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7 Leaderboard templates for intranet dashboards - The 2021 edition

7 Leaderboard templates for intranet dashboards - The 2021 edition
7 Leaderboard templates for intranet dashboards - The 2021 edition
A leaderboard is intended to make use of human psychological variables that cause people to become competitive with one another, resulting in them displaying drive and a desire to learn and develop.
7 Leaderboard templates for intranet dashboards - The 2021 edition
7 Leaderboard templates for intranet dashboards - The 2021 edition

Many human resource experts and communication technology professionals find it difficult to increase employee engagement within the organizations. However, research shows that internal communication is critical for commercial success. Higher staff turnover rates, low morale, costly blunders, decreased productivity, fewer revenues, and unsuccessful projects have all been linked to low levels of employee engagement.

To increase employee engagement, numerous companies have introduced the concept of gamification to their workplaces. Gamification is a method of motivating team members to be more active in the workplace by including game-based features such as point-scoring, competitions, and prizes into engagement techniques.

It's intended to make use of human psychological variables that cause people to become competitive with one another, resulting in them displaying drive and a desire to learn and develop.

According to the 2019 Talent LMS' Gamification at Work Survey, gamification made 89 percent of employees feel more productive, while 88 percent stated it made them feel happier at work.

Gamification allows your employees to see how they compare to their colleagues when it comes to achieving goals in a fun way. It does it in real-time, rather than waiting until the yearly performance evaluation. They can participate in a transparent manner with measurable goals while also receiving input from senior management.

Importance of Leaderboards and Leaderboard templates

Importance of Leaderboards and Leaderboard templates

One of the most effective gaming tactics for motivating gamers to keep playing is to use leaderboards that list the top-performing players. Leaderboards in games have been demonstrated to boost player competitiveness in studies. When used in employee onboarding, leaderboards can inspire learners to increase their learning efficiency in order to ace the leaderboard.

To incorporate leaderboards into your intranet, it's critical to establish the particular criteria that will be used to evaluate performance fairly. For example, you may say that completing a training course will give the employee a certain number of points, whereas failing the exams will result in fewer points. It's also important to give your new hires a fair shot by excluding scores and rankings from old employees.

Competition gets more intense when employees know who they are competing against. It's worth mentioning that everyone learns at their own rate, so allowing staff to opt-out of the leaderboards is a good idea.

How to get leaderboard templates 

​ Leaderboards are a great way to track player or employee participation and involvement, as well as to foster a healthy competitive environment where the best performances are recognized. If this describes your organization, take a look at the free employee of the month templates, which are simple to customize. You can also include templates for sharing game results and designs for tournament announcements.

It is a simple leaderboard that shows the top three performers along with their scores.

​ It is an excellent leaderboard template with bright colors and customization options.

It is a simple yet elegant leaderboard template. Best to show top scorers in different categories.  

This leaderboard template has a clean and playful design.

It is a leaderboard template with a classic look.

It is an attractive leaderboard template with great customization capabilities.

It is a classy Leaderboard template that shows top scorers from today, month, and all time.

Customize your Leaderboard template

Posting result tables helps you to show how the results were obtained fast and effortlessly. It's critical to include not just the name of the team or employee but also an image and a highlighted metric (goals, points, time, etc.). Insert the necessary indicators in the case of a company: points, targets achieved, new clients, and so on. If it's a big organization, include the person's department or nation as well.

It's a good idea to include a celebratory quote for the victors, as well as an inspirational quote to stimulate other employees and help them catch up. Since the purpose of this format is to foster a welcoming environment for individuals to enhance their performance and see their improvement over time, giving positive comments to everyone is critical. Finally, don't forget to include your company's colors and logo.

You can also define micro-achievement game challenges involving objectives, milestones, races, and missions to make the entire program exciting and uncomplicated. With gamified goals and key performance indicators, you can create challenges, inspire your B teams, and reinforce a healthy competitive spirit. Set the environment for cooperation and peer learning through groups by creating a win-win situation for all teams.

Teams can see their standings and what they need to do to win in real-time with live contest leaderboards and projections. Keep your teams engaged by publicly recognizing victories, big and small. Everyone can see the action by projecting it on huge screens or mobiles.

You can use real-time contextual notifications and nudges to assist employees in achieving goals. Company news, new product releases, targets vs. achieved, schemes, peer discussions, knowledge exchange, rewards, and other customized triggers and alerts let you make the correct decisions at the appropriate time.

Bottom line 

Making sure that the worker can win is an important part of building a game. To do this, the game's design necessitates the participation of numerous individuals with backgrounds in behavioral, learning, and business. You must build a well-balanced environment that boosts productivity, efficiency, and personal development. If you overlook your employees' personal development, you will cause tension and repercussions.

Leaderboard templates can help you to decide what you need to show on the leaderboard. Highlighting the top performers and showing their rewards can boost the competitive spirit. Thus, selecting a Leaderboard template is crucial to your gamification strategy.

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