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How to improve employee satisfaction in 2022?

How to improve employee satisfaction in 2022?
How to improve employee satisfaction in 2022?
According to the latest Gallup report, 51% of employees are disengaged, while 13% are actively disengaged. So the question is How to improve employee satisfaction in 2022?.
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How to improve employee satisfaction in 2022?
How to improve employee satisfaction in 2022?

The satisfaction of an employee refers to how happy or content he or she is with his current employment. You should not forget that employee satisfaction is essential for the success of any company or organization. Good bosses and a work environment ensure that employees will be more likely to put up their best effort to help the company succeed.

When employees are unhappy and dissatisfied, it has a direct influence on the company's bottom line. You can expect employees to have a good attitude toward the organization when all of their needs and concerns are taken care of. On the other hand, an employee can be demotivated and expected to underperform when they are unsatisfied with their jobs.

How to improve job satisfaction and increase employee engagement?

How to improve job satisfaction and increase employee engagement?

Workers that are disengaged have little emotional attachment to their occupations and tend to do the bare minimum. A sudden 9-to-5 time clock attitude, an unwillingness to participate in social gatherings outside of the job, or a tendency to foxhole oneself aside from peers are all signs of disengagement. It's most evident when someone who is generally talkative and energetic appears to have vanished and has nothing positive to offer. They may dislike their jobs, complain to co-workers, and lower workplace morale.

The terms "work satisfaction" and "engagement" are sometimes used interchangeably. However, while there is some overlap in the causes of engagement and happiness, there are significant distinctions in the components that determine both, according to a study.

How to increase job satisfaction?

 Intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction are the two types of job satisfaction. When an employee is happy with their job, this is known as intrinsic job satisfaction. Extrinsic job satisfaction, on the other hand, refers to an employee's contentment with his or her working conditions, which might include things like pay and benefits, co-workers, bosses, and office spaces.

Finding a balance between the two areas is critical, and focusing on just one will not suffice to provide long-term professional happiness.

#1.Identify the problem 

The most effective method to deal with an employee's low job satisfaction is to address the source of it. Employers should first meet down with disgruntled employees and discuss what is making them uninterested in their work and how they are currently feeling.

Employers may be able to discover the best remedy by determining the root cause of the problem. If an employee, for example, prefers to work earlier in the day, offering a flexible shift plan could assist raise morale.

#2.Make your employees feel connected

To keep your employees engaged and content in their careers, you must help them feel connected to the work they do, inspired and driven by a mission, and able to develop a sense of purpose and meaning in their daily activities.

Employees who felt connected to the company's goals reported 1.7 times higher job satisfaction and were 1.4 times more engaged, according to a recent study.

#3.Ensure psychological safety

The bonds we form with mentors and friends provide us with some of the best memories we have at work. While it may appear that forming strong ties and providing a secure space for employees to be themselves is difficult for remote workers, it is possible. Employee job satisfaction and engagement are derived from an inclusive, blame-free atmosphere in which employees may learn from and mentor one another.

#4.Offer career development opportunities

​ An employee is required to be aware of their responsibilities and what is expected of them. Employee happiness and satisfaction can be enhanced when businesses provide greater options for career advancement through a variety of initiatives and new jobs. You can expect employees to stay and perform better if there is a clear path for them to advance in their careers, keeping them away from repetitive daily routines.

#5.How to increase employee engagement?  

Employee engagement is defined as a sense of purpose at work that motivates employees to put up extra effort and commitment. Employee engagement and well-being are clearly linked, and we know that engaged employees provide greater business results, according to research.

Start with employee well-being to increase employee engagement. By providing resources, communication, reinforcement, and encouragement, you can show your employees that you care about their well-being. It helps your employees reconnect to what inspires them in their employment when you treat them with care and promote their overall well-being.

#6.Assign relevant roles 

Assign relevant roles

Make sure you have the proper personnel in the workplace and that they are in the right positions. As a result, all talent acquisition and retention tactics must be connected with the company's objectives.

#7.Improve communication

Improve communication ​

As companies grow, the bonds that bind co-workers can loosen and weaken, resulting in departments functioning in isolation and employees becoming separated from their co-workers before it's too late. Unless you have a specialized internal communications team, it's probable that HR will be in charge of company communications. It is possible that they might seek help from your marketing team.

However, you can use our social intranet the best intranet software for small business AgilityPortal that can keep your employee connected with the company news, objectives, policies, and co-workers.



Autonomy in decision-making should be pushed to the forefront. You can improve the workplace culture by empowering people to take charge, make their own decisions, and construct their own path to success. Create methods for employees to have their voice, and then act on what you've learned. Encourage managers to speak with employees about how they contribute to the company's overarching mission.  Employees can thank anyone in the organization for who they are and what they do, and award moments are shared in the company's feed so everyone can give congratulations.


How to create an employee satisfaction survey

Encourage employee development by providing opportunities for challenge and movement. Ensure that staff are gaining new abilities by giving them stretch assignments both within and outside of their current position. Most importantly, make sure to provide regular feedback so that your employees can learn and develop.   Give your employees a voice—and increase their engagement with our simple, scalable, and survey module. Get started with AgilityPortal today to easily collect candid feedback, benchmark results, and take action to create happier, more productive employees.

How to create an employee satisfaction survey?  

How to create an employee satisfaction survey? ​

Employee satisfaction surveys are designed to provide enough information to help you create a positive work environment and address any flaws or problems that may exist within your company. Burnout tendencies, loyalty, employee attitudes, management experiences, and other critical markers of employee happiness and engagement are routinely measured.

For employee satisfaction survey's success, ask the proper questions on a frequent basis and stay on top of overall employee sentiment inside your organization. This will enhance the likelihood that the feedback you receive will be honest and, most importantly, valuable.

You should:

  • -Keep the language clear and ask straightforward questions
  • -Guarantee that the employee responsible will be kept confidential
  • -Use new tools and technology (i.e., conduct surveys online with the help of an intranet like AgilityPortal)

You can use some of the employee sample questions from here. The quantity and types of questions included in a survey can have a big impact on the response rate. Most experts believe that a survey can be ruined by containing too many items, as well as items that are confusing or repetitive. Instead, survey questions should be straightforward and brief, with vocabulary that all employees are acquainted with. 

What employer benefits increase employee satisfaction? 

Today's businesses are equipped with cutting-edge technology and software to assist them in generating leads and closing deals.

Every great company, on the other hand, has a team of outstanding people that work to achieve the company's goals. It's critical in the service delivery industry, where your product is your people, to build a workplace that supports employee satisfaction so that your employees are engaged, your clients are satisfied, your top talent is kept, and the public is aware of it.

According to Glassdoor following benefits helps to improve employee satisfaction:

  • -401(k) plans
  • -Paid leaves and vacations
  • -Health insurance
  • -Discounts for employees
  • -Maternity and paternity leaves

Out of these benefits, the health insurance and 401(k) plan matter the most to employees.

You can also provide loans to your employees for the purchase of personal vehicles, but be sure that you find an insurance policy that covers both yourself and your employee. This will help ensure employee satisfaction by giving them more independence while also increasing their loyalty towards the company—which is good public relations!

How to increase job satisfaction in the workplace?

Employers are under constant pressure to compete in today's economy while keeping their employees engaged. Job satisfaction and morale are the two most important characteristics that influence employee engagement.

#1.Friendly and engaging work environment  

  Your company's success might be influenced by how well your employees communicate with one another. As a result, encouraging positive behaviour in the workplace is critical to ensuring that your team can manage projects and deal with clients in a friendly manner. You can use a social intranet to increase employee engagement and maintain a healthy and friendly work environment.


When organizations invest in employee development, both the leaders and the company have the potential to grow and invest in the future. Companies cultivate a talent pool of excellent, dedicated employees who are ready for advancement. It allows people to learn about employees' skills, weaknesses, and work cultures, as well as how to bridge gaps in the future. You can use an intranet that incorporates employee training into the already developed system and is accessible all the time by your employees.

#3.Provide support

Employees are brand ambassadors for your company because they interact with your customers. It is possible that they may not receive direct feedback from clients regarding their work, whether in sales, marketing, or another department. If a client gives you feedback on an employee, give it to them honestly, but make sure you make them feel good about themselves and that you're taking the appropriate steps to improve their performance when necessary.


The holy grail of company culture can be realized when workplaces are saturated with joy, humour, sincerity, humility, and activities that create connection. Employees can feel fulfilled, inspired, and confident. Employees become purpose-driven champions for the organization, as well as their co-workers. Companies that ensure their staff are happy and successful will always be the market leaders.

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