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9 Ways to Design Eye‑Catching Marketing Emails

9 Ways to Design Eye‑Catching Marketing Emails
Designing an eye-catching marketing email is tough - when you lack the necessary tools.
Designing an eye-catching marketing email is tough - when you lack the necessary tools.
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9 Ways to Design Eye‑Catching Marketing Emails
Designing an eye-catching marketing email is tough - when you lack the necessary tools.

Designing an eye-catching marketing email is tough - when you lack the necessary tools.

Despite how easy it is to write an email, email marketing is more tricky than one may think. The chances of an email being seen and read when sent out aren't certain. It's frustrating when you put in work marketing an email, sending it out, and not getting customer feedback. Imagine losing your primary subscribers or having more people than less hit the unsubscribe button.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching and engaging customers. Reaching out to customers and building your brand is one goal of every email. When marketing emails, the emphasis should be on how the email looks and not necessarily on what it says. Many people focus so much on the content of an email that they often overlook the implication of design. But design is the epicenter of an email campaign. Studies show that 80% of subscribers delete an email instantly if it doesn't appeal to them at first glance.   Recognizing the pivotal role of design is a core principle of email marketing essentials, ensuring your messages not only communicate effectively but also captivate your audience visually

Generally, email marketing design is about the actual appearance of your emails more than the content. Hence, this article will show ways to create designs to keep your audience glued to your emails. Keep reading! 

9 ways to design eye‑catching emails

9 ways to design eye‑catching emails

Billions of emails are sent across the world daily, yet many of these emails are left unread or at worse – unopened. They may get into the spam folder, be deleted, or be completely ignored, this is why a well-designed email is essential to initiate attention and conversions.

Here are a few ways to design an eye-catching email that should grab your customers' attention. 

#1.Utilize Constant Contact alternatives

If you are looking for pre-designed email templates, and desire solid customer support, then Constant Contact is the perfect email marketing platform to consider. Or maybe not.

There are more than a handful of Constant Contact alternatives to give users the ultimate email marketing experience. 

As good and powerful as Constant Contact is, its platform has a couple of flaws that are too worrisome to ignore. 

Constant Contact, for example, offers a wide range of services overall. However, their email automation is below average. 

Users need help to create their emails, and their choices are very restricted. As a result, several Constant Contact rivals also excel in marketing automation. 

#2.Present a good Subject line

Present a good Subject line

If you want your emails to catch readers' attention, Then you must ensure you begin with a catchy subject line. The first thing readers see when they open their email box is the subject line of your email. 

If that line doesn't catch their attention, your email is on the verge of going unread or even in danger of ending up in the trash. Your subject line should be simple and compelling. 

It should also be attention-grabbing and give the readers a glimpse of your email, even without reading the whole mail. 

No reader would scroll past an email with a unique subject line. 

Your subject line is your very first opportunity to grab people's attention, so always make sure your subject line is good and relevant to the body of the email before you send an email.  

#3.Personalize your emails

People don't want to feel like they're being bombarded, so try to add a personal touch to your emails. Your email should have some personal effect on the reader. Simply including customers' names rather than generic terms like "valued customer" or similar ones makes your email feel more personal. 

Personalization is the key to building real relationships and connections with your audience. 

A personalized email humanizes your brand, and your customer feels you care for them individually. 

#4.Keep your emails short, sweet, and simple

 Once you get your audience to open your email with a powerful subject line, keep them engaged with short but relevant content.

People have a lot of emails to handle daily or weekly, which means they don't have all the time to read through long emails. This practice may not be easy as you may want to incorporate every detail of information possible but then try to keep your emails clear, short, and concise. If not, you'll end up losing your readers' attention. You're to introduce the email's topic and tell the readers what they need to know about it.

When it comes to email marketing, concise emails are the most effective. Use an email structure that keeps paragraphs short and simple. 

You can decide to opt for around 50-125 words per email. You can also employ bulleted lists and subheads to counter blocks of text and make the email easy to scan.

#5.Include visual element 

Include visual element

It's essential to make your emails appealing and much easier to read. Having a wall of text alone can be discouraging. Including visual elements like graphics and videos is a great way to break up the text of an email.

On the other hand, remember that you don't want to overfill your emails with visual elements that can hamper readability. 

Keep it simple and spice things up a bit where necessary follow those tips.

  • Use images: Including high-quality images in your emails can help to break up text and make your content more visually appealing. Make sure to use images that are relevant to your content and that are optimized for email use.
  • Add videos: Videos are a great way to showcase your products or services, provide tutorials or demos, or add some personality to your emails. You can embed videos directly into your emails or include a link to a video hosted on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Use icons and graphics: Icons and graphics can help to highlight important information or add some visual interest to your emails. Make sure to use icons and graphics that are relevant to your content and that match your brand's visual style.
  • Include a header and footer: Including a header and footer in your emails can help to establish your brand identity and provide some visual consistency across your emails. Your header and footer can include your logo, contact information, and links to your website or social media profiles.
  • Use a responsive design: Make sure that your emails are designed to be responsive, meaning that they will look good and function well on all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This will ensure that your emails are easy to read and navigate, no matter where your subscribers are accessing them from.

There's no point in using excessive images. 

A single picture can convey a lot of messages to the reader. 

#6.Create a responsive design 

A responsive design means that your reader can view your email on any device without losing out on any information. Many people check their emails on their phones, while others use desktops. 

If your emails don't cut across all devices, then there's a high chance you're making it unnecessarily difficult for your subscribers. 

  • Improved user experience: Responsive design ensures that your website looks good and functions well on all devices, whether it's a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This provides a better user experience for your visitors, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.
  • Better SEO: Google and other search engines favor websites that are mobile-friendly and responsive. By using responsive design, you can improve your website's search engine rankings, which can lead to increased traffic and revenue.
  • Cost-effective:  responsive design allows you to create one email template that works well on all devices. This can save you time and money in the long run, as you won't need to maintain multiple websites or apps.
  • Future-proof: As new devices and screen sizes are introduced, responsive design ensures that your website will still look and function well on them. This future-proofs your emails and helps to ensure that it remains relevant and effective for years to come.
  • Increased conversion rates: Responsive design can lead to increased conversion rates, as visitors are more likely to engage with and make purchases from a website that is easy to use and looks good on their device.

So ensure your email is designed to simultaneously fit a phone or desktop screen. 

#7.End with an enticing call-to-action

When you are done sending your email, include a call to action that motivates the reader to take action. Call-to-action can be such that you encourage your readers to contact you for more information, to visit your store to check out a new product or sign up for whatever program you're offering. Although a call to action motivates readers to take action, you shouldn't be pushy with it. CTAs inform your readers on what to do next. It leaves your readers with links that propel them from the email to the desired platform you want them to be in.

Your call to action has a huge effect on your conversions. It should be clear, highlighted, and engaging enough for the audience to explore further. It should also be such that your reader sees the value they will get if they click on it. 

Once your email and graphics are eye-catching and obviously state the usefulness of your products or services, make sure your call-to-action leaves them with no option but to click and learn more. 

Your call to action should be enticing, compelling, and sound proactive. 

You can use action-oriented terminologies like "Buy Now!" or "Sign Up Today!"  

Here are our top 10 best call for action you can use today.

  • Sign up: This CTA asks visitors to sign up for a newsletter, service, or account on your website.
  • Buy now: This CTA encourages visitors to make a purchase immediately.
  • Learn more: This CTA directs visitors to a page where they can learn more about a product or service.
  • Download: This CTA asks visitors to download a resource, such as an ebook or white paper.
  • Contact us: This CTA encourages visitors to reach out to your company for more information or to start a conversation.
  • Subscribe: This CTA asks visitors to subscribe to a blog, podcast, or other ongoing content stream.
  • Register: This CTA asks visitors to register for an event or service.
  • Join us: This CTA encourages visitors to become part of your community or to participate in a movement.
  • Share: This CTA asks visitors to share your content or product with others through social media or other channels.
  • Donate: This CTA asks visitors to donate money to a cause or organization.

Remember, the most effective CTAs are clear, concise, and focused on the visitor's needs and desires.

#8.Include an unsubscribe button

An unsubscribe button is just as important as a call to action is for business emails,

It's necessary to include an unsubscribe button or link when you are sending business emails. This ensures that readers who are no longer interested stop receiving emails. 

Ensure that your unsubscribe link or button is easy for your subscribers to see.

Here are 5 reasons why you need an unsubscribe button on your website:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations: Many countries have laws that require businesses to include an unsubscribe link in marketing emails. Failing to comply with these laws can result in penalties and damage to your brand reputation.
  • Respect for subscribers: If a subscriber no longer wants to receive your emails, it's important to respect their wishes and allow them to easily unsubscribe. This helps prevent them from marking your emails as spam or blocking your messages, which can hurt your sender reputation and email deliverability.
  • Improved email engagement: If you have a large number of inactive or disengaged subscribers, it can hurt your email engagement metrics. By allowing subscribers to easily unsubscribe, you can ensure that you're only sending messages to those who are genuinely interested in your content.
  • Better understanding of audience preferences: When someone unsubscribes, you can use that information to learn more about their preferences and tailor your messaging accordingly. This can help you improve your email content and better meet the needs of your target audience.
  • Positive user experience: Allowing subscribers to easily unsubscribe from your emails can create a positive user experience and enhance your brand reputation. This can help build trust with your audience and increase the likelihood that they will engage with your business in the future.

It should be at the end of your email.

#9.Run A/B tests on your emails

 This is the last thing you want to do to ensure successful email marketing- A/B testing your emails. It lets you know what your audience wants and what they expect. A/B testing is also one-way you can get to know your audience well. 

That way, you can see whether they like your content or not.

To know your audience's preference, you should A/B test your emails. By doing so, you can know what works for your subscribers. 

Your findings can help you focus on delivering better content.

Straighten up your email marketing game

Your email designs are just as important as the content, this is why email marketing design is so important. The instant your email shows up in your reader's inbox, you want them to be compelled to click on it, even after just a glance. Even if your emails make it to readers' inboxes, people might not click those emails if they don't see a catchy subject line or something else that draws their attention.

With a good email design, you'll engage and interact with your audience more effectively, allowing you the opportunity for growth. Eye-catching emails produce greater ROI and many subscribers.

So, begin designing your emails while considering the steps we already reviewed.

In addition to an unsubscribe button, implementing email verification is crucial to maintaining a clean mailing list.

Do you have any more tips leave a comment below.

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