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Why Online Business Is The Shortest Path To Financial Freedom

Why Online Business Is The Shortest Path To Financial Freedom
Why Online Business Is The Shortest Path To Financial Freedom
Reasons an Online Business May Be The Best Route To Your Financial Freedom
Posted in: Business Management
Why Online Business Is The Shortest Path To Financial Freedom
Why Online Business Is The Shortest Path To Financial Freedom

Internet jobs have been around since the 1990s. Yet, it's only in recent years that the idea of remote work and online businesses has gained traction. Many people were under the false assumption that online work wasn't legitimate or possible— the pandemic proved otherwise.

With inflation making things more challenging, many people are looking for opportunities to improve their financial standings. Creating an online business is one of the most efficient ways to achieve financial freedom. 

Here's why:

Flexibility with Current Employment 

Flexibility with Current Employment

According to In 2022, around 4.3 million employees in the United Kingdom had employment contracts that allowed for flexible working hours, making it the most common flexible working practice in that year.​

One of the primary benefits of starting an online business is that you can continue working at your current job while doing so. Creating a side hustle creates the flexibility to work around your current schedule to make more money in your off hours.

Many people mistakenly assume that they can't manage a full-time job while starting a part-time business on the side. This thought typically stems from poor time management rather than lack of time. Consider tracking your time for a week, using an app to determine how much time you spend scrolling on your phone.

Take some time to reflect and determine if you can be using your time better; if you can scroll on social media for two hours per day, you have time to do online surveys or start an Etsy shop.

Minimal Overhead Costs 

Minimal Overhead Costs

Another overarching benefit of starting an online business is the minimal overhead. Coming up with the capital to finance a new business can be challenging, and make an existing financial issue worse. With an online business, you don't need to invest in a place to operate or significant equipment. Even makers selling their products online can start with what they have and reinvest in the business later.

Even though your costs will be minimal, it's worth outlining what they are. Explore the various tools and subscriptions you may need to run your business to get a monthly expense estimate. 

Consider using "freemium" subscription services to get started.

Easy to Scale 

Easy to Scale
The dream of owning your own business is often thought of as a pipe dream. But what if there was a way to make that dream a reality? What if you could start your own business and generate passive income?

Passive income is money that you earn without having to work for it. This can come in the form of interest from investments, rental income from property, or royalties from products or services that you have created. The key to generating passive income is to find a way to do something once and receive payments for it over and over again.

One way to create passive income is to develop a product or service that people will want to use on a regular basis. This could be a piece of software, a physical product, or even a service like lawn care or housecleaning. If you can create something that people will use regularly, you can continue to receive payments for it even after you've stopped working on it.

Another way to generate passive income is through investments. This could involve buying property and renting it out, investing in stocks or mutual funds, or even lending money to others. The key here is to find an investment that will produce consistent returns so that you can enjoy passive income for years to come.

There are many different ways to generate passive income. The key is to find something that you're passionate about and that has the potential to generate consistent payments over time. With some hard work and dedication, you can turn your dream of owning your own business into a reality.

Your business doesn't have to be a bustling enterprise to be a success; you have the freedom to scale it to your liking. Due to the limited overhead and flexibility, online businesses are also relatively easy to scale compared to brick-and-mortar businesses.

Smart scaling also helps you stay in control of your finances and maximize your returns. Invest in scaling only as demand necessitates it, reinvesting some of your profits to increase your capacity or output to increase your profits further.

This consideration is also important if you start an online business as a side hustle. The scaling flexibility will allow you to invest more time into your business when your full-time job is slow and cut back during busy periods. You also have the flexibility to set your own hours, improving your work-life balance and preventing costly burnout. 

The Ability for Passive Income 

The dream of owning your own business is one that many people share. The ability to be your own boss, set your own hours, and chart your own course is appealing to many. However, the reality of running a business can be quite different. Long hours, tight budgets, and stressful decision-making can quickly take the shine off of entrepreneurship. One way to make owning your own business more manageable is to focus on generating passive income. Passive income is income that you continue to earn even when you are not actively working. 

For example, if you sell an e-book or online course, you will continue to earn money every time someone buys it, even if you are taking a break from marketing or creating new products. By focusing on generating passive income streams, you can make owning your own business more manageable and less stressful. In addition, passive income can provide a helpful buffer during lean times or periods of slow growth. 

By diversifying your income sources, you can insulate your business from unexpected downturns and keep it on a steady path forward.​

There's no such thing as truly passive income; you'll always have to do a little work upfront. However, if you choose the right product offerings, you can continue to make money without investing more time or resources into development. Things like digital products and courses are prime examples of passive income opportunities.

Consider how you can incorporate passive income into your long-term business strategy. Maybe you create Udemy courses about entry-level coding skills or jewelry making. Maybe in addition to custom graphic design services, you have pre-made bundles available at a flat rate.

Reduced Work-Related Expenses 

Going to work costs money, and with inflation, it costs more than ever. When you create an online business, you eliminate some key expenses that go along with commuting and scheduling. For example, the average American parent spends $750 a month on childcare. If you can work from home and eliminate that expense, you're already on your way to financial freedom. Similarly, gas prices, car maintenance, parking, and tolls also add up and detract from your monthly earnings.

Starting an online business allows you to make more money without costing you more money.

Potential to Pursue Passions 

Many of us enter the job market with our dreams put on the back burner. We grow up hearing how we need to find something sustainable and realistic. Pursuits of art, music, and creativity tend not to fit the mold.

Starting an online business allows many aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue and monetize their passions. Social media and digital technology have made it easy to display artwork and build an engaged following. The push for personalized gifts has resulted in custom creations from songwriters, makers, and artists.

People who are passionate about their work are more likely to be successful in their chosen fields. Many people who start an online business feel more motivated and driven to make this endeavor work, improving their financial wellness over time.

For these reasons, starting an online business is the most straightforward way to reach financial freedom. While it's just a piece of the overall puzzle, it's an essential first step in achieving this lofty goal.

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Guest - Melinda on Thursday, 08 September 2022 19:35

Agreed. There's never been a better time to start an online business - surveys say that people are dissatisfied with their employer working conditions (hence the 'quiet quitting' movement), so starting a side business can act as an insurance policy.

Agreed. There's never been a better time to start an online business - surveys say that people are dissatisfied with their employer working conditions (hence the 'quiet quitting' movement), so starting a side business can act as an insurance policy.
Monday, 15 April 2024
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