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Here is how you can improve HR communication in the workplace

Here is how you can improve HR communication in the workplace
Here is how you can improve HR communication in the workplace
Healthy communication is a must for any business. Discover easy ways to improve communication in the workplace.

Posted in: Internal communications
Here is how you can improve HR communication in the workplace
Here is how you can improve HR communication in the workplace

Any organization's administration requires effective communication. Whether the goal is to inform workers about new regulations, prepare for a weather disaster, maintain organizational safety, or listen to employee attitudes, good communication is a critical component of efficient management. Organizations must have complete policies and methods for communicating with their constituents and workers in order to be successful.

HR communication  

HR communication ​

Effective HR communication typically refers to the capacity to communicate with accuracy and clarity. Employees will never be able to perform their best until they have a clear understanding of what their organization's leader expects of them. A clear line of communication between the numerous employees and their employer becomes essential in order to promote consistency in goals, vision, and mission across the company.  An internal communication app is a cloud software that employees use to communicate with each other in remote locations. Its way beyond the traditional mediums like email and telephone calls. since the pandemic situation remote working is on the rise, a lot of employees are no longer restricted to their desks so this is lead to increased communication in the workplace. 

Effective communication increases productivity

According to a McKinsey report, well-connected teams see a productivity increase of 20-25%.  According to David Grossman's report, "The cost of poor communications" which included 400 large companies and 100,00 employees, the cost of communication barriers that arise in the workplace stands at $62.4 million per year, per company.  According to a Buffer's State of Remote Work report from 2018., collaboration and/or communication used to represent one of the biggest struggles of working from home. Back then, 21% of respondents highlighted remote collaborating and/or communicating as a crucial remote work challenge.

Remote work communication seemed like a challenge

HR communication to employees  

HR communication to employees

Communication is crucial to the effective operation of every department in a company. It's much more important for HR staff because you rely on them to properly assist the rest of the organization. It's also critical to be able to detect when such communications are broken, in addition to enhancing them. Here are some suggestions for improving HR communication with employees in the workplace.

Use internal communication software

Effective communication is an important pillar of any company's success. No matter where your team members are or what roles they're involved in, you need to reach out, engage, and convey your organization's objectives through more personalized interactions. Fail to do this, and your internal communications processes can run into some hurdles.  AgilityPortal's internal communication platform is designed to keep remote workers engaged and connected to the company. AgilityPortal internal communication software, is sometimes called business messaging software, provide users with instant messaging platforms and the ability to broadcast important messages to employees, it also allows for direct and group messaging within an organization. This type of tool is aimed to be intuitive and convenient for keep employees connected, facilitating quick conversations between team members in remote locations.

Define roles

Applicants cannot make educated judgments about where to apply or whether to accept a job without comprehensive job descriptions. Things grow much worse for employees who need to know what their boss expects of them. Of course, they want to know how to succeed and advance inside the organization. Employees may get disgruntled or unhappy if job definitions swing drastically. Low morale and productivity might result from a lack of clarity regarding work duties.

Access to and exchange of knowledge  

Intranet software, such as AgilityPortal, has made it easier than ever to keep everyone in a team up to date. This is an easy solution to assist any team in enhancing communication. Of course, due to privacy concerns, you may not be able to share all records in an HR department. This sort of software is ideal for onboarding new employees and bringing them back up to speed after a period of absence.

Company culture  

Organizations may find it difficult to convey a comprehensive understanding of a place's culture. HR directors may devote effort to building a culture and putting it into words so that recruiters, candidates, and workers can understand it.

More importantly, companies may wind up hiring a group of people who are all the same. Because diversity is essential for success, leaders must pay close attention to the culture they create. They should make certain that it isn't about recruiting the same folks over and over again. It should instead be a statement of the company's goal and values.

Choose a mode of communication

 Employees have a variety of options for communicating in the modern workplace. They can, for example, use intranet software that has social and knowledge-sharing elements. You get a lot of alternatives, which might be troublesome if you have people on your team who prefer different methods. If you have employees from various generations working on a team, you should be extra cautious since they are more likely to have communication issues simply because they are more comfortable utilizing different platforms.

This should be discussed in a team meeting, and you should all come to an agreement on whatever way you will use to communicate primarily. This might vary depending on the situation. For example, if an employee contacts you, you'll use X, but if it's internal communications, you'll use Y.

Increase the level of transparency

Transparency in the workplace opposes the notion of maintaining secrets or keeping information hidden. People are naturally eager to learn new things, and when they find a lack of knowledge or inaccuracy, their faith in the source begins to wane. Now, if your employees don't trust your company to instill a sense of loyalty and to belong in them, their commitment to your initiatives will suffer.

Excessive text usage should be avoided  

Internal communications in organizations are frequently overly reliant on emails. Because the tone of speech and facial expressions are ignored, this may cause misunderstanding. Employee performance and relationships are harmed as a result of this misinterpretation. Companies seldom have time to customize discussions, so these technologies make conveying messages a lot faster and easier.

If your organization's purpose is to create trust and authenticity among its workers, however, substituting typing with a face-to-face interaction will be beneficial. However, if you think your company is still not ready for such an approach, you can always work closely with business phone providers, and have a company phone system installed, so that employees can contact them whenever needed.

By preserving an aura of friendliness, honesty, and genuineness toward one another, verbal communication creates and deepens connections inside a company.

Examples of HR communication

Examples of HR communication

Human resource management and effective communication skills are inextricably linked. Even if you don't have a full-time human resources director or team, you may still use effective HR communications tactics for internal communications. Because email is the primary means of disseminating official information in many organizations, small company owners should acquire the art of writing concise, professional email memos.

Using a centralized business website or intranet software to coordinate employment rules and processes is an excellent example of HR communication.

Any changes to your company's benefits package, for example, should be disclosed to employees as soon as possible. Workers are frequently anxious about their health insurance coverage, so it's critical to explain any changes to employees clearly and in a way that encourages them to learn more about what's going on. You may achieve this by utilizing the social features of your intranet to allow employees to view this content in their feed.


There are various ways you can assist your organization's workers in maintaining efficient HR communication, including praising them for their efforts, getting their feedback, and bringing them on board to make crucial choices for your organization. It is not a simple process to communicate effectively, but it is well worth the effort if it results in increased earnings and success for your company.

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Additionally dont you think decentralization here can help as it refers to a specific form of organizational structure where the top management delegates decision-making responsibilities and daily operations to middle and lower subordinates.

Additionally dont you think decentralization here can help as it refers to a specific form of organizational structure where the top management delegates decision-making responsibilities and daily operations to middle and lower subordinates.
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