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Employee Intranet Content: Ideas, Types and Guidelines

40 Employee Intranet Content Ideas to Boost Engagement
Employee Intranet Content: Ideas, Types and Guidelines
Ready to boost your intranet's content? Get started today with these engaging Employee Intranet Content ideas and uses them on your intranet and employee app.
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40 Employee Intranet Content Ideas to Boost Engagement
Employee Intranet Content: Ideas, Types and Guidelines

 A well-crafted employee intranet isn't just a repository of information; it's a tool that can significantly enhance organizational performance. Key to this is the quality and type of employee intranet content

This includes not only essential features like up-to-date news and an employee directory but also interactive elements that can foster communication and teamwork. 

The right blend of employee intranet content can drive daily efficiencies, promote internal collaboration, and align the workforce with company objectives. 

This article aims to explore the ideas, types, and guidelines for optimizing your employee intranet content.

What is Employee Intranet Content?

Employee Intranet Content

Employee intranet content refers to the information and resources shared within an organization through its internal network. 

It encompasses a wide range of content types, such as company news, policies, employee directories, collaborative tools, and interactive features. 

This content is specifically designed to facilitate communication, engagement, and knowledge-sharing among employees, ultimately contributing to a more informed and connected workforce.

40 Employee Intranet Content Ideas

40 Employee Intranet Content Ideas

1. Share Accomplishments 

Your employee intranet content can be a powerful medium for sharing your company's achievements and celebrating successes. Whether it's an employee winning an award or earning a promotion, highlighting these accomplishments can inspire and uplift your workforce, making each day more fulfilling. 

Furthermore, it fosters a sense of community as colleagues connect to offer congratulations. 

In our platform, administrators and peers have the ability to recognize outstanding achievements through badges or shout-outs.

Additionally, a points system rewards employees for significant contributions, contributing to a positive work environment, acknowledging members' accomplishments, and nurturing growth within your organization. 

2. Surveys for Employees

Amid discussions about survey fatigue, we stand as ardent champions of surveys when it comes to employee intranet content. 

There's a profound satisfaction in realizing that your workplace genuinely values your input, making surveys a powerful conduit for employee engagement. Furthermore, they serve as an invaluable resource, consistently supplying your intranet with fresh and relevant research material.

The beauty of surveys lies in their ability to capture evolving employee sentiments and perspectives, delivering real-time insights that help shape and refine organizational strategies. 

Each survey response contributes to a mosaic of valuable data, reflecting the evolving needs, concerns, and aspirations of your workforce. 

3. Customize the Content on Homepage

The content on employee intranet's homepage acts as the primary entry point into your organization's digital ecosystem. 

This presents a valuable opportunity to inspire and engage your team through the creation of an aesthetically appealing employee intranet template. 

Utilizing user-friendly drag-and-drop page building tools, you gain the flexibility to personalize your employee intranet homepage to reflect your corporate identity – all without the need for HTML expertise.Visualize your ideal employee intranet design and turn these concepts into reality with these exemplary employee intranet examples. 

4. Company Policies

In recent years, encompassing the challenges of the pandemic, the operational landscape has evolved significantly, intensifying our dependence on the employee intranet. 

It has become the central repository for all the resources essential to sustain our productivity. 

This encompasses pivotal policies related to aspects such as remote work protocols, recruitment and onboarding procedures, and adherence to brand guidelines, all included in the employee intranet content. 

5. Try New Features

Your employee intranet solution isn't static; it should evolve with your growing business needs. 

Explore various workflows, intranet templates, and employee intranet content enhancements. 

For instance, as a CEO, consider a ghostwriting feature for monthly blog posts to maintain staff connection. Integrate employee intranet recognition programs to foster peer-to-peer acknowledgment. Simple steps like enabling "likes" and comments can gauge employee engagement. 

Through experimentation, discover what works best, allowing the intranet to adapt naturally as your business evolves. Keep innovating. 

6. No Dull Content

Intranet content need not be dull; infuse it with some creativity. 

Transform 'mundane' updates into captivating points of interest for your team. For instance, when announcing a new location, incorporate a photo gallery and mini-bios of the new employees to make it more engaging and personable. 

7. Schedule the Intranet Content

​Maintaining a consistent schedule is essential for an effective content marketing plan and an excellent employee intranet strategy. 

Establish an employee internal content calendar for each month, outlining articles, pre-written announcements, deadlines, and promotional campaigns. People are most interested in content that directly relates to their needs. 

By adhering to a schedule, you ensure that your corporate intranet remains the central hub for vital information and matters that resonate with your team.

8. Use Intranet's Analytics 

​Leverage your intranet's analytics to gain profound insights into user behavior. 

Why not share this valuable data with your employees? Craft a comprehensive post that highlights key insights, including popular intranet posts, the most active users, and trending photo galleries. 

This transparent approach fosters engagement and keeps your team informed about the intranet's impact and user dynamics.

9. Add Customer Stories 

Harness the impactful potential of compelling customer stories. 

Sharing these narratives aids employees in comprehending and embracing their significance within your organization. When employees witness the tangible effects of their contributions on customers, it imbues their work with profound meaning and purpose. Explore a selection of our customer success stories to illustrate this transformative impact.

10. Post Jobs 

The transition to remote work has expanded organizations' horizons for talent acquisition, allowing them to cast a wider net and attract professionals beyond their geographical boundaries. 

Leverage your intranet as a platform to disseminate job updates, enabling employees to effortlessly access and share job postings with their network. This not only facilitates seamless recruitment but also enhances transparency regarding your organization's continuous growth journey.

11. Let Employees Share their Ideas 

Unlock the immense creative potential of your workforce by allocating dedicated sections on your intranet for crowdsourcing ideas. Harness the collective intelligence of your employees to unearth innovative solutions for your organization's most pressing challenges. You can use user-friendly form builders to effortlessly gather and disseminate structured data, fostering an environment of collaboration and idea sharing among your employees.

12. No More "I Don't Know" 

Are you effectively disseminating critical product updates and corporate information across your organization? Prevent the frustration of employees saying, "I didn't know" or "No one told me" by posting such vital information on your intranet. 

Keeping your workforce informed through your intranet ensures everyone stays in the loop regarding the latest product developments and announcements.

13. Connect with Employees as a Leader 

Leadership posts consistently attract more traffic than other intranet content. Encourage your leaders to take an active role by authoring and sharing their weekly or monthly messages directly. This empowers them to connect more effectively with your workforce. 

14. Unfiltered Customer Reviews 

In addition to other intranet content, consider sharing reviews on your intranet to boost your organization. Don't shy away from posting constructive feedback either. This practice allows your team to pinpoint potential areas for improvement and grow collectively.

15. Updates About Community Events 

While intranet calendars are frequently employed for organizing meetings and tracking project timelines, they can also function as a hub to feature a diverse range of activities. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sports tournaments or competitions.
  • Community fairs or charity fundraising concerts.
  • Opportunities for team members to engage in volunteer work.
  • Informal social gatherings for employees to unwind after work.

These events not only promote camaraderie among remote teams but also help solidify bonds among in-office colleagues.

16. Highlight Company's Mission

Here's a creative employee intranet content idea: craft an article outlining your company's mission and feature it prominently on your employee intranet homepage. 

Since the homepage is the initial point of contact for your team, it's an ideal spot to foster motivation and unity. Compose a warm, genuine message designed to inspire all who encounter it. 

This approach not only enhances your employee intranet but also cultivates a culture of productivity, contentment, and alignment.

17. Use Images in Intranet Content 

It's an unavoidable fact that text-heavy content can lead to mental fatigue and reduced information retention. 

To combat this, consider a straightforward intranet example: introduce images within your content. 

By adding visual context to your topics and breaking up the text flow, you not only make information more engaging but also enhance employee focus. With a wealth of images available on the web, take advantage of this resource to boost engagement effectively.

18. Encourage Content Creation with Contests and Gamification 

In the midst of daily tasks, it's easy to overlook broader conversations and the creation of valuable employee generated intranet content. 

To encourage staff participation and foster the best intranet content, consider hosting an intranet contest with enticing prizes. Additionally, introducing gamification in the workplace can effectively boost engagement on your company's intranet website. 

By incorporating friendly competitions that encourage positive contributions to your organization, you can unite employees, elevate morale, and enhance productivity. 

Explore uncharted territory on your company intranet and facilitate communication and collaboration among your team members.

19. News about New Employees 

Unveiling employee news is consistently among the most consumed content on employee intranets. Try to make it a practice to introduce every new team member on your employee intranet, complete with a bio and some delightful fun facts. 

This approach fosters engagement among existing team members and serves as an enjoyable icebreaker for welcoming new employees into the fold.

20. Show Home Office Setups 

In a landscape where many individuals have transitioned to permanent remote or hybrid work arrangements, showcasing employee home office setups serves as an excellent avenue for fostering unity among our workforce and adding a human touch to our personal workspaces.

21. Post Inspirational Quotes 

Fostering inspiration among employees is key to maintaining their motivation and productivity. Building an inspiring social community offers numerous possibilities. 

One effective idea for an employee intranet is to share inspirational quotes related to employee engagement within your digital workplace. This practice serves as a thoughtful reminder to encourage the best efforts from your workforce, setting a positive tone for their day. 

These quotes can be prominently displayed on the main homepage or encouraged among directors to post on their respective space homepages.

22. Celebrate Birthdays and Work Anniversaries 

Acknowledging work anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant milestones provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate and appreciate employees. 

In the context of a hybrid workplace model, where two distinct employee experiences are managed, recognizing these milestones becomes even more essential. 

It serves as a way to make employees feel valued and connected to the team, regardless of their work arrangement.

23. Use Right Tags for Intranet Content 

Efficiently managing your employee company intranet content is crucial for saving time and improving productivity. One effective strategy is to use tags to categorize content, making it easier for employees to search for information. 

Tags such as "marketing" or "internal documentation" provide clear categories that enable quick access to the relevant resources, streamlining the information retrieval process for the entire organization.

24. Recognize Top Intranet Users 

Recognizing and empowering early adopters of your employee intranet is a strategic move that can elevate the platform's impact within your organization. 

These individuals naturally contribute valuable content, spark meaningful conversations, and exemplify the intranet's value to their colleagues. 

To harness their potential, identify these key players and appoint them as community leaders. 

This recognition can take various forms, such as highlighting a "User of the Month" on your homepage, presenting awards or kudos, or leveraging your points and recognition system to provide well-deserved acknowledgment.

25. Add Q&A Section for Employees 

In every organization, questions inevitably arise, especially when employees are embarking on new projects, joining a team, or navigating the intricacies of using the employee intranet. 

Establishing a Q&A forum provides a rapid and effective means of addressing these queries. It serves as a dynamic and readily accessible resource for your workforce, ensuring that answers are just a click away at any time of the day. 

Additionally, you can create dedicated intranet discussion forums for pivotal questions that necessitate comprehensive responses, ensuring that important information finds a well-organized home within your platform.

26. Promote Workshops and Webinars 

Promoting workshops, webinars, conferences, and courses on your employee intranet is a powerful content strategy to foster a culture of continuous learning within your organization.

By sharing information about these educational opportunities, you not only encourage employee growth but also demonstrate your company's commitment to professional development, reinforcing its reputation as an employer that values and invests in the advancement of its workforce.

27. Celebrate New Customers/Sales 

Recognizing and celebrating new customer account wins goes beyond mere announcements; it offers invaluable insights into the reasons behind the choice of your product or service by prospects. 

These celebrations shed light on the features and aspects that resonate most with your customers, providing a deeper understanding of your product's value proposition. 

Such insights can inform your marketing strategies, product development, and customer engagement efforts, allowing you to align your business more effectively with customer needs and preferences.

28. Share Departmental Updates 

Sharing regular departmental updates with the entire company fosters transparency, ensures that all departments are well-informed, and offers an opportunity to recognize exceptional team members and celebrate departmental achievements. 

This practice not only enhances internal communication but also strengthens cross-functional collaboration and promotes a culture of openness within the organization. It allows employees from different departments to gain insights into each other's work, fostering a more cohesive and interconnected workforce. 

Furthermore, acknowledging and celebrating individual and departmental successes boosts morale and motivates teams to excel in their respective roles.

29. Add Humor to Intranet Content 

In the midst of demanding workweeks, especially when deadlines loom, a dose of humor can work wonders in alleviating stress and fostering a more relaxed atmosphere. Leverage your employee intranet as a platform to inject some laughter into the mix. 

Share humorous videos, quirky quotes, or playful GIFs within your announcements or posts. While we've previously discussed this intranet idea, it's important to reiterate the value of humor in your digital workplace. 

Remember, your intranet is designed for people, not machines, so don't hesitate to infuse it with a touch of lightheartedness to brighten everyone's day. 

30. Personalized Employee Profiles 

Employee profiles offer a multitude of advantages within your organization. 

They go beyond mere identification by associating faces with names, a crucial function, especially in large companies. Employee directories simplify the process of locating the right contact and facilitate meaningful human connections among colleagues. 

Therefore, it's highly recommended to make full use of your employee profiles. 

Embrace creativity by tailoring your profile questions to encompass a broader spectrum of information, encouraging a deeper understanding of your team members. 

31. Upload Handbooks for Employees 

Your company's intranet serves as the central hub for critical information, accessible to employees regardless of their location. While many businesses have transitioned to digital content, some still rely on paper documents. 

In such cases, it's highly advisable to take the initial step of digitizing these documents and incorporating them into your digital workplace. 

This approach aids in the creation of a comprehensive knowledge base within your employee intranet, enabling employees to access these resources from anywhere.

32. Performance Reviews 

Establish a dedicated section within your employee intranet to house your quarterly and annual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), objectives, and various metrics. 

Whenever feasible, convert this data into visual charts, making it simpler for employees to grasp your company's advancements and identify any potential areas that require attention. 

Visual representations of progress and performance are highly effective tools for enhancing transparency and facilitating a deeper understanding among your workforce.

33. Use Old Photos to Spark Nostalgia 

Leverage the collection of old photos you may have, like the one below, to not only entertain your team but also to serve as a positive reminder of the progress and achievements your organization has made over the years. 

These photos can spark nostalgia, promote a sense of unity, and reinforce the company's journey and growth.

34. Use Video Content 

Consider incorporating videos into your employee intranet content to enhance engagement. 

As an example, a customer of ours produced an intranet launch video that cleverly highlighted the deficiencies of their previous intranet in a humorous manner, while also teasing the exciting new features of their updated intranet. 

You can watch the video and assess its effectiveness for yourself.

35. Connect with Remote Employees 

Departmental divisions can persist even within the same physical location. 

In a fully remote or geographically dispersed organization, these barriers can be exacerbated by hundreds or even thousands of miles. 

Leverage your employee intranet content and its robust social capabilities to break down these silos. 

Establish a dedicated space where remote team members can share photos, videos, and humorous content, fostering a sense of togetherness regardless of physical distance.

36. Optimize Intranet Content for Mobile Apps 

If your employee intranet lacks a mobile app, you're overlooking a significant feature that many employees desire. In today's world, accessibility isn't a mere request; it's a fundamental expectation. 

When users are on the move, they expect the ability to carry their work with them. 

Whether it's a staff member attending a work conference without immediate access to a laptop, the need to retrieve information during an impromptu meeting, or the requirement for frontline workers to access specific forms and tools in real-time, your digital workplace should be conveniently accessible in the palm of your hand.

37. Accessible Branding Assets 

 Brand guidelines represent one of the intranet's most crucial assets. By maintaining accessible branding assets on your intranet, you guarantee that the most up-to-date versions are readily available for all design-related projects. 

Moreover, this accessibility streamlines the enforcement of branding standards within your team, promoting consistency and cohesion in your organization's visual identity.

38. Collect Feedback and Act on it 

Collecting employee feedback on your employee intranet content is essential for its continuous improvement. 

By gathering their ideas and suggestions, you can confidently make tweaks to your intranet design, knowing that you have the support of your employees. 

Additionally, this feedback process opens the door to brainstorming new and innovative examples of employee intranet ideas for future enhancements. It fosters a collaborative approach to intranet development and ensures that the platform meets the evolving needs of your workforce.

39. Make Sure Intranet Content is Valuable 

Your company intranet should serve as the authoritative source of valuable, timely, and relevant information tailored to the specific needs of each department. 

Encourage department heads to actively contribute by posting helpful articles, case studies, and ensuring the timely updating of documents. By providing teams with content that directly supports their work and interests, the employee intranet transforms into a destination that employees actively seek out for information and resources. 

This approach enhances engagement and productivity across the organization.

40. Monitor the Intranet Content 

​Encouraging active participation from all employees in posting information on the intranet is the initial step, but it's equally crucial to monitor its impact. Employ a combination of surveys, forums, and analytics to gather direct feedback and insights from your staff. 

Pay close attention to analytics data, tracking metrics such as the number of "likes," "shares," sentiment analysis, and comments garnered by each post. 

By analyzing this data, you gain a deeper understanding of which content resonates with employees and what areas may require improvement. 

This valuable information informs decisions related to platform enhancements, including intranet design updates and internal communication strategies, to ensure continued effectiveness and engagement.

Employee Intranet Content Types 

 Employee intranet content thrives on diversity. Ranging from text-based articles to visually captivating images and videos, this multifaceted approach ensures engagement across various learning styles.

  • Regular posts maintain a fresh, dynamic intranet, while interactive elements like forums and surveys encourage employee feedback and participation.
  • Empowering team members to contribute ideas and articles fosters a sense of ownership.
  • Visual storytelling with images and videos not only adds vibrancy but also enhances content memorability.
  • Celebrating achievements and milestones boosts morale.
  • Lastly, mobile accessibility caters to the remote workforce.

By embracing these content types, your intranet becomes a versatile, engaging platform that unites and empowers your team.

Employee Intranet Content Guidelines for Better Engagement

Creating compelling employee intranet content hinges on essential guidelines to enhance engagement. For this purpose, you need to:

  • Diversify content types, weaving in text, images, videos, and interactive elements, crafting a visually stimulating user experience.
  • Consistency is key; adhere to a regular posting schedule to keep content fresh and timely.
  • Foster two-way communication by encouraging feedback through surveys and forums while tracking analytics to gain valuable insights.
  • Empower employees to contribute their ideas, articles, and feedback to foster a sense of ownership and involvement.
  • Employ visual storytelling with images and videos to make content more engaging and memorable.
  • Celebrate achievements, milestones, and contributions to elevate team morale.
  • Don't forget mobile accessibility, ensuring that your intranet is easily accessible on mobile devices, catering to the on-the-go needs of your staff.

By following these guidelines, your employee intranet will transform into a dynamic hub that keeps your workforce informed, inspired, and closely connected.

Employee Intranet Content Audit

An employee intranet content audit is a critical step in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital workplace. 

This process involves evaluating all existing content, from articles and videos to documents and forums, to determine their relevance, accuracy, and engagement levels.

Start by categorizing content into different sections, such as company news, training materials, or department-specific resources. Assess the quality and currency of each piece, considering if it aligns with your current organizational goals and objectives.

Additionally, analyze user engagement metrics like views, likes, shares, and comments to identify popular and valuable content. 

This audit helps you declutter outdated or redundant information, streamline your intranet, and prioritize content creation to meet employees' needs effectively.

Employee Intranet Content Strategy Example

Developing a comprehensive employee intranet content strategy is crucial to create a thriving digital workplace. Here's an example of how to structure such a strategy:

  • Define objectives
  • Audience analysis
  • Content categories
  • Content creation
  • Content distribution
  • User engagement
  • Governance
  • Analytics
  • Continuous improvement
  • Training and support

By following this content strategy example, organizations can create an engaging and efficient employee intranet that aligns with their goals and fosters a more connected workforce. 

You can read a detailed intranet content strategy here.

Wrapping up 

Building a thriving digital workplace through an intranet hinges on thoughtful employee intranet content creation and strategic planning. 

By embracing a user-centric approach and actively engaging employees, organizations can harness the power of their intranet to boost communication, collaboration, and productivity.

From fostering a sense of community through team-building activities to celebrating employee milestones, our chat has provided a wealth of ideas for creating engaging intranet content. Remember, an intranet is a dynamic platform that can evolve with your organization's changing needs. 

Regularly assess your employee intranet content strategy, gather feedback, and adapt to keep your digital workplace vibrant and effective. With the right content and strategy, your employee intranet can be a catalyst for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we Enhance Employee Intranet Engagement with Creative content?

Enhancing employee intranet engagement involves diverse content, like company news, events, and employee stories. Keep information updated, encourage participation, and make content visually appealing to capture employees' attention.

What are Key Guidelines for Optimizing Intranet Content for Engagement? 

Guidelines for better intranet content engagement include using multimedia elements, promoting interactivity, ensuring content relevance, and gathering employee feedback regularly. Prioritize clear communication and fostering a sense of community.

What Types of Content Work Best for Employee Intranets?

Employee intranet content types vary, including news articles, video messages from leadership, interactive polls, forums for discussions, recognition boards, and knowledge-sharing repositories. Tailor content to match employees' needs and preferences. 

How to Perform an Effective Intranet Content Audit? 

​Conducting an intranet content audit entails assessing content quality, relevance, and user engagement. Identify outdated or redundant content, gather employee input, and refine the content strategy for improved intranet effectiveness.

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