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Why You Should Consider AgilityPortal for Boosting Employee Efficiency Instead of SharePoint

Why You Should Consider AgilityPortal for Boosting Employee Efficiency Instead of SharePoint
Why You Should Consider AgilityPortal for Boosting Employee Efficiency Instead of SharePoint
This article will explore four primary reasons why businesses don't favor Microsoft SharePoint.
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Why You Should Consider AgilityPortal for Boosting Employee Efficiency Instead of SharePoint
Why You Should Consider AgilityPortal for Boosting Employee Efficiency Instead of SharePoint
SharePoint, a commonly chosen platform for business collaboration and document management, may not be the optimal choice as it's often perceived. In this discourse, we will delve into significant factors illustrating why steering clear of SharePoint might be wise.

Although SharePoint has undergone a cloud-based transformation, it remains rooted in legacy paradigms, lacking a contemporary user experience. Its implementation and upkeep are intricate, burdened with superfluous features irrelevant to most enterprises, culminating in unwarranted expenditures compared to alternative solutions.

In numerous instances, SharePoint falls short of encompassing the essential facets of a modern intranet. In response, Microsoft redirects patrons to alternative tools like OneDrive or Teams, causing a disparity inconsistent with the SharePoint environment. Consequently, this divergence can fracture the cohesive employee experience.

Renowned for its formidable resistance to customization and maintenance, SharePoint presents an uphill struggle for enterprises aiming to extract maximum value from their investment. Oftentimes, this endeavor necessitates a heightened allocation of resources to effectively manage the platform.

Explore these some significant factors advocating for your move away from SharePoint in favor of a contemporary intranet solution such as AgilityPortal: 

7 Reasons why you shold avoid Sharepoint

#1.Complex User Interface

One of the primary reasons for the dissatisfaction with SharePoint is its complex user interface. 

Navigating through the platform can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. The abundance of features and options can lead to confusion, making it difficult to perform even simple tasks. 

The steep learning curve associated with SharePoint can frustrate users, ultimately leading to a negative perception of the platform.

#2.High Implementation and Maintenance Costs

While SharePoint offers a range of capabilities, it often comes at a significant cost. 

The initial implementation expenses, including licensing, infrastructure setup, and customization, can be substantial. Additionally, ongoing maintenance costs can quickly add up, straining the budgets of businesses, especially smaller ones. 

This financial burden can make SharePoint less appealing to those seeking cost-effective solutions. 

#3.Limited Customization Options

SharePoint does provide some level of customization, but it's often limited in scope. Many organizations require tailored solutions that align with their specific processes and branding. 

However, SharePoint's customization options can be restrictive, leading to compromises in functionality and aesthetics. 

This lack of flexibility can discourage businesses looking for platforms that can adapt seamlessly to their unique requirements. 

#4.Integration Challenges with Third-Party Tools

In today's interconnected digital landscape, seamless integration with third-party tools is crucial. 

However, SharePoint's compatibility with external applications can be problematic. 

Businesses often rely on a diverse range of software for various tasks, and when SharePoint doesn't integrate smoothly with these tools, productivity can suffer. 

This friction can lead to frustration and prompt businesses to explore alternatives.

#5.Security and Compliance Concerns

Data security and compliance are paramount for organizations, particularly in industries like healthcare and finance. 

SharePoint has faced criticism for its perceived shortcomings in these areas. While the platform offers security features, configuring them correctly requires expertise. 

If not implemented properly, data breaches and compliance violations can occur, eroding trust in the platform's capabilities.

#6.Hard to find stuff in SharePoint

Locating shared content within SharePoint shouldn't pose a challenge. However, we've engaged with clients who've expressed frustration over their difficulty in finding information stored within SharePoint. 

SharePoint employs robust search capabilities along with metadata, taxonomy, and organized library storage to bring forth content from its repositories. When users encounter problems in discovering stored content within SharePoint, their patience can wear thin, leading to hindered adoption.

We are poised to enhance your organization's user experience by delving into the root causes of users' struggles with locating information in SharePoint. Issues with permissions, security settings, and file metadata could be contributing factors. 

Fortunately, this is an obstacle that organizations can surmount. Many deploy SharePoint without a comprehensive grasp of permissions, metadata usage, and information architecture, resulting in these challenges. 

Leveraging our expertise and experience, we can assist your organization in enhancing the discoverability of crucial content.  You might want to explore an option that offers a search capability that is both uncomplicated and swift, yet highly efficient like AgilityPortal.

#7.SharePoint is not the best place for documents

SharePoint is intentionally designed not as a Document Management System (DMS), but rather as a potent collaboration platform equipped with robust business intelligence capabilities.

Its remarkable adaptability allows it to align with your organization's specific requirements. Yet, this flexibility does have its trade-offs. SharePoint lacks built-in features explicitly tailored for document management, particularly in terms of document control capabilities – a topic we will delve into further.

Should you decide to utilize SharePoint, you will need to craft these functionalities through custom applications or third-party tools. Often, this entails enlisting developers or consultants, leading to additional expenses.

In essence, SharePoint excels at housing your company's documents. 

Nonetheless, if your operations fall within a closely regulated sector and necessitate more comprehensive functionalities to efficiently capture, manage, share, and safeguard documents beyond SharePoint's inherent offerings, it would be prudent to explore alternative solutions. 

Why You Should Switch To AgilityPortal

Exploring the benefits of AgilityPortal for your business is a strategic move. AgilityPortal stands as a contemporary digital workplace solution, encompassing five comprehensive areas: Employee communications, collaborative workspaces, content management, learning tools, and operational functionalities.

By embracing AgilityPortal, your organization can overcome the common challenges that often impede user adoption within SharePoint. Our platform's user-centric approach simplifies implementation, presents an intuitive user interface, and extends robust customization capabilities, leading to heightened rates of user acceptance and engagement.

One standout feature of AgilityPortal is its modern and visually captivating user interface, ensuring a seamless and instinctive experience for all users, even catering to those less familiar with technology.

In contrast to SharePoint, which can burden businesses with steep licensing and maintenance expenses, AgilityPortal offers cost-effective pricing plans designed to align with your budget, all while delivering uncompromised features and top-notch quality.

#1.Great for connecting & Engage Your Employees

AgilityPortal offers a cost-effective solution that encompasses an expansive array of features without straining your budget. Unlike SharePoint, there are no concealed expenses tied to AgilityPortal, and you won't find yourself dependent on third-party utilities. 

By opting for AgilityPortal, you can curtail the expenses associated with your technology infrastructure while ensuring a smooth digital workplace encounter.

Moreover, AgilityPortal is designed with a mobile-first approach, guaranteeing a consistent digital employee experience for both your frontline and office-based staff.

#2.A User-Friendly Mobile Platform

 AgilityPortal stands as an intuitive and user-friendly platform. Its straightforwardness eradicates the learning curve obstacles often linked with SharePoint. 

AgilityPortal offers a social-media-inspired interface, enabling users to grasp the platform instantly and harness its capabilities effectively. 

As an organization, you can rest assured that your employees are actively utilizing the platform to enhance their daily work experiences.

#3.Better user Experience

AgilityPortal surpasses the conventional intranet features found in outdated tools. It provides an all-encompassing solution enriched with a diverse array of advanced functionalities. 

Our platform effortlessly merges employee engagement, task coordination, team collaborative hubs, and more, elevating your organization's efficiency and collaborative potential.

Crucially, AgilityPortal ensures a uniform experience for both office-based and remote workers. 

Whether accessed from a computer or a mobile device, employees can readily access essential information, collaborate seamlessly with peers, and stay up-to-date with company-wide developments. 


Is SharePoint suitable for small businesses?

The significant expenses associated with implementing and upkeeping SharePoint can discourage small businesses operating on tight budgets. AgilityPortal's intranet, on the other hand, offers an ideal solution for small enterprises due to its reasonable costs. 

Additionally, it provides equivalent features as SharePoint and even more functionalities to effectively involve frontline workers.

Can I customize the look and feel of my SharePoint site?

While SharePoint does offer some degree of customization, its options are frequently restricted, and making substantial modifications can be difficult to execute. 

In contrast, Agilityportal presents a range of benefits, particularly in terms of customization flexibility. This platform empowers users to make comprehensive changes with greater ease and efficiency, setting it apart from SharePoint's limitations.

How does SharePoint's security compare to other platforms?

SharePoint provides security features; however, ensuring data protection requires careful implementation. Some alternative platforms might offer more straightforward security solutions. 

In contrast, Agilityportal stands out due to its effortless setup, supported by a three-day free onboarding project managed by experts. 

This ensures that the platform is configured to effectively bolster your workflow.

Can SharePoint integrate with popular project management tools?

Integrating SharePoint with third-party tools can pose difficulties, potentially impacting its compatibility with widely used project management software. On the other hand, Agilityportal boasts its own integrated project management tool, a favorite among our clients. 

This tool encompasses various functionalities such as budget management, task tracking, workload distribution, and much more, streamlining project management processes.

What alternatives are there to SharePoint for collaboration and content management?

In the realm of business tools, a variety of options beckon, ranging from Google Workspace and Slack to AgilityPortal and assorted cloud-based collaboration platforms. 

Each of these alternatives carries its unique advantages and limitations, making the choice a pivotal one for enterprises seeking an optimal solution.

Why should businesses opt for AgilityPortal? 

This platform stands out due to its integrated suite of features, designed to streamline diverse aspects of operations. 

From seamless project management and efficient communication to robust data security and effortless customization, AgilityPortal offers a comprehensive package tailored to enhance productivity and collaboration. 

Its user-friendly interface and dedicated customer support further amplify its appeal, making AgilityPortal a compelling choice for businesses striving to elevate their efficiency and effectiveness in today's competitive landscape.

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