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Work From Home Bingo – UPDATED 2021 – Virtual Team Building Bingo

Work From Home Bingo – UPDATED 2021 – Virtual Team Building Bingo
Work From Home Bingo – UPDATED 2021 – Virtual Team Building Bingo
Remote Work Bingo is a fun game you can play with remote workers to increase engagement. Here are some Virtual Team Building Bingo ideas.
Work From Home Bingo – UPDATED 2021 – Virtual Team Building Bingo
Work From Home Bingo – UPDATED 2021 – Virtual Team Building Bingo

The global pandemic has changed the way things used to work; nothing has remained the same. A large number of people have started working from home all of a sudden. But when you don't have the office environment around, it can be tough to stay motivated. Without the right habits, work from home can exhaust you as you work too much without taking the much-needed break.

Companies can introduce some games and activities to add some fun to the employee WFH experience while improving the interaction between employees working from different locations. Team-building activities like Bingo can help team members get along with each other, improving the overall productivity of the department. 

Work From Home Bingo – A Complete Guide 

There are several games and activities remote employees can engage in to gamify their work from home experience and stay focused and motivated. Work from Home Bingo is one such interesting game that not only improves the interaction between members of a department or organization but also makes it easy to stay healthy and productive.

Any company would want to ensure good working relations between team members. Team-building activities are one effective way to make this possible. When people work in the office, this can be accomplished with retreats, seminars, and parties. But as most organizations have presently adopted remote work environments, this is not possible.

As employees are left with their own devices, there is little chance they get along with one another on their own. This is where games like work from home Bingo prove to be useful for organizations. It is an amazing virtual team building activity that can be enjoyed as breaks during remote work. It is a fun and simple ice breaker to engage team members in healthy competition. 

Virtual Team Building Bingo – How To Play? 

Virtual Team Building Bingo – How To Play?

Team building is critical for any company to be able to work smoothly and efficiently. Team building activities are one of the best ways companies can promote good relations between team members working remotely from their homes. Virtual team building bingo is a fun game remote employees can enjoy during their regular work from home routine.

To play this game, you should create and share the virtual team building bingo with the remote employees. Then, fix a timeline for the game ranging from a video call to up to a week or month. Whenever a player acquires information from his co-worker as mentioned on the board, he gets a point.

Let the members track their performance by marking each box as they complete the tasks. The first player who completes a row or the entire board can be rewarded. There are several online boards available for team building bingo, some even let you customize it for your team. You can alternatively consider creating your own board.

Bingo For Remote Employees – Getting Started 

Remote work Bingo is an exciting game you can play with other remote co-workers to improve interaction. It is a great way companies can keep their employees engaged and motivated as they work from remote locations away from one another. As people are familiar with the classic game of Bingo, it is easy to start the online game without too much confusion.

To play online Bingo, you need a virtual bingo board that contains a number of events or actions. You can either create your own board or download samples and templates online. Share the board with your remote employees and start playing the game. Here are the rules for playing Bingo virtually.

  • -Decide on a timeline that could range from one day to up to a month.
  • -Let each member track performance over time and mark 'x' on the box as they complete the task.
  • -Give prizes for completing a row, two rows, and other configurations on the board.

You can always introduce new ideas to keep the game interesting. If you feel the normal bingo game gets boring over time, you can try changing the rules. You can also alter the game style by simply changing the arrangement of the 'BINGO' at the top of the board. 

Bingo Game Ideas for Work

Bingo is an excellent team building activity that suits remote workers because it creates a strong bond and communication between team members who would otherwise indulge in no interaction in the absence of an office environment. As everybody is going through a time of uncertainty, marking a spot on the bingo board reiterates that everyone sails in the same boat.

Bingo is a quick game that everybody knows and enjoys and it is easy to manage as well. It can also be extended for long periods like a month by keeping it interesting and exciting with new ideas and actions. Here are some bingo game ideas that work for WFH.

  • -Getting out of the bed
  • -Doing chores in the break
  • -Dressing up only half for a meeting
  • -Every time somebody says 'can everyone see my screen?'
  • -Wearing pajama for a video meeting
  • -Having a meeting disturbed by a family member or pet
  • -Doing chair yoga
  • -Taking a typing speed test
  • -Sending a gift to a co-worker
  • -Eating virtual lunch with work friends
  • -Planning a matching outfit with a teammate

You can make the game more interesting by introducing prizes for winners and forfeits for those who lose. Sending these rewards can be difficult in the current scenario, so you can try some fun alternatives instead. For example, a loser can be asked to do a dare, tell a joke, or sing a song in the meeting. The winner can be awarded virtual prizes like an hour of delayed starting time, creating the next bingo board, and others. 

Team Building Bingo Templates

Virtual bingo is an effective game you can introduce among remote employees for team building and interaction. It is extremely easy to play this game with your employees over the internet with a large number of templates available. These bingo templates are specifically designed to suit teams of organizations working from home and save you from the effort of having to create your bingo board yourself.

These team building bingo templates are easy to distribute to your colleagues and employees. You can simply download the template to your computer or copy and send the URL to your team members. They can be used for video conference calls or team building sessions. The template consists of a board with activities curated for members working from home. Some of these templates are also customizable by adding custom references to team members, jokes, and other items.

Team building activities like work from home Bingo are great for any organization as they give a chance to know each other, socialize and get along. Your team members not only enjoy some fun time during the work with this game but also learn to work together, boosting the performance of the team as a whole. 

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