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Ways to Make New Employee Announcements Worth Reading

Ways to Make New Employee Announcements Worth Reading
Ways to Make New Employee Announcements Worth Reading
Within this article, we want to show you how to infuse excitement and enjoyment into new employee communication using announcements.
Posted in: Employee Engagement
Ways to Make New Employee Announcements Worth Reading
Ways to Make New Employee Announcements Worth Reading

When a fresh addition joins your team, it's a thrilling moment for both the recruit and your current staff. 

To ensure a strong start for your new team members, consider introducing their arrival even before their first official day. You can achieve this by crafting an engaging company-wide email announcement or by introducing the newcomer during a team meeting.

Nevertheless, standard announcements may not always stir up the level of enthusiasm and excitement you desire. Unveiling a new team member's arrival in an entertaining and captivating manner can assist them in immersing themselves in the company's culture, breaking the ice with their new colleagues, and fostering early engagement.

Within this article, focus on infuse excitement and enjoyment into new employee introductions. 

Additionally, we delve into the essential elements to include in these announcements and elucidate their significance.

Key Takeaways

  •  Introducing your latest team member in an imaginative manner helps foster connections among existing employees, alleviates first-day jitters, and enhances overall employee engagement.  
  • At a minimum, new employee announcements should encompass key details such as the employee's name, preferred pronouns, job title, and commencement date. Always ensure the content aligns with the new hire's comfort level before disseminating it to the entire team.
  • There are various enjoyable and captivating methods to inject excitement into new employee introductions, including video introductions, lively social media acknowledgments, and many more creative approaches.

What Are New Employee Announcements?

What Are New Employee Announcements
New employee announcements come in various forms, whether formal or informal, serving as a means to introduce a recent addition to the organization. 

Typically, these introductions occur prior to the new hire's actual start date and can be conveyed through diverse channels like face-to-face meetings, email notifications, group chats, company-wide bulletin boards, or even in the workplace newsletter.

These announcements play a pivotal role in acquainting everyone with the upcoming addition to the team, allowing for a smooth transition. They serve as a valuable tool to break the initial ice among current employees and ease any first-day jitters that the newcomer may experience.

For a comprehensive new hire announcement, it is considered best practice to incorporate key details such as the employee's full name (including their preferred name), pronouns, designated job title, associated responsibilities, and a brief overview of their professional background. 

At AgilityPortal, we understand the significance of these announcements in fostering a welcoming and engaging work environment. 

AgilityPortal's announcement features offer a robust set of tools designed to enhance communication within an organization. These features enable companies to effectively share important information, updates, and news with their employees. 

Key Benefits and Features


  1. Improved Communication: AgilityPortal's announcement features facilitate seamless communication between management and employees. Important messages and updates can be easily disseminated to the entire workforce.
  2. Engagement: Engaging content and announcements can boost employee morale and keep them informed and motivated. This can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction.
  3. Consistency: With AgilityPortal, announcements are delivered consistently to all employees, ensuring that everyone receives the same information at the same time.
  4. Accessibility: Employees can access announcements from anywhere, making it ideal for remote or distributed teams.


  1. Announcement Creation: Users can create announcements with various content types, including text, images, links, and attachments.
  2. Customization: AgilityPortal allows for customization of announcement templates, branding, and design, ensuring that announcements align with the company's visual identity.
  3. Targeted Delivery: Announcements can be targeted to specific groups, departments, or individuals within the organization, ensuring that messages reach the right audience.
  4. Scheduling: Users can schedule announcements to be published at a specific date and time, allowing for timely delivery of important information.
  5. Feedback and Engagement Tracking: AgilityPortal provides tools to measure engagement with announcements, including read receipts and user feedback, helping organizations assess the impact of their messages.
  6. Mobile Accessibility: Employees can access announcements on the go through the AgilityPortal mobile app, ensuring that they stay informed, even when not at their desks.
  7. Integration: AgilityPortal's announcement features can integrate with other modules and systems, allowing for seamless data sharing and automation of processes related to announcements.

Why Are New Employee Announcements Important?

New employee announcements hold significant importance within an organization for several compelling reasons. 

Firstly, these announcements serve as a means to introduce new hires to the existing team, fostering a sense of inclusivity and connection from the very beginning. 

By sharing information about the newcomer, such as their name, role, and a brief background, the organization creates an environment where employees can readily welcome and engage with their new colleague.

  • 1. New employee announcements help in reducing first-day anxiety and uncertainty. Starting a new job can be intimidating, but when a new hire's arrival is publicly acknowledged, it reassures them that they are part of a welcoming and supportive community. This, in turn, boosts the newcomer's confidence and comfort level, allowing them to transition more smoothly into their role.
  • 2.Announcements play a vital role in fostering a positive workplace culture. When organizations celebrate the arrival of a new team member, it sends a message that they value their employees and appreciate the diversity and skills each individual brings to the table. This recognition contributes to a more inclusive and engaged work environment, where every employee feels acknowledged and appreciated.
  • 3.It can be seen as an opportunity for team building and relationship building. Colleagues may use these announcements as a conversation starter, allowing them to reach out and extend a warm welcome to the newcomer. This initial interaction can set the stage for future collaborations, enhancing teamwork and collaboration within the organization.

So new employee announcements are vital because they create a sense of belonging, alleviate first-day jitters, contribute to a positive company culture, and facilitate relationship building among team members. 

Acknowledging and celebrating new hires is not just a formality; it is a strategic tool for building a motivated, engaged, and cohesive workforce. 

What To Include In a New Employee Announcement 

Here's a concise announcement for new employees:

In introducing our latest team members, we aim to foster a warm and inclusive environment. 

First and foremost, we provide their first name along with any preferred name, respecting individual choices. We ensure clarity by sharing their pronouns, preventing any unintentional misgendering. We'll also specify their job title and department, offering a high-level glimpse into their responsibilities. 

Additionally, we'll mention their origin and current location, as well as their work arrangement, whether on-site, flexible, or remote. Professional and academic backgrounds, along with relevant qualifications, will be briefly outlined. 

we'll sprinkle in a few fun facts to spark connections, and of course, include their start date.

Before sharing this announcement with the team, we'll extend the courtesy of approval to our new hires, ensuring their comfort and consent in sharing this information within our workplace. 

How to Elevate the Excitement: Crafting Vibrant New Announcements

While a brief email introduction does the trick, you can inject creativity and fun into your new employee announcements by employing the techniques below. 

1.Add Video to your announcements

Encouraging your new team member to create a video introduction is an excellent way to announce their arrival. This approach empowers them to showcase their unique personality and take charge of their introduction to the team.

One key advantage of video introductions is their flexibility in terms of timing. Your new hire can record it at their convenience, and your existing team members can watch it when it suits their schedule, minimizing disruptions to the workday.

Moreover, when employees craft their own video introductions, they have control over the information they share. 

This eliminates concerns about inadvertently disclosing personal details that the new hire might prefer to keep private within the company, such as pronouns or academic background. Enabling employees to produce their introductory videos eliminates this potential risk. 

2.Get a manage to send it

Contemplating having your CEO or Managing Director send an email to announce the new hire can lend an air of significance to the introduction. 

This approach not only underscores the importance of the new team member but also underscores the company's commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive work culture, enhancing employee engagement in the process. 

3.Scavenger hunt announcements

An orchestrated workplace scavenger hunt can infuse excitement and creativity into the process of introducing your new team member. However, implementing this inventive employee introduction method does entail some planning.

This engaging scavenger hunt serves the purpose of allowing your current employees to gain insight into your new hire. Encourage your new team member to compose 3-5 clues that reveal interesting tidbits about themselves. These clues should be lighthearted and informative. The answers to each clue should lead participants to items or information readily available in the office or at the job site.

Divide your employees into 2 or more teams and set a specific time frame, such as 15 or 20 minutes, for them to embark on the scavenger hunt. This interactive activity fosters camaraderie and offers a playful way for your team to get to know the new addition.

4.Offer a value incentive announcements

When communicating announcements about rewards and benefits to employees, it's essential to strike a balance between clarity and enthusiasm. 

Start by crafting a well-structured and concise message, detailing the specifics of the rewards or benefits, such as bonuses, health insurance updates, or retirement plan enhancements. 

Clearly outline the eligibility criteria and the timeline for implementation, leaving no room for ambiguity. Additionally, infuse a positive and appreciative tone throughout the communication, expressing gratitude for employees' hard work and dedication. 

To make the message even more engaging, consider personalizing it by highlighting individual or team achievements that contributed to these rewards and benefits. Lastly, provide avenues for employees to seek clarification or ask questions, ensuring transparency and open communication in the process.

Wrapping up 

 Introducing new team members is a fantastic opportunity to inform your existing staff about their incoming colleagues. You have the option of making these announcements through formal means like email or infusing a touch of creativity.

There exists a plethora of enjoyable and imaginative methods to introduce your new team members, ranging from organizing engaging activities like scavenger hunts, hosting informative lunch-and-learn sessions, to having the newcomer create a captivating video introduction.

It's crucial to include pertinent details about your new addition to facilitate a smooth transition within your team. At a minimum, ensure you provide their name, preferred pronouns, start date, and job title.

By crafting a lively and inventive new employee introduction, you not only acquaint your new hires with your workplace culture but also instill a sense of enthusiasm and engagement right from the outset.

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