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How small and mid-sized businesses can use Intranet to solve problems?

How small and mid-sized businesses can use Intranet to solve problems?
How small and mid-sized businesses can use Intranet to solve problems?
An intranet may assist a company in automating routine operations to guarantee that they are accomplished. You may centralize the most recent corporate news in one easy-to-find spot and allow management to get input from employees.
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How small and mid-sized businesses can use Intranet to solve problems?
How small and mid-sized businesses can use Intranet to solve problems?

So, what can an intranet do for a small or medium-sized company? If you're a growing organization with new workers, you know how crucial it is to keep them all connected. Most likely, you're also aware of how intranet software may assist you with this. An intranet creates a private network that only your staff can access, which solves a real problem. They could now communicate more effectively than before, without having to rely on email.

However, there are more benefits to adopting an intranet to improve work processes than merely linking your employees over the internet.

An intranet may assist a company in automating routine operations to guarantee that they are accomplished. You may centralize the most recent corporate news in one easy-to-find spot and allow management to get input from employees.

Here are the problems that your small and mid-sized businesses can solve by using Intranet:

Improve communications

Improve communications

You may construct an internal network that isn't accessible to the outside world by using an intranet like AgilityPortal. You control who has access to it, creating a separate network for each of your department heads and the employees that report to them.

You may grant or deny access to this Intranet, ensuring that only company or organization employees have access. The reason you should use AgilityPortal is to improve your workers' communication choices and functionalities. You'll need a social-friendly and responsive Intranet software to make internal communication simple.

You can equip employees with the skills they need to interact more successfully and creatively with one another. A robust internal communication plan is required to build a strong organization that works together to accomplish a common corporate goal. An effective internal communication plan helps employees and the business as a whole, regardless of the size of the company.

One of the most potent tools for internal communication is the Intranet. Modern intranets may serve as a digital center for any company, allowing several communication technologies to be integrated.

Enhancing workforce engagement

Enhancing workforce engagement

When we're seeking simple solutions to a challenging situation and realize there aren't any, we often resort to aphorisms or dubious sources of information that give us exactly what we want to hear. We want simple answers, and perhaps that is simply our nature.

And the fact is that there are no simple solutions to the employee engagement dilemma. It will take a lot of effort and time to solve. A team-building exercise, a consultant lecture series, or a training event will not automatically elicit participation. When they're combined, though, they could start to have a long-term favorable effect.

An intranet like AgilityPortal may also assist in the creation of a more engaged workplace.

An intranet isn't the magical solution to your employee engagement problems. It's just a starting point for companies to begin the hard task of progressively developing involvement. In other words, while an intranet won't offer you the quick cure you're searching for, it will give you amazing tools that you need to create a more active and engaged workplace. You need to integrate employee training, social media portals, gamification, and internal communications to improve employee engagement, and AgilityPortal can help you do this.

By centralizing office activities and linking all employees inside a digital workplace, an intranet may help. An intranet serves as a discussion forum, news feed, org chart, personnel directory, event calendar, and document repository all at the same time. It's the digital representation of your workplace in many ways: a place to be seen and heard, where accomplishments are recognized and engaged employees communicate their enthusiasm. And, if done right, it will be a destination that people will frequent.

One source of information

One source of information

You can use an intranet to complement your knowledge management strategy may help your business discover buried information and empower employees. The Intranet makes it easy for your employees to participate in the action by allowing them to contribute their knowledge and experience in a variety of ways. You'll have an empowered staff that feels appreciated and acknowledged in addition to amazing content. An extra benefit is a good effect it will have on employee engagement, turnover, absenteeism, and illness rates.

The Intranet is an obvious choice for fostering and increasing information sharing among employees. Collaborative project spaces on the Intranet, also known as communities of practice, allow employees to collaborate on a job, project, or common purpose.

AgilityPortal may also help with information exchange within the company, and it can do so in a variety of ways. The most apparent method is to link workers via the personnel directory. Connectivity will be aided by a personnel directory that contains images, short bios, or an overview of areas of expertise and current initiatives. It will connect employees with subject matter experts and other resources inside the firm. It would be quite good to have two-way linkages from the directory entry to the project areas in which the staff person is participating.

In addition, the directory is typically the most-used element of the workplace intranet, with employees using it many times each day. So why not incorporate it into your knowledge management approach as well? The problem will be to ensure that staff maintains their directory entries up to date, and management will need to implement systems to guarantee that this happens.

Sharing news and information

Sharing news and information

Almost every company on the globe relies on effective communication. Everything else comes apart when communication breaks down. This is why managers are continuously attempting to enhance the quality of employee communication. With this in mind, upper-level communication must be simplified to avoid roadblocks, which is where news and announcements come in.

You cannot gather around the conference table for announcements or relay recent news, and occurrences aren't really viable after a company reaches a particular size. After all, most of this information must be disseminated throughout the whole organization, making this strategy useless for businesses with more than 30 people. It's critical to choose a communication platform for disseminating organization news.

Use of employee directory

Use of employee directory

One of the most significant and often used business intranet products is the employee directory. It enables employees to interact with coworkers quickly and effortlessly, regardless of whether they are in the same place, and it enables teams to be more productive in both daily chores and longer-term initiatives.

People are an organization's most valuable asset, but the flow-on effects to employee morale, customer happiness, and the bottom line can only be achieved by taking care of them and providing them with the required tools to accomplish their jobs well.

As teams develop and change, you'll find yourself in meetings, conference calls, and other workplace circumstances where you don't know everyone. The employee directory makes it simple to search up and learn about your coworkers' titles, departments, teams, and hobbies, among other things.

If you understand your team members' talents and experience, you can determine whether and how they can assist you in your work initiatives, as well as how you can assist them.

Email signatures are frequently obsolete, include typos, or are not used at all, despite best intentions and sound communication procedures. Employees frequently use their email signatures to contact colleagues fast. This is an example of how the employee directory may help by providing a consistent experience for finding contact information in one location.

Project management

Project management

 You can also use Intranet for managing your organization's projects as it aids in the optimization of project management activities. AgilityPortal makes it simple to keep track of all of your projects, team activities, and progress, all while promoting cooperation and transparency.

It's simple to form a project team using the Intranet as compared to traditional methods. Appropriate employees can be found by posting job openings on the Intranet's main page, as well as through employee blogs and discussion boards. If the project requires specific skills, such as marketing or design, to create a new brand, the personnel directory, which includes biographical information and specialist topic knowledge, may be used to identify staff members with the necessary experience.

The comprehensive planning and creation of a project plan is the next usual step of a project. The project plan specifies the budget, timetable, and milestones for the project, as well as the resources that will be required.

Streamline the processes

Streamline the processes

There is a widespread belief that change is a needless or difficult process that produces little transformative progress or efficiency. You may have heard that it worked in the past, but not in this digital age. Most of the time, the systems and technology platforms have dictated to their users how they must use them, demanding a compromise. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

The amount of competition between software and technology suppliers has expanded the flexibility and functionality available to consumers in this digital era while lowering the cost and complexity of integrating new technologies. Likewise, Intranet can be a game-changer for your organization if you want to implement new changes and streamline the processes. The integration also aids in this process, and you can stay connected to your remote teams without sacrificing productivity.


Any business, small or mid-sized, may benefit greatly from adding an intranet into their daily operations. It may solve your company's communication problems, knowledge sharing, and training issues. It can improve efficiency, information sharing, and idea pooling, as well as staff engagement and cooperation. Apart from the problems an intranet can solve mentioned here, the advantages of having an intranet are limitless. The advantages that an intranet may provide your company if it is completely exploited might be enormous.

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