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Effective Implementation of Project Management Tools for Remote Project Success

Effective Implementation of Project Management Tools for Remote Project Success
Effective Implementation of Project Management Tools for Remote Project Success
If you're interested in learning how to effectively implement project management tools for successful remote projects, continue reading.
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Effective Implementation of Project Management Tools for Remote Project Success
Effective Implementation of Project Management Tools for Remote Project Success

Suppose your organization's business uses something other than project management for remote management. In that case, this will lead to the unsuccessful creation of the products, and successful implementation will not occur. 

Remote management allows you to control the workflow and avoid unexpected financial costs. Introducing practical tools will contribute to the successful development and entry of products into the market.  

Definition of project management and reasons for its implementation

Project management is a set of tools for remote planning and regulation of various work processes and monitoring financial and human resources. 

We list the main aspects of regulation:

  • Systematization – All assigned tasks are in a single system, so finding the necessary documents and list functions is much easier.
  • Performance – Thanks to the availability of special tools, the efficiency of the group's work is significantly increased: convenient control of work moments and resource costs is ensured, and each specialist is concentrated on specific tasks.
  • Efficiency – a systematic approach to product development management contributes to practical results and completion of development on time.

The person responsible for successful implementation is the leading project manager, overseeing employees' work from planning to release. He is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and monitoring results at each stage of product creation.

5 main factors make the implementation of project management mandatory:

  1. A group of specialists does not meet the assigned deadlines;
  2. During development, requirements constantly changed: budget size, deadlines, necessary human resources;
  3. There is no reporting that provides a complete understanding of the work process;
  4. Ineffective communication between employees;
  5. The assigned tasks are not concentrated in one system but are dispersed; because of this, there is no understanding at what stage the tasks are being completed.

If you keep them in mind, you will be able to achieve success in this task.

How do you switch to remote project management?

Currently, two classical methods for regulating product creation are Waterfall and Agile.

Waterfall is a cascade principle (classical), an apparent sequence of specific actions in development. The stated requirements are presented one after another in the form of a created system of blocks. In addition, there is a graph displaying the name of the task and the deadline for its completion. 

This technique is losing popularity because modern development principles are subject to systematic adjustments, and flexibility in controlling work is required. This methodology does not provide for breaks in work for possible adjustments, which negatively affects the quality and timing of implementation.

Agile – This modern methodology monitors work processes and continuous feedback loops. 

It provides flexibility to regulate at various stages of work and implement strategies to improve efficiency and minimize risks through the integration of production requirements and interactive interaction of the development team. Adjustments are made painlessly and do not affect performance.

Tools for flexible work regulation

​ When the organization has decided on the implementation methodology, selecting a unified control system, the epicenter for managing and solving all problems, ensuring communications within the development group, and controlling resources is necessary. 

Each plan includes tools that allow you to achieve your goals effectively. You can search for them individually or download the corresponding software containing everything you need. 

Asana consulting can be very useful for people who want to organize their company's work remotely in a more simple, logical, and productive way.

Task tracking

When you're working on a large order, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of how much work has already been done and what still lies ahead (this is especially difficult if a large team is working on one project). 

In this case, task tracker will be very useful. With this, you can describe in detail, step by step, all the tasks of each employee and monitor their implementation. 

This way, you won't lose out on even the smallest, insignificant task at the very beginning of a project that could turn into a huge problem at the end.  

Task tracking ​

The main task of a task tracker is to help the employee and manager understand exactly which tasks should be solved in what sequence and how effectively the specialist copes with their work.


This tool is also effective for managing remote projects and is classified as visual. 

Let's list what is displayed in the Calendar:

  • List of unfinished and completed tasks;
  • Assignments indicating the roles of specialists: responsible, author, and subscriber;
  • A list of all tasks for developers;
  • Tasks indicating execution status;
  • Assignments with deadlines;
  • Priority list of goals.

​ You can also quickly create new tasks in the Calendar – To do this, you need to specify the start date of execution and enter information about the launched mission. Thanks to the Calendar, there is no need to remember all running processes and assigned deadlines.

Time tracking

Thanks to this tool, it is possible to record the time spent by specialists involved in creating products. Time tracking displays the workload of the development team, a transparent report. In addition, the specialist can convincingly argue for an increase in funding if the actual costs do not coincide with the real ones.

Using Time Tracking, it is possible to adjust financial costs. This flexibility in the product creation process allows resource overuse to be detected early.


Today there are a huge number of instant messengers that are ideal for informal communication, but what should you choose for remote work? 

As a rule, most companies prefer email, but this solution is also not always effective, especially if you want to hold a video conference or talk to a specialist from another country by phone, so as not to waste a lot of time on correspondence and make sure that they understood the task correctly.  

Reasons for using tools in management

 Most organizations use various tools to manage their workflows. It is because the devices have many advantages that allow you to control the entire work process as conveniently and efficiently as possible.

Let us list the main reasons for using tools in management:

  • Planning and systematization of work processes;
  • Provide flexibility when adjustments occur;
  • Transparent display of assigned tasks;
  • Control of resources in the process of work;
  • Effective load distribution between development participants;
  • Ensuring fast communications;
  • Increasing work efficiency;
  • Ability to generate reports at any stage.

All these advantages allow companies to create high-quality products and deliver timely sales. 

If an organization strives to have a highly productive development team and timely completion of set goals, then all this is possible by implementing practical project management tools.

Wrapping up 

There are a huge number of reasons for using tools in management. With their help, you can simplify communication within a team that works remotely, monitor how well employees are doing their work, make reports more truthfully for clients, and generally better organize the work process. 

The main task of such tools is to help the manager avoid chaos and organize work within the team as efficiently as possible and monitor the implementation of assigned tasks.

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