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What is an Intelligent Digital Workplace?

What is an Intelligent Digital Workplace?
What is an Intelligent Digital Workplace?
Intelligent workplaces are essentially the new and improved digital workplace, or social intranet. But how do we define an intelligent Digital Workplace?
What is an Intelligent Digital Workplace?
What is an Intelligent Digital Workplace?

The workplace you used to know has changed significantly. Now it has smart digital security solutions and improved cloud-based apps. You can use these apps for instant messaging and virtual conference sessions. Recent innovations have made it possible for a burgeoning digital workforce that can function effectively even from their homes. The number of organizations that are shifting away from traditional physical office settings is increasing day by day. These organizations are ditching the desks and cubicles and replacing them with modern technical solutions that offer better services. It has made life easy for both office-based employees and the remote workforce.

The constraints of a normal digital workplace

All of the digital tools that we use in an organization to perform day-to-day tasks are undergoing a silent transformation. We should accept that most of the productivity tools and technologies we employ during work are outdated. It is true that these tools allow us to accomplish more; they nevertheless require human work and talent in order to be effective. This intrinsic constraint has resulted in a productivity paradox.

Consequently, the possibility of using machines or programming to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of activity is negated by the human assistance required to maintain its function. Most of the organizations are sticking to it because they see a lot of other advantages to digitization. The truth is that nobody is willing to send memos through internal mail or letters through the mail anymore, no matter how much we whine about the time we spend managing email. Thus, we need an intelligent workplace.

What is an intelligence workplace

What is an intelligence workplace

Intelligent workspaces, often known as social intranets, are basically the latest and enhanced digital workplaces.

In recent years, remote work has swiftly become the preferred method of working. It is especially true for large worldwide corporations. As a result, it's critical to assist employees in doing their duties more successfully. It can be done by increasing productivity, lowering expenses, and providing a great user experience. However, if we look at the bigger picture, these are common objectives for businesses seeking long-term, profitable growth. Thus, and digital technology may help these businesses achieve their long-term goals.

​ How would you describe an intelligent workplace?

​ How would you describe an intelligent workplace?

The rapidly expanding technology is playing a central role in reshaping how employees work, especially because it can give a significant competitive advantage. More importantly, the collaborations tools are at the heart of a modern organization, and the intelligent digital workplace is the essential part of it.

It is easy to understand the basis of an intelligent digital workplace is an excellent intranet; however, it is much better than the old tool that simply exchanged information. Now it can do more things than you can imagine. For example, it has the potential to transform the way people work. Consequently, it can empower employees by bringing together the essential tools that are needed to improve collaboration, building organizational culture, and impart skills that the employees need to complete their tasks efficiently.

Furthermore, this technology uses individual employee data, information, and connections to create a personalized employee experience. Hence, it is powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The digital workplace revolution has been underway even before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's take a look at what is an intelligent workplace and the advantages of an intelligent digital workplace.

What are the benefits of an intelligent digital workplace? 

You may have guessed that the digital workplace is only half of the story when it comes to the future of work. It is due to the immense potential of digital technology to alter the workplace. It gives a boost to forward-thinking companies that are investing in intelligent digital workplace technologies. The intelligent workplace, which is powered by the IoT and artificial intelligence (AI), expands on the digital workplace by better utilization of available data, accessible information, and possible connections that an employee has access to. However, it does it more intelligently.

Producing an intelligent workforce and giving an engaging employee experience is critical in assisting businesses in retaining a qualified team that is committed to their customers. There is no doubt that a digital workplace is a strong tool for enabling workers to perform more effectively and efficiently. Thus, it helps in improving their work experience.

Top-notch integration 

Business owners know that integration has long been a source of contention in the digital workplace. Therefore, the goal of the latest generation of programs and platforms has focused on two things; automation and intelligent integration. The latest technology can allow natural embedding. It is a process where one person can paste a link to the content in one app and show it to someone else in another app. It can also enable you to use one system to use content from another system.

Seamless information sharing

You may not know, but the documents, files, and important knowledge stored in employees' heads all have significant monetary worth. Technology has made everything simple to access; thereby, people no longer need to recall information or ask where to obtain it. It is clear that intelligent digital workspaces provide a quick, efficient, and simple way for your team to connect and engage. 

Use machine learning for a personalized suggestion

You can add an option for employees to receive relevant updates based on their exact moments in the context of the job task at hand. It can work similarly to how Google warns you about increased traffic. The intelligent digital workplace can allow customization of dashboards so that the employees can choose which notifications they want to receive.


Empowered employees are the difference between organizations that thrive and those that fade into obscurity. Now, employees can access the apps they need to accelerate creativity. More importantly, they can do it when they want in an intelligent digital workspace. It also gives IT an automated security method for defending against attacks while providing the best possible employee experience.

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