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Reasons Why Video is the Right Internal Communication Method

Reasons Why Video is the Right Internal Communication Method
Reasons Why Video is the Right Internal Communication Method
This shift prompted both employees and companies to explore alternative avenues for effective communication. But here is why Internal Communication Method si the best strategy.
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Reasons Why Video is the Right Internal Communication Method
Reasons Why Video is the Right Internal Communication Method
Effective workplace communication is a cornerstone of success. Although the array of communication tools has grown considerably, email and meetings continue to be the top choices for numerous organizations.

Email serves as a valuable communication tool. It allows you to carefully construct and review messages for precision and completeness. You can distribute emails to individuals or expansive groups, effortlessly attaching essential items like images or documents.

Nevertheless, despite its advantages, email does come with some downsides. The average employee receives a staggering 121 emails daily. With this overwhelming volume, there's a realistic concern that your text-based emails might be merely skimmed over or, worse yet, entirely ignored.

Email also carries the risk of misinterpretation. Even if the recipient reads your message, there's the possibility of them not grasping your intended meaning.

Meetings, on the other hand, offer an avenue for sharing crucial knowledge and information with colleagues. They foster organic discussions and enable you to convey your message with clarity. However, scheduling can be a challenge, and assembling all the requisite participants in the same room can prove to be a logistical puzzle.

That's not all, though. Face-to-face meetings can consume a significant portion of the workday and are often unnecessary when all that's required is a swift update that doesn't demand extensive discussion.

The landscape of workplace and office communication has seen a recent transformation. In the past year, many of us transitioned to remote work and had to adapt to this new way of operating. 

This shift prompted both employees and companies to explore alternative avenues for effective communication. 

While meetings and email persist as potent forms of interaction, video communication has emerged as an exceptional and notably efficient option. 

Timing for Incorporating Video Content into Your Company's Internal Communications Strategy

 Effective internal communication is the lifeblood of any business, ensuring seamless information exchange across all organizational levels. 

As your company expands, the time and effort invested in coordinating meetings and calls to keep everyone updated and well-informed about internal affairs can become quite substantial.

Integrating video communication into your strategy offers a game-changing solution, significantly accelerating the dissemination of critical information among your workforce. 

Videos, particularly those created with the help of an animation maker, excel in conveying messages more effectively than traditional text, making internal videos a formidable alternative not only to in-person meetings but also to lengthy email exchanges. This, in turn, leads to heightened productivity and enhanced communication.

You might be wondering about the cost, but the good news is that professional video production services have never been more accessible or budget-friendly. 

Why use video for internal communications?

There are many benefits to using video for internal communications. 

Here are a few of the most important:

  • Video is more engaging than other forms of communication. Studies have shown that people retain information better when it is presented in video format. This is because video is a multi-sensory experience that engages both the visual and auditory senses.
  • Video can be used to communicate complex information in a clear and concise way. Videos can be used to break down complex information into smaller, more manageable pieces. They can also be used to illustrate key concepts with visuals and animations.
  • Video can be used to build relationships and create a sense of community among employees. Videos can be used to introduce new employees, share company news and updates, and celebrate employee achievements. They can also be used to showcase the company's culture and values.
  • Video can be used to train employees on new skills and procedures. Videos can be used to provide employees with step-by-step instructions on how to perform tasks. They can also be used to demonstrate new products or features.
  • Video can be used to reach employees who are located in different offices or countries. Videos can be streamed online or downloaded to be watched later. This makes them ideal for reaching employees who are not able to attend in-person meetings or training sessions.

Video is a powerful tool that can be used to improve internal communication in a variety of ways. 

It is engaging, informative, and can be used to reach employees all over the world.

5 Benefits of using video for internal communications

5 Benefits of using video for internal communications

1.​Internal communication videos outshine emails in engagement. 

​Internal communication videos outshine emails in engagement. 

Even the most committed employees can easily lose their focus when confronted with lengthy, complex, or technical written information. This seemingly minor issue can have significant consequences, as it hampers the retention of written content. 

Hence, employing videos in internal communications proves vastly more effective. Even a concise video can convey a wealth of valuable content while holding a viewer's attention far more effectively than text. 

The synergy of audio and motion renders any message more comprehensible and memorable.

2.Videos provide a valuable alternative to in-person meetings. 

Videos provide a valuable alternative to in-person meetings. 

Picture this: you have a critical announcement that needs to reach all your employees, whether it's about an upcoming company event, a new client, organizational changes, or introducing new team members. Gathering your entire team in one location is unnecessary. 

Opting for an internal video is equally effective, saving precious time and sidestepping scheduling conflicts. What's more, with video for internal communication, your message effortlessly extends to everyone, including remote workers.

3. Videos provide your employees with convenient, on-demand access to information 

 One of the most advantageous aspects of video communication, in contrast to arranging meetings, is the ability to replay the video as often as needed. This feature holds particular significance for training and onboarding videos. 

Occasionally, comprehending a concept after a single exposure can be challenging, especially when encountering a substantial amount of new information simultaneously. Videos empower your employees to revisit specific topics whenever required, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

4.Make remote employees feel included

Internal communication videos play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of inclusion among remote employees. While remote work presents numerous advantages, it comes with its own set of challenges. Notably, one of the prime benefits of office attendance is the opportunity to establish meaningful working relationships with colleagues. 

For remote employees, this connection can be harder to come by, often leaving them feeling detached from both their team and the broader company when the majority of communication occurs through emails. 

Fortunately, creating project summary videos and company culture videos provides a straightforward remedy to help remote employees feel more integrated into the organizational fabric.

5.Video content is easier to take in.

In many instances, comprehension is significantly enhanced when you witness a demonstration rather than solely reading about it. 

This is precisely what makes videos an exceptionally potent tool for elucidating abstract concepts, technical processes, or cutting-edge technologies. They afford the capacity to convey the same information found in written text, but with the added advantage of visual elements that render the message more transparent. 

Moreover, when complemented with techniques like storytelling and animation, the outcomes can be remarkably improved. 

Through animated videos, intricate ideas can be distilled into more accessible forms, and by weaving them into narratives, it becomes considerably more straightforward to elucidate their mechanisms and the benefits they offer.

Crafting Compelling Videos for Internal Communication

Crafting Compelling Videos for Internal Communication

1.Start with a Clear Message:

The first and most fundamental step in crafting effective internal communications videos is to meticulously plan your message. 

While it may sound like an obvious piece of advice, its importance cannot be overstated. 

Clarity is key. Internal communications videos should serve as a reliable source of information, leaving no room for ambiguity. Involving your employees in the creative process can be a valuable approach, as their input can shed light on pressing issues and questions. 

For instance, seeking input from your recruitment team can pinpoint common queries from new hires, allowing you to tailor your onboarding video to address them directly. 

2.Select the Appropriate Delivery Method:

Once you've established what you want to convey, it's crucial to consider how best to convey it. Your choice of video format plays a pivotal role in engagement and memorability. 

For instance, a narrative illustrating a typical day at your company can effectively communicate your company culture. 

Conversely, if you're aiming to address frequently asked questions, a Q&A format may be the more fitting choice. Selecting the right type of video for your message can significantly enhance its impact and efficacy. 

3.Adapt Your Content to the Audience:

When outlining your video content, keep your audience and its intended purpose at the forefront of your considerations. The language and tone employed can exert a profound influence on how your message is received. 

For instance, a lively and uplifting company culture video may be well-suited to create a positive atmosphere. In contrast, when summarizing a project or discussing financial results, a more formal and businesslike tone might be the more effective choice. 

Understanding your audience and aligning your content with their expectations can greatly enhance the impact of your internal communications videos. 

6 Ways of using video for internal communications to elevate your company culture

6 Ways of using video for internal communications to elevate your company culture​

1. Leveraging Video Content for Internal Communication Announcements

Utilizing video content for internal communications, particularly for announcements, serves as a powerful demonstration of your concern for your employees. For instance, the use of a video to gently remind your workforce about the importance of utilizing their vacation days before they expire is a highly impactful gesture.

The format employed for such video announcements is both transparent and highly effective in conveying the intended message to all members of the organization. Videos, as a medium for announcements, ensure that the message reaches every individual and is more likely to be retained.

Allow me to share an example that outlines the steps for crafting an impeccable announcement video.

Incorporating music and text into these videos enhances their memorability and captivates the audience's attention. 

Employees who view such announcement videos tend to find them more compelling compared to traditional newsletters, making it more probable that they will retain and remember the conveyed information.​

2.Highlighting Your Company Culture through Internal Communication Videos

When you showcase your company culture using video content, you provide your employees with a platform to be acknowledged and heard. 

Through these internal communication videos, you have the opportunity to vividly illustrate your company's values, adding a layer of impact and delivering a crystal-clear message.

Videos, as a medium, offer an authentic and imaginative approach to reveal different facets of your company. For instance, they can effectively portray the diversity within your organization and the principles and ethics that underpin your operations.

Here's an illustrative example: Icahn School of Medicine orchestrated an online campaign called #HowWeHeal to express their perspective on a significant issue. In doing so, they not only conveyed their viewpoints but also shared the values they hold dear.

The use of videos to spotlight your company culture within your internal community not only imparts a sense of uniqueness and involvement to your employees but also serves as a wellspring of motivation and representation. By infusing these videos with music, you can elevate their impact and infuse them with vibrant energy. 

3.Embracing the Power of Video for Event Promotion 

The days of relying solely on newsletters, emails, and posters to generate buzz for an upcoming event are behind us. In a world where you can't be certain that every employee will read the newsletter or open that email update, video has emerged as an indispensable tool.

Utilizing video to promote a company event guarantees that your message reaches every individual. It's vital to include all the essential event details, covering the what, when, why, who, and where. When presented through video, these particulars tend to stick more effectively in your employees' memory.

By incorporating clear calls-to-action at the conclusion of these videos, you motivate your employees to not only look forward to the event but also to take proactive steps to ensure their attendance. 

When video content is employed to promote webinars, workshops, or any corporate gathering, employees are more inclined to RSVP or secure their tickets, enhancing event participation.

4.Celebrating Your Employees Through Engaging Video Interviews 

Fostering a sense of value and recognition within your organization is paramount, and creating video content through employee interviews stands as an exceptional method to achieve this. It breaks away from the mundane and conventional newsletters, offering an avenue to establish a compelling interview series where your employees take center stage. 

They share their experiences, insights gained during their journey at the company, aspirations, and much more.

The canvas for creativity is vast when crafting these videos, allowing you to craft content that truly highlights your employees' unique qualities. Going the extra mile in creating interview videos not only sustains motivation but also contributes to heightened productivity. 

It's a tool that contributes to cultivating an environment where every individual feels their significance in the grand scheme of the corporation.

Leveraging multiple cameras to capture interview moments for internal communications infuses dynamism into the videos and enhances their appeal. These videos become an invaluable means of capturing everyone's attention. 

The key lies in presenting the interview subjects in the most favorable light and ensuring that the content is informative, catering to the curiosity of all your employees.

5.Unlocking the Power of Tutorial Videos for Enhanced Communications 

Tutorial videos, whether designed for internal or external communication, offer a wealth of benefits for all involved. They are not just a resource-saving tool but also a source of invaluable information that can bolster the performance of your employees and engage your wider audience.

In today's fast-paced landscape, upskilling your workforce is paramount, and your employees are seeking opportunities to enhance their skill sets and refine their work methodologies. 

Through tutorial videos, you provide them with accessible pathways to acquire and apply new skills. These videos serve as a tangible testament to your commitment to your employees' growth and performance.

Tutorial content enables you to efficiently instruct your employees on new skills and software, ensuring rapid comprehension. They are also a cost-effective solution, obviating the need to engage external professionals for educational sessions, thus saving both time and resources.

6.Elevate Your Onboarding with Captivating Videos 

Sending your company handbook via email is no longer sufficient to welcome new employees effectively. In today's dynamic world, a more engaging approach is necessary to familiarize them with your company. Crafting onboarding videos represents a brilliant way to set your organization apart from the rest.

These onboarding videos, tailored for internal communication with new employees, have the potential to uplift and inspire fresh talent, spurring them to deliver their best performance. They are a pivotal tool in shaping your company's reputation.

It masterfully encapsulates the product's significance and how it caters to the specific needs of its target audience in review and approval processes.

By incorporating unique introductions into your onboarding videos, you create a personalized and immersive experience for your new hires. These videos offer a compelling glimpse into your company culture, seamlessly delivering all the essential information they need.

Wrapping up 

Incorporating videos into your company's internal communications is an effective means of capturing your employees' focus. 

A diverse range of video content can foster a deeper and more personal connection with your workforce. Most significantly, it instills a sense of empowerment and active participation among your employees.

To enhance your company's culture, consider making investments in video creation; it can be a pivotal step forward.

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