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What Is A Business Casual Dress Code? Tips and Examples For 2022

What Is A Business Casual Dress Code? Tips and Examples For 2022
What Is A Business Casual Dress Code? Tips and Examples For 2022
While the term "business casual" can mean different things to different people, following these general guidelines will help you make the right impression in any professional setting.
What Is A Business Casual Dress Code? Tips and Examples For 2022
What Is A Business Casual Dress Code? Tips and Examples For 2022

The business dress code has altered dramatically in recent years. Many well-known CEOs are now frequently spotted in casual attire.

With 'casual Friday' introduced in the late 1960s and the increase of individualism among employees, more and more companies are allowing employees to wear whatever they choose to work.

Many believe that the business dress code has come to an end with the rise of business casual attire in the workplace. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for business causality, and its meaning might differ from organization to organization.

Why is the business casual dress code misunderstood?

One of the reasons why business casual is so widely misunderstood is that there is no agreed-upon standard definition.

Business casual dress guidelines are frequently misunderstood or taken to extremes since the idea remains ambiguous.

This may lead some employees to believe that the no suit required gives them free rein to dress however they like.

This article will explain what a business casual dress code is and provide tips for men and women.

What is business casual?

What is business casual

It can be anything from blazers and work-appropriate tops to shoes and button-downs. Thus, business casual has evolved over time to reflect the ever-changing world of professional attire.

Defining how to dress business casually is a challenge because there is no universal definition. More and more workplaces are implementing business-casual or even "smart casual" clothing codes, which can be aggravating. However, most workplaces have introduced some unsaid norms.

For women, business casual means no jeans, shorts, or short dresses or skirts; for males, it means optional ties, and a rotating wardrobe of button-downs or blouses is all that is required.

So, it's more important to avoid a list of "don'ts" than it is to follow a list of "dos," and it can vary a little depending on your personal style, preference, and the way you display your gender in public.

What is business casual for women? (Tips and ideas)

what is business casual for women

There are factors that can dictate business casual for women, like the location of the workplace, job type, and office culture. So, women's business casual clothes might differ greatly depending on the abovementioned factors. However, a typical business casual outfit for ladies includes the following items.


In terms of women's business-casual attire, heels, flats, and loafers are the most common footwear options. It's best to stick with one of the following options when it comes to the type of shoe (open-toed or stiletto) that the employee or job requires (sandals and sneakers are usually frowned upon).

Shirts and blouses

A well-fitting, flowing, and/or ironed blouse or button-down is always appropriate, regardless of the unique business dress code. If possible, try to limit the use of brand logos.


Blazers are a staple for both men and women in the workplace, and they seem to be a universal part of a professional dress code. Keep a variety of blazers in your wardrobe, including

  • -Black
  • -Grey
  • -Blue

However, wearing a blazer in a vibrant color can be eye-catching. So, try to wear it with a variety of other outfits.


Wide-leg or tailored pants, dress pants, chinos, or suit pants are always appropriate attire for formal events. Some offices may allow jeans, but check your workplace's dress code policy before heading to the office. Printed pants or bright colors may be appropriate in some situations, but it's always a good idea to check over your workplace beforehand.

What is business casual for men? (Tips and ideas)  

What is business casual for men

For men, the tie-or-no-tie decision is often the deciding factor in determining whether or not they are dressed professionally.

However, every workplace is unique, and there is a wide spectrum of what constitutes business casual. There are still a few essential rules to keep in mind for men.


It's never a bad idea to wear loafers or formal shoes.

Shoes that you should avoid:

  • -Shoes with open toes
  • -Sandals
  • -Sneakers

In terms of color, there aren't many guidelines to follow except to keep it looking polished and professional at all times.


Dress slacks or chino pants/khakis will keep you in line with your workplace's dress code, even if your progressive business allows jeans.

Wearing khakis in a business casual setting gives you the ability to wear both a formal shirt and a more laid-back one.


Most workplaces allow sweaters or vests to be worn. If you're looking for a classic business-casual appearance, stick to fine-knit sweaters that can be layered over button-downs or shirts and leave the collar exposed.

Jackets and blazers for men

 Wearing a well-tailored blazer or jacket over your everyday work attire can elevate it to the next level of professionalism.

For example, if you have an important meeting or presentation coming up and are concerned that wearing a button-down shirt alone would make you appear too casual. Thus, you should consider wearing a jacket or blazer.


Shirts with long sleeves and a collar are best for males.

Long-sleeved collared shirts are the most common choice. No tie gives it a more relaxed look than a suit-and-tie ensemble.

What is business casual attire in 2022?

What is business casual attire

Even in the most traditional workplaces in the West, business casual attire has grown in popularity in the last decade or two, and it is now the norm rather than an exception. There is no longer a requirement for a tie at government facilities in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, many people now work from home, so traditional office attire is all but extinct after the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the business casual dress code for remote workers?

What is business casual dress code

The business casual dress code refers to formal business clothes with some laid-back flourishes thrown in.

For example, a blouse or a polo shirt paired with khaki pants or slacks is considered business casual.

One of the benefits of working from home is that you can wear anything you want. However, don't stay in your pajamas all day. Instead, you can choose a business casual dress code for remote work. 

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