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Best employee directory software: Why your Business Needs one

Best employee directory software: Why your Business Needs one
Best employee directory software: Why your Business Needs one
Our list of the top the best employee directory software will help you make short work of finding the best possible fit for your business.
Posted in: Internal communications
Best employee directory software: Why your Business Needs one
Best employee directory software: Why your Business Needs one

A digital employee directory is, at its core, a centralized database listing all of your company's employees and their respective contact information (such as a physical address, email address, extension number, and phone number). You can compare it to a digital version of a traditional phone book. Akin to a trade directory, but with the added benefit of being able to search for expertise within one's own company, employee directories can also include information about an individual's expertise, such as their job title and competence.

According to a report from An alarming 60% of employees reportedly feel disengaged from their workplace – amidst companies struggling to form a post-pandemic work culture which is fit for a hybrid world.

This article will explain the importance of an employee directory and why you must use it for your company. 

What is a company employee directory?

Like a phone book from yesteryear, an employee directory is a useful software. Every worker needs a central location to look up their coworkers' names, titles, and contact information; this is exactly what employee directory software provides. Today's company personnel directories are hosted in the cloud as a centralized database that may integrate with other apps to boost efficiency and boost teamwork.

Keeping track of who does what and where in the company will become increasingly difficult as it expands. Information that is relevant to identifying and locating a specific employee should be included in their profile.

Staff members will be able to obtain any relevant personal data from any location with the help of employee directory software that is fully stocked with all the aforementioned details. It's important to check that all of your employees' contact information and other details are up to date. 

Best employee directory software in 2022 

Best employee directory software

It is rare for employees to be acquainted with every other employee, even in the smallest of groups. 

Possibly, but it's not guaranteed that everyone will be on first-name terms. But does everyone know about everybody else's skills, knowledge, and experience?

For example, someone who is having trouble with a spreadsheet formula would be quite interested in learning who the office gurus are. With a staff directory, they wouldn't have to waste time asking for assistance.

A company's employee directory is more valuable in proportion to the size of the business. Companies with various offices or employing people in different areas can benefit greatly. 

An employee directory provides streamlined access to essential contact information for all employees. When you don't have to keep track of documentation for each location and employee, it's considerably easier to manage workloads and staffing levels.

Here are some of the best employee directory software in 2022:


AgilityPortal -Voted best employee directory software

AgilityPortal allows businesses to maintain order and access crucial personnel data without effort, it designed as a Meta workplace or SharePoint alternative. Employee profiles can be retrieved by name, which is a quick and easy method.

This makes it simple to look up anything from a person's name and email address to their full employment history, department, team, location, birth date, and even the date they started working there.

The dashboard for administrators simplifies the process of adding new functions to the employee app.

Built-in rewards and recognition features are also included. Likewise, there is also an opportunity to track employee development and milestones with roadmaps. 


Use this employee directory app to foster a more collaborative work environment. 

Whether your company has 50 employees or 50,000, OneDirectory can help you keep track of them all quickly and easily with its visual interface.

With OneDirectory, you may do a people search in your company in record time. 

Quickly look up anyone in your company's database. 

You can then investigate the outcomes in many potent ways, including smart tags, group tiles, attractive profile cards, and responsive list views. The software is unlike any other employment directory tools you've tried. 



Using Pingboard's team directory, they may more easily find each other, learn about each other, and communicate. A worker's profile displays the basics like email and phone number. Still, they can choose to display additional information such as their Myers-Briggs personality type, desk location, "how to pronounce my name," and more.

You have a wealth of information in your staff directory and employee profiles, which promotes collaboration and fosters a sense of community among employees. When you view someone's profile, you will see not only the information they have chosen to make public about themselves but also their awards, the teams and groups to which they have been assigned, their position in the organization's hierarchy, and any impending goals. 



The more successful your business becomes, the more challenging it is to keep track of everyone in it. Bitrix24's employee directory lets you quickly find the people you're looking for based on keywords such as name, department, or job title. You may discover the person you need quickly by using filters to specify their role, area of expertise, or specific department they work in.

Bitrix24 is a unified platform for internal communications, including a comprehensive directory of all employees and the ability to send and receive instant messages, emails, phone calls, and even video conversations. You may now easily communicate with your team, whether it's for an urgent matter related to an ongoing project or a department-wide meeting. 

#5.Axero Solutions

Axero Solutions

With Axero Solutions' user-friendly employee directory software, your teams and coworkers can quickly access detailed profiles, an organizational chart, and other useful tools. Axero Solutions promotes a culture of closeness and humanization in organizations. Finding and contacting coworkers is a breeze using Axero's built-in employee directory.

In an effort to make the company feel more personal, Axero Solutions provides in-depth profiles for each employee. The profiles make it easy to get in touch with and locate anyone in the firm, as they include personal details as well as professional and contact details.

Employees may see who reports to whom with Axero's dynamic organizational chart. Additionally, the organizational structure is built automatically in response to changes made in Communifire. 



Connecteam is a simple and effective personnel directory tool that does a lot more besides. Connecteam's numerous features facilitate effective and efficient team and employee communication.

Media sharing, social postings, updates, polls, a suggestion box, and more are some features that make Connecteam a fantastic employee directory software.

Connecteam's mobile-first directory makes it easy to find the contact information you need, thanks to its powerful search capabilities. It's easy to find someone if you know their name, job title, branch, department, location, or even their birthday!



Namely's web-based HR software provides you with complete management of all personnel data and the flexibility to adapt the system to your changing needs. Regarding employee directory software, Namely is one of the most adaptable and reliable options available due to its flexible design and user-friendly interface.

It saves time since procedures can be set up to approve things like salary hikes and promotions automatically. It also does away with the need to assign new users whenever an employee departs or is promoted. Hence, the employee directory is always up to date.

Generates and maintains up-to-date organizational charts from data on new hires and existing staff members to illustrate the structure of an organization and the relationships between its many parts. 



Throughout an employee's tenure, BambooHR records and organizes data that is crucial to HR functions. BambooHR's staff directory is organized by the last name, making it easy to find a specific person. To locate a specific worker, use the search function, which supports queries by name, department/division/location/job title.

If you're looking for a certain team of employees, you can narrow down your search using the employment directory's handy filters.

When an employee is absent from work, their contact information will be greyed out in the company directory.

Why is it important for companies to use employee directory software?

Employee directory software can be a valuable tool for companies of all sizes. 

By keeping track of employee contact information, job titles, and skills, businesses can quickly find the right person for any task. In addition, employee directory software can help to improve communication between departments and reduce the need for time-consuming meetings. 

For example, if a salesperson needs to speak with a customer service representative about a problem, they can simply look up the contact information in the employee directory and make the call. This can save both parties a significant amount of time and help to resolve issues more efficiently. In today's fast-paced business world, employee directory software can be a valuable asset for any company.

Since technology has improved so many facets of our jobs, there's no reason not to use it while trying to locate or interacting with coworkers.

Many workers cite ineffective communication as the primary cause of missed deadlines; therefore, organizations without adequate comms tools or access to people face a genuine danger of wide discounted and silos. 

The benefits of a Company employee directory

The benefits of a Company employee directory

It improves the onboarding experience

 It is crucial to assist new hires in settling into their new roles. In the first two months on the job, new hires try to understand the organizational structure and determine their individual roles.

Employee directories are useful because they allow new hires to quickly identify and learn more about the people they will be working with.

They will be able to examine the hierarchical makeup of your company, become familiar with your leadership, find contact information for those they will be working with, and become acquainted with the layout of your various divisions and offices. New recruit orientation is simplified with a user-friendly personnel directory.

It helps your HR team

Your company's Human Resources department and office managers can better serve their employees with the aid of an employee directory.

That's because all the information you need to know about each employee is in one location.

Though HR software can be helpful, the data becomes stale very quickly if employees can't update their own profiles.

The human resources department will also benefit greatly from having an employee directory to assist them in managing the organizational chart and getting a bird's eye view of everyone's place in the company.

It improves communication with remote teams 

More and more employees are permitted, and even encouraged, to perform their duties from remote locations, including home, coworking spaces, and branch offices.

However, it might be difficult to feel like an integral part of the team when you are working remotely. And from a business standpoint, it's tough to develop a firm culture when employees are spread out across the country or the world.

Each member of your staff, no matter where they happen to be physically located, can have their own "digital desk" in the form of a company directory, making it easier for colleagues to locate them, contact them, learn more about them, and understand their role in the company.

It helps to find the right employee for the right job

A skills directory is a feature of several employee directories that allows users to look for other staff members with particular expertise.

This may be a huge asset for workplaces that encourage employees to share their expertise.

Workers frequently require the assistance of an expert, either to complete a task or to provide information that requires specialized knowledge. Management also needs to periodically assess the strengths and weaknesses of their teams and the resources available to the business.

The ability to easily find and exchange knowledge within your organization can be greatly enhanced by creating a skills directory (or skills database).

It boosts employee engagement

Meeting and getting to know your coworkers more individually is a crucial component of the working experience.

An employee directory is useful for everyone to become familiar with their coworkers and, more significantly, to learn more about those they might like to become friends with.

In most cases, an individual's profile in a company directory will contain details about the individual. Pronouns, nicknames, work history, education, projects, languages, social media links, and interesting facts can all help people get to know one another.

Because of this, people may connect with one another and learn more about their coworkers than they would have been able to without access to this data.

It improves collaboration

The work we undertake is largely social in nature. However, it's not always easy to tell who's who, and it may take some time to track down the correct person to talk to.

The bigger your company gets, the more of an issue this becomes. Getting the answers you need from within your organization would be simpler if you could more readily reach out to the proper people there.

With an employee directory, you can find the right person from anywhere at the right moment. Because of this, your staff will be able to work together more effectively and efficiently.

What are the essential elements of a company employee directory?

Company employee directory

Individualized distribution lists

Making a distribution list goes far beyond electronic mail when it comes to modern business communication. Workers are dividing their time and effort among several organizations, all collaborating with one another. 

They need a system that can adapt to their changing needs and reflect the complex nature of their relationships at work. An internal company directory will make it simple for workers to compile and update their own contact lists.  

Accessing coworkers through a mobile device  

About-the-go access to a company directory facilitates making the appropriate connection and gaining background information on colleagues. In today's global, mobile society, having access to a company's staff directory can improve the little things.

Find the lesser-known links in your organization

Dotted-line reporting and cross-departmental tasks are commonplace in today's businesses. A company's personnel directory should reflect the importance of these connections and the complexity of the relationships inside the organization. 

An employee directory is a great way to show your staff that you care about them as people in addition to their job responsibilities.

Smart search feature

Most employment directories only go so far as to allow for a name search. From a large pool of searchable data properties to a user-friendly interface with predictive typing and instant results. 

Can you locate Philadelphia's facilities manager quickly? A quick look through the company directory can provide you with useful information.

Employee profiles

The company's employee directory should provide relevant information about employees' roles, qualifications, and hobbies. Staff members are interested in learning more about their coworkers in terms of their personal lives and roles within the company. These vital pieces of information can be found in a current staff directory.

Up-to-date information about employees

When using this device daily, it's important that all of your contact and personal details are correct. Integrating your employee directory in real time with enterprise tools like HR and IT systems is the best method to adapt to the ever-evolving nature of today's workforce. A state-of-the-art staff directory should easily integrate with existing IT infrastructure.

How can you pick the best employee directory software for your company?

How can you pick the best employee directory software for your company?​

The employee directory will be your go-to for quick and easy access to company personnel details. Selecting the best software for your company may be done by following these steps.

Determine your specific needs

Think about why you need an employee directory in the first place. You don't have to worry about all the bells and whistles if you're just after the basics, like a name and contact details.

On the contrary, if you aim to establish a communal working atmosphere, you should consider personalization options, communication tools, and other elements.

Check out different software

Once you have a clear idea of what you need, you can investigate your options. Find a service with all the bells and whistles you need, and put the user experience first.

It is imperative that you choose a user-friendly alternative that won't require substantial training, as this will be the primary source of information for all of your staff.

Select the right software for your company

Select the most appropriate software for your company's personnel directory after carefully considering your demands. Use any available demos or free trials to ensure the program meets your and your company's needs.

Otherwise, use your best judgment to select the employee directory software that seems suitable for your organization.


The most useful software for maintaining an employee directory will compile all relevant data about each worker into a single, searchable database. Employees that take pride in their work and organization can feel more connected to the latter thanks to editable profiles. By using an employee directory system, your company will be able to facilitate better cross-departmental communication and smoother onboarding for new hires.

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