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5 Employee Benefits Your Company Should Be Offering In 2022

5 Employee Benefits Your Company Should Be Offering In 2022
5 Employee Benefits Your Company Should Be Offering In 2022
The top five employee benefits an employer should offer Why employee benefits matter For businesses looking to attract and retain great talent, employee benefits are non-negotiable.

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5 Employee Benefits Your Company Should Be Offering In 2022
5 Employee Benefits Your Company Should Be Offering In 2022

Over time, the needs of employees have drastically changed and so has the work environment.

In the 1900s, concepts like "flexible working hours" or "remote work" did not exist. While today, the Covid-19 pandemic introduced a new reform in the professional world by bringing the concept of remote work across the globe. 16% of companies in the world are fully remote today.

Remote work fosters the idea that employees can work in the comfort of their homes and even have the flexibility to choose their own working hours.

Let's not forget the constantly booming freelancing world. With many freelancing opportunities and remote work opportunities, employees have more freedom and flexibility than before. So, if you want to retain your employees or even attract top talent, you need to give your employees flexibility.

Sure, a handsome annual package and fancy work premises do attract new candidates, but an employee benefits package has also now become equally important. While flexibility comes under the must-have employee benefits, you can offer many other benefits to your employees and increase employee satisfaction.

As seen in the image above, there are different types of employee benefits included in the package. In this article, we will look at five employee benefits that your company should offer in 2022. ​

5 Employee Benefits you should offer to your employees

Employee Benefits

We now know the importance of employee benefits package. Without further ado, let us look at five such benefits you can include in the package.

Foster mental health supporting activities

Mental health illnesses like depression and anxiety are constantly on the rise. Burnout is one of the primary reasons for that happens. Employees may experience burnout if they work too much or if they do not take ample rest. This can lead to extreme stress and eventually a mental health disorder.

To promote the idea of the well-being of employees, you can come up with activities like meditation camps or organize seminars focusing on the subject at regular intervals. This will let the employees know the importance of mental health and encourage them to take steps toward taking care of their mental health. 

Devise an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An employee assistance program is a service wherein you can help your employees with any personal or work-related issues that may be impacting their performance. An EAP normally includes an assessment, diagnosis and short-term counseling.

Perkboxs EAP provides confidential access to counsellors and other resources to help your employees deal with any mental health issues they might have. Not just mental health issues, they can even discuss legal matters, take financial advice, and discuss work issues with domain experts. 

Virtual meets and greets or social events

Human beings are social creatures. No matter how much they try to fill the void with work, hobbies or any other activity, a social connection is required. Simply because employees might not be working in the office(if your company provides a remote work facility) does not mean they do not miss the social aspect of spending quality time with their work friends.

You can organize a virtual get-to-gather and even send out a box of pizza to your employees that everyone could enjoy over a video call. If your company has employees coming to the site, then you can arrange these get-to-gathers on Fridays or the last day of every week. Plus, you can keep different activities that increase employee engagement. 

Physical health programs

 Well, health is a holistic concept. It includes mental and physical health. Along with mental health programs, you can conduct physical health programs wherein you can make the employees do some physical exercises like yoga, aerobics, etc. You can even offer gym memberships to your employees. Unsurprisingly, many companies are supporting the physical health of their employees. However, this benefit has been looking a little different since COVID. Not only are employers continuing to cover things like gym memberships, but many are also now offering stipends for in-home gyms.

Applying Applicant tracking system 

An application tracking system is a modern approach to candidate hiring and employee retention. From candidate hiring, pre-screening, and candidate management to employee onboarding, this system allows you to perform all hiring-related functions. It is

You can learn more about applicant tracking system and see how it can help you make your hiring process faster.

Wrapping up 5 employee benefits 

Hopefully, you now know the importance of employee benefits and which of them can you offer to your employees. The article has a list of five, but you can think on your own and even offer unique benefits that align with your company's vision.

While you can decide which company benefits you want to offer, you must not omit the idea of offering the benefits package. If you intend to stay relevant and ahead of your competitors, then offering unique employee benefits that actually cater to their needs is a must. 

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