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Why your intranet needs to be a hub of collaboration and customer support?

intranet software for small businesses
Why your intranet needs to be a hub of collaboration and customer support?
Discover key reasons for implementing an intranet and how it can enhance a hub of collaboration and customer support.
intranet software for small businesses
Why your intranet needs to be a hub of collaboration and customer support?

The Office 365 has new building blocks for its intranet; hub sites. All Office 365 subscribers can use them now.

You will see that each unit of work gets now has its own site collection in the new SharePoint. This new solution provides a way to reproduce one of the primary benefits of subsites, i.e., the ability to establish a shared experience among connected sites. In addition, it also eliminates the inflexibility and governance limits of "dreaded" subsites. Hub sites can help subsites die, but only if they're well-planned.

Intranet hub SharePoint

You can think of SharePoint hub sites as an essential component of any intranet. More importantly, they're the "connective tissue" that keep things together like team sites and communication sites.

On the other hand, each unit of work should have its own site collection and it is one of the main concepts of modern intranets based on Microsoft SharePoint. This aids in the long-term management of governance and growth. All of the communication sites and Microsoft 365 group-connected team sites are set up as a separate site collection with its own set of privileges. You should view a hub site as a separate unit of work that pulls together a number of other sites.

Intranet learning hub

Intranet learning hub

An intranet learning hub, which houses answers to frequently asked questions, updated versions of documents, policies, guidelines, procedures, and simple access to how-to instructions. It is one of the most popular components of an outstanding employee intranet.

It is useful when you design it with the user experience in mind. You can use intranet learning hub as a knowledge base as it can provide new hires with an engaging onboarding experience. In addition, it can also serve as the starting point for all internal trainings. The intranet learning hub can even be used to teach every employee in your company how to get the most out of the intranet.

Your intranet learning hub can become a source of collaborative enhancement and constant work advancement if it is designed with your organization's employees in mind.

Easy onboarding process 

Easy onboarding process

Employee onboarding is an important aspect of increasing productivity. Thus the information you provide them can go a long way toward ensuring their success. Effective onboarding can have a significant impact on work performance and satisfaction.

The new hires who have had a favorable onboarding process not only stay longer with your organization, but organizations that follow a conventional onboarding procedure see a 50% increase in new recruit productivity.

You can use intranet learning hub as your one-stop shop for onboarding new employees. It is true that the intranet content cannot replace personal meetings, tours of workplace, or socializing events, it still provides new employees with quick access to all of the important information. For example, they can have easy access to files, paperwork, and essential information they will need from day one.

You can guarantee that the information accessible to new employees is reliable and easy to access by storing your "new hire folder", HR documentation, organizational rules, important manuals, business directory and other resources on an intranet learning hub.

Employee training

All of the employees some sort of training at some point due to various changes in the industry and the need of learning new skills to be competitive. Your organization's employees can get these much-needed tune-ups through your intranet learning hub. Can you suggest any better alternative to sharpen your skills than to participate in intranet training?

Intranet learning hub enables you to use your intranet as a dynamic training tool. It can be used for years to come if you design it by your employees as the target audience. It can easily be used to store training courses, distribute completion certificates and much more. Interestingly, it can also be used store online interactive tutorials. You can even set up a mentoring programs. It can help the newer employees to get advice from their more experienced colleagues.

Intranet training tool

​ Although it may appear to be confusing, you can use your intranet learning hub to instruct employees on how to use the intranet effectively. It can be strange for you but it fairly simple to do. First of all, you need to find your best intranet users and ask them to assist your new users in acclimating to the latest intranet. After everyone understands how to access the intranet learning hub, they may begin new things about the intranet and how to use its features. For example, they will be able to use document management and retrieval, training courses, latest news, and new guidelines.

Intranet a hub: possible advantages

An intranet hub is not what you think because it is not really a new type of site. Rather, it's a feature that you add to your site, such as a communication or team site. The majority of hub sites revolve around communication sites, but there is no technical requirement for this.

It is possible that you are tempted to make a single hub site to provide global intranet navigation, but you should resist this temptation. There is no doubt that you can create a single hub site for your entire organization, but we don't recommend it. You should not do it even if you have a very small organization.

Hub sites enable you to collect relevant information and it is one of their biggest advantages. Assume that you create a sales hub site and after that you can easily link all of the sites in a specific region to the original sales hub. You'll now be able to access all of the news related to the sales on the sales hub.

Another significant advantage of using hub sites is that they make it simple to narrow a search query to the specific sites that are linked to the hub. So, it allows you to limit the scope of a search to hub family. As a result, you get a much more relevant and limited set of search results. In the end, it assists you in quickly finding what you need. Now, you can use the relevant information obtained from the search.

Intranet software and its uses

Intranet software and its uses

 Everything should be centered on your intranet. All of the required tools and processes should be centralized and easily available so that employees can perform more efficiently. Employees can operate more successfully with a good intranet because they have access to consistent data about the customers.

It is important for an intranet to collect and provide the information and tools that employees require to accomplish their jobs well. However, it does not have to be a platform that can do everything. Putting everything on an intranet and giving access to everyone can create a cluttered and inefficient tool that hinders productivity.

The intranet must be a seamless enabler of employee cooperation in today's workplace. This is especially useful when it comes to fostering client connections and knowing each customer's demands so that customized experiences can be delivered. If the intranet is designed to improve cooperation, the employees can quickly access the customer's interaction history and check developments throughout the customer's journey.

Intranet software for small businesses

Intranet software

An intranet software can boost your employees experience and improve productivity. You can use AgilityPortal as a best intranet software for small businesses.

It provides a unified platform where you do not need to install several programs across your devices. In addition, you can also avoid going through time-consuming and inefficient processes to get access to content repositories. You can also get collaboration solutions, organization research, values, policies, etc. It enables you to get all the information you need for the job from a single, user-friendly portal.

It also provides unmatched interaction so that your employees can use latest features without training. All of the employees will be able to get the news about latest events and join without any problems thanks to an immersive and personalized platform. The AglityPortal gives users with a never-before-seen social media-like interface and experience.

Now you can improve your employee's engagement and provide enjoyment coupled with convenience so that they can reach new heights of productivity and collaboration. Employees can use AgilityPortal to communicate, share creative ideas, receive project campaign studies and reports, and follow organization's core values. This leads to boost in productivity, customer satisfaction, and makes everyone's job easier.


We know that you are fed up with juggling various tools and tired of barely satisfying your customers or missing out on sales owing to interruptions in communication and the dissemination of critical information. You can solve most of these problems with an intranet hub and an excellent intranet software like AgilityPortal. Now you can break down barriers between remote teams and improve productivity.

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