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16 Non-obvious benefits of intranet platforms

benefits of intranet platforms
16 Non-obvious benefits of intranet platforms
One of the advantages of intranets in business is they are designed to adapt and expand. As a secure cloud-based platform, intranets are built to scale and grow. What are the unforeseen benefits of intranet platforms?
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benefits of intranet platforms
16 Non-obvious benefits of intranet platforms

The days of intranets in the workplace are not yet finished. Internet-based tools and possibilities may have taken over most of the market, but an intranet's value to a company hasn't diminished despite this. Intranets aren't dead, and they're here to stay!

The good old days of setting up a company-wide intranet are making a comeback, and it's easy to see why. Within an enterprise, an intranet may be more effective than the Internet in all its grandeur.

It's almost clear that when individuals claim the intranet is out of style, they're talking to the incorrect type of intranet. They're probably envisioning something like an antiquated, dated, clumsy, and inconvenient intranet. When technology wasn't as advanced as it is now, this was the type of thing we all had to accept.

As a microcosm of the Internet with additional capabilities, today's intranets are very engaging, visually appealing, and easy to use. 

One-stop shops for all things digital, today's intranets are efficient content repositories and collaborative hubs.

#1.Improvement in employee engagement

Improvement in employee engagement

Around 70% of American workers, according to a Gallup poll, aren't actively involved in their work environments at the moment. A little improvement in recent years has made today's results even more worrisome. Disengagement generates disinterest and a sense of exclusion, and this is obvious.

#2.The ability to work more efficiently

Increased productivity is one of the most obvious advantages of having an intranet. Intranets are designed to meet the special demands of a company.

#3.Improved communication and cooperation among geographically dispersed workers

  A company's intranet is one of the most effective channels for fostering communication inside the firm. It facilitates the open and speedy interchange of ideas, the sharing of documents, and the simultaneous completion of tasks with your team members.

#4.Efficient change management communication  

You can use an intranet to easily exchange information and solicit input from others.

#5.Creating and maintaining a positive business culture  

Modern businesses require a dynamic, forward-thinking corporate culture. Your company's excellent corporate cultures may be fostered and reinforced with the aid of an intranet.

#6.Effective use of one's time

 The intranet's collection and concentration of data and resources will allow employees to do previously time-consuming tasks more quickly.

Simplified company procedures as a result of the exchange of critical information and policies

Employees that have a sense of ownership over the company's mission and vision are more likely to be committed to the company's goals. You may exchange information and teach your staff at the same time by using an intranet like AgilityPortal.

#7.Creativity and the production of new ideas

Many things, including thoughts, may be found on an intranet. As a result, it can aid in the development of new ideas.

#8.Unrestricted exchange of ideas and thoughts

​ Since there are no physical barriers to expressing ideas, the intranet provides a safe haven for employees to do so in an unrestricted manner.

#9.Protected knowledge management system

If your company doesn't have an intranet, you're leaving yourself vulnerable to rivals' prying eyes, which an intranet may help you guard against

#10.Boost employee communication  

If you want your employees to utilize your intranet, especially deskless workers without business email, you need a smooth user experience and accessibility.

#11.Streamline your organization's operations

It is impossible for data or documents to be lost due to human mistake when it is managed through an intranet.

#12.Keep a close eye on employee happiness and engagement

It's one thing to have a gut feeling that your staff are content, but until you have concrete evidence to back that up, you're just guessing.  

#13.Decrease the number of employees that quit their jobs  

We all know that a productive workforce is one that is content. According to Gallup data, employees who are "engaged and flourishing" have a 59% lower likelihood of looking for a new job in the next year, which means that a company can't afford a team with poor morale. Social hubs, where employees may discuss mutual interests and a timeline to commemorate one other's landmarks, birthdays, etc., can improve engagement with a multi-location or deskless workforce.

#14.Improvements in connectivity

​ There is an app or application to meet almost every demand that an employee could have at work. To enable the digital workplace, modern intranets bring them all together in a single area. Future-proofing your firm is vital if 76% of office workers don't want to return to work full-time following the epidemic.

#15.Knowledge sharing

  An intranet is the ideal tool for facilitating the exchange of information inside and across departments because of the centralized storage of documents and the chat functionality incorporated into social hubs. Experts and leaders in an organization become more visible through social hubs, making it simpler for the whole business to interact and establishing a funnel of information.

#16.Lessens the use of paper

​ Environmental sustainability is becoming a top priority for many businesses, as seen by the 44 percent of business owners polled by Lloyds Bank who believe it is critical to their company's future sustainability. With the use of an intranet, organizations may drastically reduce the amount of paper trash they generate. This reduces your company's carbon impact while also saving you money on paper and ink.


Incorporating an intranet into daily operations can only be beneficial for any company. Your company's efficiency may be boosted, information shared, ideas pooled, and employee involvement and cooperation increased. We've just scratched the surface of what intranets can do for you. A well-utilized intranet may provide enormous value to your company.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2024
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