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HR software list: Best Online HR Software in 2024

Best Online HR Software
HR software list: Best Online HR Software in 2024
Get the best online HR software to help improve the operations of your HR division. Compare features and prices to make the final decision.
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Best Online HR Software
HR software list: Best Online HR Software in 2024

Best online HR software can be useful in the management of human resources and the enhancement of productivity in the workplace. In this article, we are going to uncover the best online HR software, its features, benefits, and pricing. These platforms are ideal for small companies that do not want to spend a lot of money on software or large companies that need intricate tools since they have many options. 

AgilityPortal has a wide range of collaboration tools; BambooHR and Rippling have well-developed communication tools that will be valuable for HR and overall organizational processes

Keep reading to discover which of the HR software solutions are used most frequently in the year 2024.  

What Is HR Software?

Central to these HR solutions is their ability to centralize employee information accessible through desktop applications, web browsers, or mobile apps. Some include features for applicant tracking, benefits administration, and performance management, ensuring seamless employee lifecycle management from recruitment through retirement.

When evaluating HR management software (HRMS), several factors should guide your decision. Is the user interface (UI) intuitive, minimizing training requirements? Does the software integrate smoothly with existing systems for data synchronization? Can it scale effectively as your organization expands? 

Also consider the support and service provided by the vendor in case of software issues. Once you've identified your needs, you can approach various vendors with specific requirements, test their solutions, and select the one that best balances cost and functionality.

HR software tailored for small businesses typically supports up to a certain number of users, while larger platforms like AgilityPortal, Namely, and Sage Business Cloud People are designed for workforces ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of employees. Exceeding these limits often necessitates transitioning to enterprise-level systems. SAP SuccessFactors stands out as it allows seamless scalability from small business configurations to enterprise solutions without data migration hassles.

These HR software solutions represent a significant advancement from traditional methods such as Excel spreadsheets for managing employee data. Cloud-based services offer comprehensive features beyond basic functionalities at competitive prices, considering factors like budget, geographical location, and existing HR software to avoid redundancy and optimize efficiency.

In summary, selecting the right HR software involves assessing usability, scalability, integration capabilities, and support services to enhance operational efficiency throughout the employee lifecycle.

Below we willl provide a hr software list for your to get a better an idea.​

How to choose Best Online HR Software

When selecting HR management software, the primary criterion to focus on is its potential to streamline your operations and save valuable time. A robust application should not just handle routine tasks, but automate them. From onboarding emails to payroll calculations, the software should take care of these tasks effortlessly. This not only frees up your schedule but also minimizes errors that can occur with manual processes, providing a sense of relief and allowing you to focus on more strategic HR functions.

For larger organizations, another crucial consideration is software that provides a comprehensive overview of the entire workforce. Managing numerous employees across various departments becomes not just manageable, but efficient and easy when you can easily access information on roles, pay grades, and other pertinent details.

This capability ensures that HR professionals can maintain accurate records and make informed decisions swiftly.

Also not ot mention, effective HR management extends beyond administrative tasks to encompass strategic functions like recruitment and performance evaluation. Optimal software solutions offer integrated tools for managing recruitment workflows and conducting structured interviews, simplifying candidate tracking and assessment.

Also, performance reviews, including feedback mechanisms, reminders, and task lists for improvement, significantly enhance organizational efficiency, which refers to the ability of an organization to use its resources effectively, and employee development.

Choosing the right HR management software tailored to your organization's size and operational needs is pivotal in empowering HR teams. It equips them with the tools they need to perform their roles effectively and contribute to overall organizational success, instilling a sense of empowerment and confidence in their abilities. 

Benefits of Online HR Software

  • Using HR software offers numerous advantages beyond just time savings. One significant benefit is the cost-effectiveness it brings by reducing administrative expenses. By automating repetitive tasks such as payroll processing, benefits management, and attendance tracking, HR software minimizes the need for extensive manual oversight. Consequently, organizations can operate more efficiently with a leaner HR team, reallocating resources to strategic initiatives that drive business growth and employee satisfaction.

  • Also, implementing HR software fosters a more positive work environment, contributing to employee happiness and engagement. Employees with easy access to self-service features like managing their time cards, requesting time off, and accessing benefits information experience greater autonomy and convenience. This empowerment boosts morale and enhances productivity as employees spend less time navigating administrative hurdles and more time focusing on their core responsibilities.

  • HR software is crucial in automating critical organizational compliance and efficiency functions. By automating processes such as compliance reporting, performance reviews, and training reminders, software ensures that deadlines are met consistently and regulatory requirements are adhered to without oversight. This proactive approach reduces the risk of errors and enhances organizational agility by enabling managers and employees to stay informed and responsive to evolving business needs.

  • Investing in HR software is not merely a tool for streamlining operations but a strategic decision that enhances organizational effectiveness, promotes employee satisfaction, and ultimately contributes to sustained business success in a competitive market landscape. By leveraging technology to automate and simplify HR processes, businesses can cultivate a culture of efficiency and innovation that supports long-term growth and prosperity.

How Much Does HR Software Cost?

HR software systems do not pose a financial risk to your company. The advent of cloud-based HR software has encouraged more vendors to enter the market, resulting in advanced features, functions, and customization options previously only available in platforms for larger enterprises now becoming accessible in core HR software designed for SMBs.

Modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, such as cloud-based HR software, are not only cost-effective but also offer intuitive platforms. These platforms can seamlessly integrate with other back-office SaaS tools, such as accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) apps, enhancing the efficiency of your business operations.

When it comes to costs, HR software services offer a wide range of options. Some providers offer free services, while others charge on a per-employee per-month basis. These paid services come in various plans, from affordable to premium, with additional charges for add-on modules and implementation services. Many vendors also offer volume discounts and special packages for larger workforces, making it a flexible and scalable solution.

It is important to understand that some vendors have adopted a model similar to consumer software, offering straightforward, essentially free HR software. A particular vendor's freemium business model has garnered significant attention and investment. Customers support the platform's operational costs through fees paid to the vendor for acting as their employee benefits broker and fees for supplementary services provided.

HR software companies

HR software companies

10 HR software companies, including Agility Online, which produces Agilityportal, an HRIS application:

  • SAP SuccessFactors - Offers comprehensive HR management solutions, including payroll, talent management, and workforce analytics.
  • Workday - Known for its cloud-based HR and finance software, providing solutions for HR management, payroll, and employee engagement.
  • ADP (Automatic Data Processing) - Offers various HR management software solutions, including payroll processing, benefits administration, and compliance.
  • Oracle HCM Cloud - Provides a complete suite of HR applications for managing global talent, workforce management, and HR analytics.
  • Ultimate Software (now part of UKG - Ultimate Kronos Group) - Offers HR, payroll, and talent management solutions designed to improve employee experience and business outcomes.
  • IBM Kenexa - Provides HR solutions focused on recruiting, onboarding, learning, and performance management.
  • BambooHR - Offers an intuitive HR software platform focused on applicant tracking, employee records management, and HR reporting.
  • Benefits - Provides a cloud-based HR platform that includes payroll, benefits administration, and compliance management.
  • Paycor - Offers HR and payroll solutions designed for small to mid-sized businesses, including HRIS, payroll processing, and timekeeping.
  • Agility Online (producer of Agilityportal) - Specializes in HRIS applications, providing features for HR management, employee self-service, and analytics.

These companies offer a range of HR software solutions tailored to various business needs, from small businesses to large enterprises. These solutions cover aspects like payroll, benefits administration, talent management, and compliance.

What Should You Look For in HR Software?

Managing HR processes within your company can vary widely based on organizational needs and industry specifics. However, there are essential features and capabilities that any HR management solution should encompass to support growth and adaptation over time. 

Here's a deeper exploration of these key capabilities:

  • Applicant Tracking (AT) is fundamental in managing the recruitment process efficiently. It involves not only posting job openings but also managing applications and facilitating the onboarding process for new hires. A robust AT system should streamline candidate selection, ensuring a seamless transition from applicant to employee.
  • Benefits Administration is crucial for comprehensive HR operations. HRMS platforms vary in their offerings, from basic employee enrollment management to providing a wide range of benefit plans such as healthcare, retirement savings, and wellness programs. A flexible benefits administration module should accommodate diverse employee needs while simplifying compliance and reporting requirements.
  • Scheduling and Shift Planning tools are indispensable in industries where workforce management is critical. While standalone solutions exist, many HRMS platforms integrate these functionalities to optimize scheduling efficiency, manage labor costs, and ensure staffing levels meet operational demands. This integration enhances overall workforce productivity and satisfaction.
  • Performance Management capabilities span from tracking employee goals to aligning individual achievements with organizational objectives. Advanced systems can monitor performance metrics at granular levels, linking performance directly to compensation and payroll processes. This ensures fairness and transparency while motivating employees to achieve their best.
  • Online Learning features complement performance management by enabling continuous employee development. These tools facilitate training initiatives tailored to individual roles and career paths, enhancing skill acquisition and compliance with industry standards. Moreover, the ability to create custom eLearning content internally further empowers organizations to address specific training needs effectively. 
  • Integration is pivotal for seamless operations across different platforms. Many HRMS providers offer either pre-built integrations or open APIs. Pre-built integrations, like those offered by Zenefits with Expensify, Google's G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Slack, simplify connectivity between HRMS and other business tools. Open APIs provide flexibility to create custom integrations with various systems, enhancing interoperability tailored to specific organizational needs.
  • Mobility is increasingly important as employees often require access to HR information on the go. Features that support Android and iOS devices enable employees to manage benefits, submit time-off requests, and access other critical HR data conveniently and securely from their mobile devices. This capability ensures workforce flexibility and efficiency, particularly in dynamic work environments.
  • Security is paramount when dealing with sensitive employee data stored in cloud-based HRMS platforms. Ensuring robust security measures such as role-based access controls and data encryption is essential to safeguard personal and financial information from unauthorized access or breaches. Companies should verify the security protocols of HRMS providers to mitigate risks effectively.
  • Reporting functionalities empower HR professionals and business owners to derive actionable insights from personnel data. Leading HR software facilitates comprehensive workforce analytics, including standard reports on headcount, turnover rates, payroll expenses, and resource allocation. 
  • Customizable reporting features enable the creation of tailored reports that can be scheduled, saved, and shared regularly. For instance, BambooHR generates Equal Opportunity Employment (EOE) reports, highlighting applicant demographics by race, gender, and veteran status. Visual representation of data through charts and graphs further enhances decision-making capabilities, allowing stakeholders to analyze trends and make informed strategic decisions.

Top Online HR Software of 2024

Online HR Software

AgilityPortal is a modern intranet software tool that aims to enhance organizational communication, collaboration, and employee satisfaction. It provides everything for people management such as communication amenities like chat and video calls and project and task management tools. It also has features that allow users to manage their work through tools such as assigning tasks, monitoring projects, and an IT helpdesk. 

This is linked with Google, Yahoo, and Outlook for mail synchronization and documents, spreadsheets, images and more can be stored in the cloud. Other features that AgilityPortal has include employee shift scheduling, meeting scheduling, and a knowledge base to help in the management and dissemination of knowledge among employees and customers respectively. 

Being web-based and highly customizable, AgilityPortal is a tool that can be tailored to the needs of any organization and can enhance the overall work process by providing a better user experience.  

AgilityPortal Features 

  • Goal Setting: Define and track individual and team goals aligned with organizational objectives.
  • Appraisals: Conduct regular performance reviews and appraisals with customizable templates.
  • Feedback: Facilitate continuous feedback between employees and managers to promote growth and improvement.
  • Analytics: Generate performance analytics to identify trends and areas for development.
  • Leave Tracking: Monitor and manage employee leave balances and accruals.
  • Request Workflow: Simplify the leave request and approval process with an intuitive workflow.
  • Calendar Integration: Sync approved leaves with company calendars to ensure visibility and planning.
  • Notifications: Automatic notifications for request submission, approval, or rejection.
  • Scheduling: Create and manage employee shift schedules with ease.
  • Availability: Track employee availability and preferences to optimize scheduling.
  • Shift Swapping: Allow employees to swap shifts, subject to managerial approval.
  • Compliance: Ensure shift schedules comply with labor laws and company policies.
  • Job Posting: Publish job openings on multiple platforms and track applicant responses.
  • Applicant Tracking: Manage the recruitment process with an integrated applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Interview Scheduling: Coordinate interviews with candidates and interviewers seamlessly.
  • Onboarding: Streamline the onboarding process for new hires with checklists and automated workflows.
  • Enrollment: Simplify the benefits enrollment process for employees.
  • Plan Management: Manage different types of benefit plans, including health insurance, retirement plans, and more.
  • Communication: Provide employees with easy access to information about their benefits.
  • Compliance: Ensure all benefit offerings comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Training Programs: Develop and assign training programs to employees.
  • Course Management: Manage courses, track completion, and assess training effectiveness.
  • Certifications: Track certifications and ensure compliance with necessary training requirements.
  • Resource Library: Provide access to a library of learning materials and resources.
  • Welcome Kits: Create welcome kits with essential information for new hires.
  • Task Management: Assign and track onboarding tasks to ensure a smooth transition for new employees.
  • Documentation: Handle all necessary paperwork and documentation digitally.
  • Mentorship: Pair new hires with mentors to support their integration into the company culture.

AgilityPortal Pricing 

There is a free trial for the AgilityPortal to see the features in action. The other three plans include the medium, large, and enterprise, which cost $3, $5, and $10 per user per month, respectively.  

#2. BambooHR


BambooHR is an advanced and highly specialized HR software solution that is specifically developed for small and medium-sized companies with an extensive set of features aimed at simplifying the work of HR departments. Some of the areas include employee self-service, recruitment and applicant tracking, new employee onboarding, and performance management tools that are easy to use. 

The platform also helps HR professionals maintain the records of their employees, training, and time-off requests, which saves a lot of time and effort.

Reporting and analytics are also well-developed in BambooHR, which allows HR managers to analyze the key workforce indicators and make decisions based on the data. It also has an open API that allows it to connect with third-party services like payroll and applicant tracking systems, making it even more useful. 

Furthermore, BambooHR has an application, which means that HR activities can be done on the move. Since its primary goal is to simplify and optimize HR processes, BambooHR can assist organizations in streamlining their work and increasing employee engagement. 

BambooHR Features

  • Employee information
  • Time-off requests
  • Compensation changes
  • An employee's employment status
  • An employee's job information
  • Promotions
  • Asset requests

BambooHR Pricing 

The pricing is not well indicated and you have to request a quote to know the prices.

#3. Rippling


​ Rippling is an integrated HR software that helps businesses manage and streamline several HR tasks across the organization. It offers features such as tracking of time in which employees are able to record their working hours and a recruitment process that takes less than 90 seconds to complete a new hire background check. 

Rippling also allows for easy management of benefits since employees can transfer their existing enrollments without having to change files. Furthermore, the platform also enables the automatic processing of international employees' payroll and complies by filing taxes immediately. Automated trigger actions for policy enforcement are made possible with survey responses. 

The mobile application of Rippling also allows the employees to access the training and other HR tools, which makes the process of continuous learning easier.

Rippling Features 

  • Onboarding and Offboarding: Complete new-hire paperwork and onboarding tasks in just a few minutes. Employers can also quickly deactivate departing employees.
  • Device ManagementProvide the necessary hardware for both in-office and remote employees to ensure their success.
  • Benefits Management: Explore thousands of plans from the nation's top health and financial benefits providers.
  • Payroll: Process payroll in minutes with automatic calculations and an intuitive user experience.
  • Performance Management: Conduct employee reviews and monitor performance easily within the Rippling platform.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Access over 500 popular software applications to seamlessly integrate with your HR software.
  • Reporting: Generate reports to visualize employee turnover, track app usage, and more.
  • Compensation Bands and Head-Count Planning: Define pay ranges for each position and utilize this data for hiring and budget forecasting.
  • Recruitment: Post job openings, schedule interviews, select team members to participate, and sync with everyone's calendar.

Rippling Pricing 

Rippling basic price is $8 per user per month and there are more features and options available for an extra cost.

#4. Paycor


Paycor is an integrated HR management software designed specifically for small and medium-sized companies with various tools to optimize and support the HR function. 

Some of the main processes include the management of the employee's pay, their working hours and the process of recruitment. The usability of Paycor makes it easier for HR personnel to input data and manage employees' data for payroll processing and meeting the set tax requirements. The software also has good performance management features that allow organizations to set goals, give feedback or even do performance appraisals. 

In addition, Paycor has more enhanced reporting and analytics, which gives insight into workforce trends and assists the HR teams in decision-making. It can be integrated with other business applications which can make it even more useful and functional. 

The mobile application of Paycor makes it possible for HR tasks to be conducted on the go, thus offering convenience to the employees and the HR professionals. Being an optimal HR software, Paycor assists organizations in optimizing their workflow, enhancing productivity, and increasing employee satisfaction.

Paycor Features 

  • Automated payroll processing
  • Tax filing and compliance
  • Direct deposit and check printing
  • Payroll reports and analytics
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Document management
  • Performance management
  • HR reporting and analytics
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Scheduling and shift management
  • Absence and leave management
  • Mobile time clock
  • Benefits enrollment and administration
  • Carrier connections and data integration
  • Employee benefits self-service
  • COBRA administration

Paycor Pricing 

  You have to get a quote that will be depending on your needs.

#5. Gusto


It is a flexible software for human resource management, which aims at providing solutions to small and medium-sized companies by streamlining different tasks in the field of HRM. Some of the main areas include payroll processing, benefits administration and compliance management, all of which can be easily accessed from the main menu. Gusto's payroll features guarantee proper and on-time payments, tax estimations, and filings, minimizing the challenges of compliance. The benefits administration module is used to coordinate health insurance, retirement plans, and other forms of employee benefits.

Gusto also provides features to facilitate the hiring of new employees with an easy onboarding process, which includes document signing and workflow automation. Some of the tools that can be of great benefit to businesses include time tracking and employee scheduling tools that assist in controlling labour expenses and increasing efficiency. 

Furthermore, Gusto offers comprehensive reporting and analysis solutions, which help identify payroll costs, turnover rates, and other essential HR indicators. 

Through its mobile application, Gusto guarantees that all HR activities can be done remotely, which provides more freedom and comfort for both the employer and employees. Gusto offers a wide range of features and is relatively easy to use, which can help make HR processes more efficient and support employees.

Gusto Features 

  • Employee Onboarding: Simplifies onboarding with digital offer letters, e-signatures, and automated workflows.
  • Time Tracking: Integrates time tracking to monitor hours worked, overtime, and time-off requests.
  • Compliance Assistance: Provides tools and resources to help stay compliant with labor laws and regulations.
  • Employee Directory and Profiles: Maintains an up-to-date employee directory with detailed profiles.
  • Customizable Permissions: Allows setting permissions and access levels for different users.
  • Health Benefits: Facilitates the selection and management of health insurance plans, including medical, dental, and vision.
  • Retirement Plans: Offers 401(k) plans and assistance with retirement planning.
  • Workers' Compensation: Manages workers' compensation insurance and claims.
  • HSA/FSA Management: Administers Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).
  • Commuter Benefits: Provides pre-tax commuter benefits for transportation and parking.
  • Pay Stubs and W-2 Access: Employees can view and download pay stubs and W-2s online.
  • Time-Off Requests: Allows employees to submit and track time-off requests.
  • Personal Information Management: Enables employees to update their personal and contact information.
  • Integrations: Integrates with various third-party applications such as accounting software, time-tracking tools, and more.
  • Mobile App: Provides a mobile app for both employers and employees to manage payroll and HR tasks on the go.
  • Support and Resources: Offers customer support and access to a library of HR resources and best practices.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Generates detailed reports on payroll, benefits, and HR metrics for better decision-making.
  • Performance Reviews: Tools for conducting and managing employee performance reviews.
  • Secure Data Storage: Ensures that all employee and payroll data are securely stored and protected.
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliance: Adheres to data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.
  • Audit Trails: Maintains detailed logs of all system activities and changes for audit purposes.

Gusto Pricing 

The basic price is $40 per month with $6 extra for every member of the team.

#6. Paycom  


Paycom is an integrated human resource management software that offers different services that help companies with their human resource needs. Some of the strong points include the ability of the employees to use the self-service options to enrol in benefits, clock in and out, and update their personal information to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the processes. 

Paycom offers real-time updates of employee information and position changes and preserves records of such changes to meet compliance requirements. It also enables the monitoring and reporting of COVID-19 vaccinations making it easier for organizations to maintain health compliance. 

It has self-service features that help with the recruitment process; the new employees can fill in forms and go through training on the Internet. With the Paycom mobile app, managers can view and approve necessary HR tasks, view employee information, and approve time off requests from their mobile devices. 

By offering a wide array of options, Paycom enhances the functionality of HR departments and enhances the efficiency of the work performed, as well as the satisfaction of both HR personnel and employees.

Paycom Features 

  • Payroll Processing: Automated payroll calculations and processing.
  • Tax Management: Filing and payment of federal, state, and local payroll taxes.
  • Garnishments: Management of garnishments and deductions.
  • Paycom Pay: Pay employees via direct deposit, payroll cards, or checks.
  • General Ledger Software: Integrates payroll data with accounting software.
  • Employee Self-Service: Employees can view and manage their personal information, benefits, and payroll data.
  • Document Management: Centralized storage and management of employee documents.
  • HR Management: Track employee data, performance reviews, and disciplinary actions.
  • Onboarding: Automated onboarding process for new hires, including forms and task management.
  • Offboarding: Streamlined process for managing employee exits.
  • Time Clocks: Track employee time and attendance via physical clocks or web/mobile apps.
  • Scheduling: Create and manage employee schedules.
  • Attendance Tracking: Monitor employee attendance and manage time-off requests.
  • Labor Allocation: Allocate labor costs to specific projects or departments.
  • Recruiting: Job posting and applicant tracking system.
  • Background Checks: Integrated background screening services.
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Manage the recruitment process from job posting to hire.

Paycom Pricing 

There are no prices listed and you have to request a quote for the product.

ADP Workforce Now ​

ADP Workforce Now is an HR software that is customizable for any organization's size and type to manage payroll, HR, time, talent, and benefits. It has an integrated survey function for use in the workplace to address employees and collect their opinions, which helps improve the organizational culture and communication. 

The intelligent self-service application helps employees solve the issues related to HR, thereby improving productivity and minimizing the workload. ADP Workforce Now offers different reports on the workforce, which can be helpful for improved work organization and decision-making. 

It creates automatic notifications for overtime and leave requests so that the company remains legal and employees are informed on time. It also provides free access to calculator tools, glossaries, and tax guides that assist in the precise computation of finances. Recruitment can be done through the mobile app, and new hires can fill out paperwork and other onboarding processes through the app, which makes recruitment easier and improves onboarding. 

ADP Workforce Now has all the necessary features and is very easy to use, which makes it effective for businesses in managing their human resources.

ADP Workforce Now Features 

  • Payroll Processing: Automated payroll calculations and processing.
  • Tax Filing Services: Comprehensive tax filing, payment, and compliance.
  • General Ledger Interface: Integration with accounting software for seamless financial reporting.
  • Pay Options: Various pay methods including direct deposit, paper checks, and pay cards.
  • Employee Self-Service: Employees can access and update their personal information, view pay statements, and manage benefits.
  • HR Management: Centralized HR data management including employee records, compliance, and reporting.
  • Document Management: Secure storage and management of HR documents.
  • Onboarding: Streamlined onboarding process with automated workflows and checklists.
  • Time Tracking: Accurate tracking of employee hours worked through various time collection methods.
  • Scheduling: Create, modify, and manage employee schedules.
  • Attendance Management: Monitor and manage employee attendance, including absences and tardiness.
  • Mobile Time Management: Employees can clock in/out and manage their time from mobile devices.

ADP Workforce Now Pricing

Speak to their team to obtain a quote.

Sage People

Sage People is a fully integrated HR software solution that can help organizations improve the management of their workforce, especially for mid to large companies. It offers employee self-service and personnel functions that can be configured to meet the specific needs of the organization, enabling HR managers to access and update employee information, benefits and payroll from a single interface. 

It shows live information on employees' time off and attendance, which makes it easy to manage employee requests for leave. Sage People integrates benefits management and streamlines payroll calculations, such as overtime, which are immediately reflected in the payroll. 

The software also provides company notice boards, the ability to upload documents for benefits review, and tools to develop training programs to improve employee skills. Also, it increases staff motivation through peer recognition tools and offers managers information about employees' salaries for efficient planning. The mobile app is also available, providing the ability to view current and future HR data and reports anytime and anywhere.

Sage People Features 

  • Employee Records: Centralized management of employee data and records.
  • Organization Management: Tools for managing organizational structures and hierarchies.
  • Global Capabilities: Supports multi-currency, multi-language, and compliance with local regulations.
  • HR Analytics: Advanced reporting and analytics to gain insights into workforce data.
  • Recruitment Management: End-to-end recruitment process management, from job posting to hiring.
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Track applicants through each stage of the hiring process.
  • Onboarding: Automated onboarding workflows to streamline new hire integration.
  • Performance Management: Set goals, conduct performance reviews, and manage employee development.
  • Succession Planning: Identify and develop internal talent for future leadership roles.
  • Learning Management: Manage employee training and development programs.
  • Time and Attendance: Track employee time and attendance with various input methods.
  • Absence Management: Manage employee leave requests and absence tracking.
  • Workforce Planning: Tools to plan and manage workforce needs and resources.
  • Employee Self-Service: Employees can manage their personal information, view pay statements, and request time off.
  • Surveys and Feedback: Conduct employee surveys and gather feedback to measure engagement.
  • Workforce Collaboration: Tools to enhance communication and collaboration among employees.
  • Compensation Management: Manage salary, bonuses, and other compensation elements.
  • Payroll Integration: Integration with various payroll systems for seamless payroll processing.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with local, national, and international HR regulations.

Sage People Pricing 

For the price, it is recommended to consult Sage People's team for a quote.

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