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How Brand Videos Can Help Improve Your Internal Communication

How Brand Videos Can Help Improve Your Internal Communication
How Brand Videos Can Help Improve Your Internal Communication
Discover why it's an effective tool, what kinds there are, and how companies such as Splash and Motorola Mobility have succeeded in using them to improve their organizational engagement.
Posted in: Internal communications
How Brand Videos Can Help Improve Your Internal Communication
How Brand Videos Can Help Improve Your Internal Communication

In this article, you'll learn all about using brand videos for internal communication. Discover why it's an effective tool, what kinds there are, and how companies such as Splash and Motorola Mobility have succeeded in using them to improve their organizational engagement. Boost your organization's internal communications with the help of brand videos.

Source: Freepik

How do you communicate with your organization's employees when significant changes occur? Through messaging services? Emails? How about brand videos?

Though unexpected, many businesses rely on brand videos to strengthen the message of internal communication. Brand videos are typically reserved for social media campaigns or onboarding processes. In the digital era, however, videos help bridge gaps between employees and senior management/ownership.

It's time to reimagine your internal communications system – let's look at how brand videos can help you improve your organization's internal communication. 

What is a brand video?

A brand video effectively shows off your company's values and mission statement in a unique, engaging format. You can use it across all digital platforms – from websites to YouTube – and through email marketing campaigns.

These videos typically feature management and ownership speaking directly into the camera about product details, customer service best practices, new employee onboarding information, or recent company developments.

You can also include visuals such as images and animation to make it more eye-catching for viewers. Overall, it's a highly reliable way of creating a solid connection with employees – especially if they are part of the traditional "face-to-face" workforce culture. 

Why should you use brand videos for internal communication?

Brand videos offer unique avenues for explaining complex topics without relying on mere words; giving voice instead of written statements helps forge emotional connections while ensuring efficient information delivery from the top down.

Their natural ability to captivate viewers makes them an immensely effective internal communication tool since they can allow you to generate intrigue while making a connection between employees or departments in an almost effortless manner. 

Audio and Visual Impact

 Using audio and visuals proves to be far more effective than written sentences. By utilizing audio in tandem with visuals, you can give titles or announcements greater clarity while eliminating any ambiguities that may arise from written communications.Don't worry if you're a beginner in video editing. Websites like Freepik for example allow you to download free videos, audio, and templates to help you start building your internal communication strategy; Videvo has plenty of free stock videos, too.

Improved Awareness

Brand videos provide a valuable resource for employees and can act as a platform for fostering greater engagement across the organization. By taking advantage of the tools available such as motion graphics, text animations, and sound design, your brand videos can powerfully increase enthusiasm from all levels of employees and bring more awareness to corporate initiatives.Did you know 95% of employees will retain messages better if they absorb them through video instead of written communication? You may miss out on valuable methods for increasing employee awareness and engagement if you're not utilizing brand videos for your internal communications. 

Flexibility and Interactivity

Source: Freepik

Brand videos can transform from passive to interactive based on your organizational needs. For example, you can utilize employee surveys after videos to rate their understanding of the company's recent news or announcements. These tools can even be used with live events if you feel that requiring face-to-face meetings isn't suitable during this uncertain time.

Feel free to experiment and explore the range of platforms available. Even if your organization is just starting to create brand videos, there are plenty of opportunities to tailor your internal communications and gain an edge over competitors through creative usage. 

Type of videos

Not all brand videos are the same – various types can help you achieve different goals in your internal communication strategy. Consider the information you hope to communicate to your organization, and then decide which type of video best suits the purpose.  

Introductory Video

These videos are an excellent way to introduce new employees to company culture, mission, or organizational values. It gives your team a quick overview of the main points in a fun and creative format without relying on heavy reading material. This makes it easier for them to adjust better within their first few days or weeks of employment – all while giving you valuable engagement time with each employee.

Training Videos 

In line with the previous type of video, organizations need a creative, efficient way to educate their new hires. Only some have time for lengthy presentations and meetings; this is where shorter training videos come into play.

By creating training videos that inform employees about the organization's procedures, you can significantly reduce the gap between them and their acknowledgment of any development that may have occurred.

Company Promotion

The goal of this type of brand video is typically drumming up interest in the organization from outside potential hires and stakeholders alike. However, when used internally, it can also be an effective 'booster.'

Introducing your current pool of team members to new ideas and strategies recently implemented, all while whetting their appetite for further development within the organization itself. 

Product videos

Brand videos can also effectively introduce a new product or service in an entertaining and engaging manner. Having a narrative behind the product or highlighting any features and expertise your team may possess may be beneficial.

To enhance accessibility and engage a broader audience, consider incorporating text to speech narration into your product videos. This can provide an additional layer of information and make your content more inclusive.

You can have someone from upper management discuss the key points directly, emphasizing why customers would benefit from this new offering. Remember to show the product, too.

FAQ Videos

Finally, FAQ videos are a great way to answer any lingering questions employees may efficiently have about products and processes. 

This may be especially helpful if your organization has recently made any significant changes – your employees will likely share many of the same questions that can be answered in a comprehensive video. 

You can also opt for live, interactive videos, where employee questions can be responded to quickly and directly.

Source: Freepik

Case Study: Splash

Splash, a New York-based event-management company, decided back in 2020 to implement brand videos into their internal communication process. Splash's rapid expansion (operating in seven different time zones at the time) as a company had begun to impact their communication between teams, and they wanted to ensure that all employees had access to the same information.

By incorporating live and brand videos into its internal communications strategy, the company was able to increase awareness and engagement from all over the world. Working remotely didn't prevent them from keeping their employees informed, as they used their new strategy for company updates, employee training, and more.

Splash was able to bridge the gap between its global teams, using the power of video to initiate communication and guarantee the retention of their messages.

Case Study: Motorola Mobility

Using video in an internal communications strategy was never questioned for Motorola Mobility. With a workforce of roughly 16,300, their goal was to reduce the distance between management and employees while strengthening employee engagement.

Like Splash, live and brand videos were the way they communicated with their employees about "sales kick-offs, training, e-learning, or executive addresses" throughout the year. They found their success with brand videos was especially high due to their effectiveness in delivering messages even in the poorest network conditions.

Leaders from Motorola Mobility worked with Adobe and MediaPlatform to establish high-speed software, extending global reach with video—this improved connectivity, strengthened employee engagement and fostered team collaboration and cross-departmental learning.

Over time, Motorola Mobility's communication has become more efficient, cost-effective, and well-received by employees within the organization.

Wrapping up 

No company wants its internal communications to be slow, confusing, and inefficient. All businesses can benefit from using brand videos as an effective means of communication – from reducing the distance between executives and employees to delivering timely updates with clarity. These are not only fast and creative ways to keep your team informed, but they're also convenient and easy on the wallet.

From assembling teams and reworking employee onboarding materials to keeping everyone up-to-date with company visions and development/changes -- there is no better way of communicating than through a visual medium like brand videos.

Although daunting at first, businesses should be bold and experiment and explore the potential of video within their internal communication strategies. Video, audio, stock images, and templates are available for any company to build the brand videos their organization needs.

With the right video editing tools and software, it's entirely possible to create unique, compelling brand videos that will help make your organization stronger than ever before.

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