employee photos. You can make surprise announcements on a specific day every month to drive the workforce. With photos available, it is possible to create an attractive display board recognizing the winner. The photo of the award winner is a critical element of the program.

Create a rubric

​ To help employees understand what it takes to get featured on the board, create a rubric outlining the criteria of the award. Some of the examples are Leadership skills, Work performance, Teamwork, Quality of work, Innovations, Timeliness, Positive attitude, Commitment, Ethics, Problem-solving, etc. Share it with the staff and encourage them to aspire. Make sure you include the procedure of nomination and selection and any prizes for the winner. If the participants know what it takes to win, they are likely to work harder.

Include testimonials

​ You can consider using an area of the bulletin board to feature positive comments from the staff about the winner. You can ask them to contribute quotes acknowledging the achievement of the Employee of the Month.

Employee details

Do some research about the winning employee and include, on the board, some points about their work and accomplishments in the organization.

Include information like their job title, special talents, length of time working, position history, and accomplishments. Use the bulletin board to display all the reasons the winner was selected. 

Use technology 

Don't hesitate to use the technology to announce the winner of the 'Employee of the Month' program. You can create a special page on your website or a screen in the cafeteria to work as a digital employee of the month bulletin board.

Use pre-designed templates or employ a tech person to announce the winner electronically. You can even include a section featuring the winner in the employee newsletter. 

Employee Bulletin Board Policy & Guidelines

An employee bulletin board is one of the most effective ways for employers to communicate values, improve performance and build a relationship between the workforce and the organization.

An employee bulletin board not only serves as an effective line of communication with the employees but also promotes safety, morale, and loyalty in the workplace.

Here are some of the guidelines that should help create an effective employee bulletin board.

  • -The bulletin board should measure about 4 by 8 feet though the actual size can vary depending on the space available and the purpose.
  • -Place the board in a location where it is highly likely to catch attention. It should be created using a sliding glass or glass door that can be locked. Access should be limited to specific personnel.
  • -The bulletin board should be attractive and creative with sections differentiated with headers. Use colourful backgrounds and illustrations to draw attention.
  • -Every item on the employee bulletin board should have a document date, effective date, posting date, and removal date.

A well-displayed employee recognition bulletin board is a great way to reward exemplary employees and build a culture of recognition in the company. You can use a virtual bulletin board if you have multiple offices and give access to it through the company intranet. An employee recognition program like this would foster a positive work environment, improve communication, keep the employees motivated and engaged and ultimately increase their productivity. 

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