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5 Keys to Transforming today’s Employee Experience

5 Keys to Transforming today’s Employee Experience
5 Keys to Transforming today’s Employee Experience
Your employees want technology at work that’s as innovative as the technology they use at home. Learn how AgilityPortal can help.
Posted in: Digital Transformation
5 Keys to Transforming today’s Employee Experience
5 Keys to Transforming today’s Employee Experience

Businesses that provide exceptional customer service are frequently more profitable than those that do not. Employee needs, on the other hand, are usually disregarded. Employees are the driving force behind excellent client experiences.

According to a recent study, fully comprehending what employees require to perform their tasks necessitates empathy, curiosity, and listening abilities. I completely agree. Customers feel valued, appreciated, and empowered when staff feels valued, appreciated, and empowered. And when you back them up with the correct digital tools, the benefits are undeniable.  A Gartner survey revealed that only 13% of employees are fully satisfied with their experience, so the questions is how do we transform this in todays world and Improve the Employee Experience

 Below are 5 Keys to transforming today's employee experience.

Transforming Today’s Employee Experience

1. Create a culture of innovation

Employee Experience

​IT pioneers should build up a culture of advancement with regards to assessing working environment innovation. Each year the team re-evaluates the app's effectiveness and adds enhancements that elevate the experience. By fostering a culture that is open to experimentation and actively seeks new and emerging technologies, IT leaders can frame digital transformation not as a technology replacement initiative, but as a cornerstone in your company's growth.  

2. Build deep relationships with your employees

Although leaders may believe they know what their people want, making assumptions about their needs is a common blunder. Spend time with individuals, conduct interviews, and thoroughly watch them in their daily work environment instead. A combination of qualitative and quantitative research can disclose new ideas and help people empathize with one another. You'll then have a better concept of how to use digital technology to improve their experiences.

Importantly, transformation does not have to occur immediately. It's good to start small and build a scalable basis with pilot programs. Concentrate on areas where tiny changes can have a huge impact, such as interaction points or procedures. We're altering employee experiences for one client over the course of several years. Understanding user demands, conducting brainstorming sessions, generating blueprints, and upgrading processes are all part of our foundation. 

Future phases will incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as conversational AI, virtual reality, and predictive analytics.
Additionally, make sure your employee recognition program is set up. This can boost the morale of your employees, encourage them to work harder, and help gain their loyalty. In tandem with valuable incentives and regular feedback, consider trophies as tangible symbols, of recognition to reward outstanding achievements and reinforce the value of individual contributions.

3. Foster collaboration versus dictate

Successful digital transformation requires an organization's willingness to break with convention and involve people as collaborators. Finally, it's about recognizing the employee's perspective and preparing to generate results for the company and its consumers.

Employees can either boost or detract from a company. Projects fail when a corporation forces transformation on its employees rather than enrolling them as active partners. However, supporting their efforts from the beginning sets the tone for success. And, thanks to analytical technology, a continuous feedback loop can combine both human and data-driven ideas. Senior leadership should encourage and model these best practices, starting at the top.

4. Measure in the right way

Although a Net Promotor Score (NPS) is commonly used to assess customer satisfaction, it is ineffective when utilized internally. Employee experiences necessitate their own set of measures and KPIs.

We're creating particular metrics and KPIs for various key employee journeys, including hiring and onboarding, as part of our work with one of the world's top hedge funds. When considering how to break down satisfaction into specifics – such as the time it takes to react to a request or the ease with which a process is completed - consider what is reasonable to expect today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Furthermore, teams can dive down into issues that may cause, or are causing, negative experiences, and take appropriate action utilizing extensive measuring tools.

From the front office to the back office, superior experiences – for employees, customers, or partners – are required. This ensures a consistent experience across all channels, devices, and touchpoints. Organizations may connect experiences to underlying processes using the right technology and human understanding. As a result, they can continually monitor, run, measure, and optimize experiences in a live, dynamic environment.

Teams may obtain real-time visibility into employee experiences, underlying operations, and business impact with the correct digital capabilities. Correlations between operations and employee experiences can be visualized using sophisticated analytics. It's becoming a lot easier to make informed decisions regarding the future as these links become more apparent.

These three actions can lead to better employee experiences, which will boost productivity, morale, and retention.

5. Have an agile approach to working 

The following is to have a receptive outlook and an adaptable methodology while choosing the solution that will change your your employee experiences. Be available to investigating arrangements that probably won't fit the conventional shape of work environment innovation.

For instance, ICS LTD where confronted with a challenge when it came to their employee Intranet. Employees couldn't track down the right information rapidly, and ICS's IT group was inundated with support tickets.

Instead of evaluating solutions that fit the traditional mold of an Intranet, our team turned to consumer search habits and applied those mechanics to a custom solution called Concierge. A Google-like search functionality makes it simple for employees to find the right information. This consumer technology solution is equally as useful and efficient for an employee help desk, especially considering it reduced IT ticket volume by over 48% with a 98% adoption rate across the organization. Users are thrilled with the easy self-help feature, and IT realizes lower support costs.

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