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How Can No-code AI Empower Businesses?

How Can No-code AI Empower Businesses
How Can No-code AI Empower Businesses?
No-code AI is in high demand these days, especially in business circles. Read this article to find out the benefits it offers to businesses.
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How Can No-code AI Empower Businesses
How Can No-code AI Empower Businesses?

Ever since the first computer was invented, experts have been trying to make everything faster, easier, and more available. For a long time, software and programs were limited to those who understood them and knew how to code. Eventually, the intelligent digital workplace was introduced to something new and simpler - no-code AI.

The newer generations have grown alongside technology and yet, most computer users have limited coding skills. This is, after all, a skill that requires a lot of time and effort, so we can't expect everyone to be great at it.

For businesses, this meant plenty of barriers and mistakes. However, now that the IoT is more advanced than ever, we have access to this incredible technology. In this article, you'll learn about no-code AI and how it can empower businesses. 

Understanding no-code AI 

Artificial intelligence has been very useful for businesses for a long time now. With the pandemic, 52% of companies worldwide accelerated their adoption of AI tools. For over 86% of companies, this technology is becoming mainstream.

AI makes operations simpler, more accurate, and less expensive. Recently, it joined the no-code family of tools that people use to build systems and applications without having to do coding in the traditional sense.

No-code AI is based on visual interfaces, pre-built integrations with different tools, and guided user actions. This allows users without coding experience to work with AI without having to hire an expert. 

Understanding no-code AI

In most cases, no-code AI is introduced with a model or platform that is custom-developed and can be integrated into the current technology of a business. After this, the users can start using AI immediately and enjoy the features embedded in the no code platform.

Even Google is looking to invest in the competitive no-code market. In 2020, they acquired AppSheet, followed by their launch of Vertex AI in 2021. Even with this, it doesn't reach companies like Microsoft and Salesforce which have invested a great deal into advancing this new technology.

Based on all that has happened so far, Gartner forecasts that low-code adoption will be used in 75% of the software solutions by 2024. 

The most useful no-code AI solutions for businesses 

Before we go into the benefits of no-code AI, we'd like to tell you more about where you can find the great tools that use this technology today. Levity's no-code AI portfolio of tools is a great source for this. By using Levity, businesses can get access to top-rated no-code AI tools like NoCode, Zeroqode, and MakerPad.  

The most useful no-code AI solutions for businesses

​ Levity is a solution used by thousands of businesses. Among its many features, it allows users to train AI models on text data, documents, and images. This tool is a haven for many companies since it enables them to rebuild their manual workflows and connect everything to the systems they have in place - no coding skills needed.

The ways in which no-code AI will empower your business

Let's say that you decided to invest in the no-code AI solutions on the market. How will this benefit your business?

Below you'll find the top benefits of no-code AI for businesses.

#1. You can automate many of the business tasks with ease 

Artificial intelligence doesn't replace human thought or decision-making. It mimics it, which means that you can use the technology to automate some of the tasks usually done by people in your company. For example, you can use no-code AI to power your chatbot and improve the customer experience, as well as reduce the workload of your support team. This will allow you to offer faster customer service and your team will be able to focus on the more pressing issues.

This used to require a lot of coding in the past. With no-code AI, you can use a logic tree and automate an action to trigger a response you've programmed. 

#2. It eliminates big expenses for your company 

Custom, traditional AI is expensive for a reason. Businesses have to hire developers to build AI models from scratch, which can cost a fortune.

No-code AI, on the other hand, costs very little. The solutions on the market are pre built models and apps that will simply be installed into the organization's existing technology. Because of this, your organization doesn't have to pay the software engineer hiring cost or train employees to use AI. 

It eliminates big expenses for your company

Just imagine all the money you'll save on upgrading the technology you have in your company. Traditional, custom AI isn't just expensive to create and install - it's also costly to upgrade.

If your organization is looking to adopt artificial intelligence without the stress and costly investments, as well as the need to onboard an entire AI expert team, this is a solid alternative. 

#3.It empowers your employees to be more creative

Since no-code AI requires no coding experience, everyone can do it. This will allow your team to customize the responses and automation by using the ready models and their creativity. The no-code AI comes with guides, which will explain to them the steps to build their own intelligent workflow.

#4. Lower investment paired with accessibility  

Not only is no-code AI a lot cheaper, but it is also easily accessible. Companies get the chance to use artificial intelligence, but without the need for advanced coding skills. If we pair the lower investment with an instant product that people can customize, no-code AI mitigates the largest obstacles that businesses had with technology before.

#5. Easy integration into the company's technology  

No-code AI uses prebuilt models, which means that it can be adapted to the specific needs of your organization. Keep in mind that this won't turn into fully custom software like traditional artificial intelligence. However, its capabilities to adjust to your business demands are already high, and integration is much simpler.

#6. It speeds up the processes in your organization  

A simple no-code AI tool that you'll invest in can save your company a lot of time and effort. Here are just a few of the processes you can automate with this technology:

  • Customer support via chatbots
  • Invoices
  • Reporting
  • Employee tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Contact validation
  • Form filling

These are just a few of the many things that you can automate with AI. Those that use this technology report that it boosted productivity in the workplace at a great rate. According to a PwC survey, 54% of businesses that use AI have seen productivity growth after they implemented it. 

#7. It reduces human error 

No-code AI offers the same great advantage as traditional AI - it reduces human error. Since it will automate the workflows for your company and handle tasks such as reporting and expense tracking, this will minimize mistakes and maximize quality.

If a company is handling a lot of data, it's just not possible for the team to analyze all of it as fast as a computer can. AI can do a lot of the work in a small portion of the time your team needs, and it will do it more accurately. 

It reduces human error

#8.Better scalability

As this technology becomes more popular and powerful, we can expect its adoption to accelerate. AI workflows that require no coding are scalable and you can just add more processing power to get more features and capabilities.

This technology doesn't care whether it does something for a single user or hundreds of them. Depending on your company's load and needs, you can scale it easily - or simply invest in a more expensive no-code AI product. 

No-code AI should be your business's new investment!

No-code AI is becoming more powerful every day. Judged by how many businesses it helped and the purposes it served, we can expect its adoption to accelerate at an incredible rate in the near future.

If you want to be one step ahead of your competition, take advantage of this technology as soon as possible. The simple interface and prebuild models make it possible for businesses to use artificial intelligence almost immediately.

If you invest in it now, this will give you time to experiment with processes, get your team acquainted with this technology, and benefit from some of the amazing perks that come with using artificial intelligence 

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Nadica Metuleva is a freelance writer who's passionate about creating quality, original content. She holds a Master's degree in English teaching and a Bachelor's degree in translation. With 8 years of experience in the freelance writing industry, Nadica has become proficient in creating content that captivates the audience, drives growth, and educates. You can find her on LinkedIn.  

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