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5 Signs your company needs an employee experience intranet ASAP

5 Signs your company needs an employee experience intranet ASAP
5 Signs your company needs an employee experience intranet ASAP
Employee experience management is broadening HR to encompass all of the touchpoints on the employee journey. What it can do for your company?
5 Signs your company needs an employee experience intranet ASAP
5 Signs your company needs an employee experience intranet ASAP

Where does your firm rank on employee satisfaction? If you don't, now is the time to begin learning about it. The new fight for organizations is delivering an exceptional employee experience.

An Employee Experience Platform is a software platform that enables organizations to take complete control of the look, feel, and interactions a person will have while using your systems

Everything an employee feels at work—their contacts with their employer, their software, their teams and more—is referred to as an employee's experience. An employee's whole experience at a firm is considered when using the word.

Here are the reasons why you need an employee experience intranet

Here are the reasons why you need an employee experience intranet

This is a good opportunity to step back and examine what precisely an employee experience intranet is and why companies are leaning towards it to manage new difficulties, as the notion grows prominence. In light of our six-year track record of delivering industry-leading employee experience solutions, we thought it would be useful to share our thoughts on the most critical components of an employee experience platform and the key features that distinguish it from more traditional intranet technologies.

#1.Cross-platform experiences that can be enjoyed at any time and from any location  

The employee experience intranet, as a tool for delivering a consumer-grade experience to employees, must be able to offer experiences across many devices. To ensure that every interaction is as efficient as possible, these experiences should be device-specific.

The employee experience intranet's primary function is to bring all employees together in a single digital place. As a result, the mobile intranet software must perform just as effectively for front-line workers as it does for traditional desk-based users. Ideally, your employee experience intranet will function as a headless CMS that allows you to provide consistent digital experiences on any device, including digital signage boards. Your employee experience intranet should be mobile responsive at a minimum. When evaluating employee experience intranet suppliers, you should keep an eye out for branded mobile applications and customized mobile experiences.

#2.Seamless integrations 

For workers, finding and using the resources they need can take up a lot of time as the digital world becomes more complicated. To avoid this, the employee experience intranet provides one point of access to all of an organization's software and data so that no data silos may emerge in the disjointed environment.

The employee experience intranet takes a one-pane-of-glass method. There are various applications and tools that workers use at work, and the employee experience intranet is able to create a consistent layer of experience for them to engage with them. In addition to improving efficiency, this also ensures a more pleasing digital experience by ensuring uniform branding across all of your products.

#3.An all-encompassing approach to knowledge management

The methods through which humans gather information and use technology have evolved. We've come to anticipate a Google-like experience from every program and website we use these days. Type in keywords and get instant results without having to go through information is what we're looking for.

As a result of this shift in expectations, an employee experience intranet must provide a sophisticated search experience that is both easy to use and a single source of truth. It is imperative that your employee experience intranet be able to seamlessly interact with all of your other knowledge management systems in order to do this.

#3.Social benefits

Intranet social encounters have been around for a while, but the employee experience intranet elevates them to a new level. In addition to allowing users to interact with material, social aspects in an employee experience intranet help them take action on what they learn. An employee experience intranet differs from a social intranet in that it may more precisely simulate the spontaneous flow of ideas that would have occurred in the workplace and transfer it to a digital area where humans employ technology to enhance their talents.

The employee experience intranet is a location where employees may create a digital identity and increase their visibility inside the company. Employees may start to build digital networks and internal communities that go beyond physical borders with the help of rich user profiles and dynamic persons directories. Even if hi-fives in person aren't possible, you may still show your thanks through gamified rewards and recognition.

#4.Top-notch communication experience

Achieving effective communication in the office may be a challenge, much more so in the digital age. With more information being provided, how can we guarantee that it is engaging our staff and not overloading them? In our daily lives, we have gotten accustomed to highly relevant, multimedia communications that arrive at the right time for us to respond. Employee experience intranet enhances employee satisfaction in this way.

By enhancing internal communications and integrating consumer technological advancements to the office, the employee experience intranet is tasked with resolving employee engagement issues. Users should be able to interact with the employee experience intranet across a variety of media and touchpoints, delivering a consistent message and providing them with a variety of alternatives for doing so. If you want to make sure your experiences are as relevant as possible, you'll want to seek for advanced targeting and customization options that are compatible with a wide range of devices.

Why the employee satisfaction is under the limelight?

Why the employee satisfaction is under the limelight?

As a result of COVID-19 and the shift to remote work, attitudes regarding employee experience and the importance of technology in enhancing it have changed. Many firms' digital offerings in 2020 demonstrated significant gaps in terms of developing ways to remotely manage culture and engagement. In order to thrive in the digital age of work, companies must explore for new methods to connect, engage, and inspire their employees through workplace technology rather of relying on one-way communication.

More importantly, due to the outbreak, we now have a window of opportunity to reevaluate how we do business and accelerate the digital transformation of all types of enterprises. Human connection and keeping people at the core are more important than ever as technology continues to transform our workplaces, not only how we work. With a platform devoted to employee engagement and assistance, businesses will be able to address a wide range of new concerns.

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