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Employee First Digital Workplace App for Your Workplace

Employee First Digital Workplace App for Your Workplace
Employee First Digital Workplace App for Your Workplace
Getting the best Digital Workplace Software for your business is now fast and easy! On our site. Through our site we have helped thousands of companies using our Digital Workplace Software but in case you didn't know here's what a Digital workplace app is.
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Employee First Digital Workplace App for Your Workplace
Employee First Digital Workplace App for Your Workplace

The digital workplace mobile app is popular, but is it an afterthought or an integral part of your digital transformation strategy? We examine how a strong focus on a mobile digital workplace might aid in the resolution of challenges such as employee experience, remote working, and internal communications.

According to a report, we may all need to reconsider our digital workplace strategies. Around the world, 80 percent of workers do not have a workstation. This situation emphasizes the need of adopting a mobile-first strategy. According to the same survey, 94 percent of businesses are investing in mobile solutions to boost productivity, improve employee experience, and save expenses. Meanwhile, according to a Mobility Report, 63% of global organizations consider mobility to be the most important aspect contributing to competitive advantage, and more than seven out of ten consider it a key priority. A digital workplace mobile app isn't a frill, a bonus feature, or something to put off. It is necessary.

Not All Apps Are Created Equal

It's vital to understand that when we say "mobility," we don't necessarily mean "apps for cellphones." Other mobile devices include phablets and tablets, as well as any other device having a touchscreen interface and a digital or physical keyboard that you can easily hold in your hand.

Native or hybrid mobile apps are available, and there is some debate about which provides more value. Native apps are created specifically for a platform, such as iOS, to take advantage of the platform's and device's particular characteristics. They're available through the platform's store, which is similar to the App Store. Hybrid apps, on the other hand, are designed for cross-platform capability and are more comparable to web apps at their core. If your employees are more likely to have iPhones, then a native app may be the best option for them.

We should also emphasize the strategic distinctions between offering a single digital workplace mobile app against numerous company mobile apps. From HR queries to timesheets and training apps, there are a plethora of business apps to choose from, each with its unique set of features. The main flaw with this method is that it lacks consistency, resulting in jarring user experiences that disrupt your everyday routine. This disjointed approach necessitates additional learning time and makes mass adoption less desirable.

The advantages of having a single digital workplace mobile app are discussed below.

The Focus of a Digital Workplace Mobile App is on The Employee Experience. 


According to new data, 60% of millennials are open to new work prospects. The truth is that a positive employee experience is critical to retaining top talent. Employees nowadays expect to utilize the software and gadgets that they are most familiar with, on their own time and in their own surroundings. They don't really want to spend each day in the office, even if they have a desk job.

The global marketplace now offers more opportunities than ever before, which is excellent for tearing down barriers and increasing equality, but it may also be difficult. An international workforce, for example, will have varying availability due to the fact that they will not all be working in the same time zone, which makes onboarding difficult.

Your HR staff can build personalized onboarding experiences for every device with a mobile digital workplace, making onboarding simple, relevant, and intuitive for all of your employees. Your HR department can produce creative training materials and publish them via a digital workplace mobile app, or they can organize training seminars and add them to their calendar.

An enhanced social capability, offered through a digital workplace mobile app, can allow your employees to stay connected no matter where they are while also fostering a feeling of community. Colleagues can contribute helpful hints, local information, or feedback requests to posts. These articles can be shared and translated into any language, just like on major consumer social networks, so that everyone is up to speed. 

With A Digital Workplace Mobile App, Your Employees Can Work on the Go

According to a survey, remote working has increased by 44 percent in the last five years and by 91 percent in the preceding ten years, and it's just going to get bigger. Facilitating remote working isn't a nice-to-have in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic; it's a must. Your staff will be connected, informed, and have access to the resources they need to perform work via remote access.

Integrations to popular software and applications will be available in a powerful digital workplace mobile app. This one pane of glass approach ensures that no matter what their position is, any department in your company can continue to work on the move, on their digital workplace mobile app. Your sales teams, for example, can monitor the status of their leads to find hot leads or contacts, and your marketing managers can examine the statistics of their most recent campaigns and make adjustments as needed.

A powerful mobile search experience is critical to increasing productivity. Your employees can use an enterprise-wide search capability to find all of their documents in one place or search their person directory to identify colleagues with similar interests. With data privacy being such a major concern for anyone trying to work on the go, a mobile digital workplace with strict security measures is required so that your employees can simply adjust access privileges as needed.

Keep Up With The Times With A Communication-Focused Digital Workplace App

Your news gets straight to your user's pocket with a digital workplace mobile app. This strategy is very effective for reaching out to diskless teams or your frontline employees. Everyone has become accustomed to checking the news on their telephones. Americans check their mobile phones 96 times every day on average, or once every 10 minutes. They monitor social media, news sites, and instant messaging because they need to stay in touch with family, friends, work, and the media.

A digital workplace mobile app's ability to set up alerts and push notifications ensures that your staff is never in the dark. This is especially useful in situations involving crisis management. It's also a good idea to remind them that there's some great new stuff they might have missed while at work, which is ideal for the daily commute and waiting on the train platform.

The capacity to tailor and personalize content for diverse audiences and devices is a feature of a feature-rich digital workplace platform. With this feature, you may develop mobile-only content and target it to the people that will benefit the most, such as teams who may only be available on their cellphones and would otherwise lose out. You might even base your content strategy on location and requirements to ensure that you cover all digital touchpoints.

Are you looking to implement leading digital workplace mobile app experiences? We are here to help.

If you would like a demo on AgilityPortal's mobile digital workplace app, our team of experts would be happy to help. Contact us to get started.

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