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Digital Workplace Business Case – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide

Digital Workplace Business Case – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide
Digital Workplace Business Case – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide
A digital workplace, main benefit is it enables more effective collaboration amongst disparate employees, and has been know too greatly boost both engagement and productivity. Buit how do you put together a Business case to introduce a Digital workplace to your teams?
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Digital Workplace Business Case – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide
Digital Workplace Business Case – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide

Digital workplace business case is important to get intranet in your organization. Working from home has become a more appealing option for both employers and people. It's a model that encourages more flexibility and mobility. It also addresses the growing demand for employees to be able to access company resources from any location.

The digital transformation of the workplace enables a wide range of industry sectors to satisfy the needs of our current working world's always-on nature. As a result, it's no wonder that we see an increase in the creation and use of creative solutions like digital workplace software and remote assistance software.

Digital Workplace Case Study

Digital Workplace Case Study

The digital workplace is an online work environment that provides employees with a single point of access to everything they need to do their jobs. It is a collaborative platform that unifies all of a company's tools, data, and resources, including email. Their benefits are:

  • Messages are sent instantly, reduce pointless emails
  • Social media portal that connects employees
  • Elegant and professional software, that's also easy to use
  • Management of documents, central access for all employees

The digital workplace, unlike traditional intranets, extends beyond your company portal and productivity suites like Office 365 or G-Suite. The latter products give you access to a collaborative working environment with a wide range of applications. Keep in mind that this does not include the integration of any other tools. The digital workplace, for example, AgilityPortal, is a unified virtual platform that includes all apps, including an intranet, and allows employees to operate more efficiently and collaboratively.

Employees are a company's most valuable asset. They keep things running smoothly in the firm by connecting you with your consumers and ensuring that they are delighted.

They are the only direct contact between the executive team at the top of a corporation and their customers in the real world. The leadership team loses key clients if the relationship weakens for a moment because the top managers don't trust their employees enough to listen to them.

Furthermore, each of them has a significant impact on all or part of your customer interactions. A single dissatisfied employee may not have a significant impact on your consumer base, but consider the harm that a whole team of dissatisfied employees may cause!

Increased participation of employees 

According to research, organizations with highly engaged employees had 18% higher customer retention rates, 21% higher productivity levels, and 27% higher likelihood of showing better performance than companies without highly engaged employees.

Communication tools help ensure that organizational and employee success stories are effectively shared with a larger audience and that employees are kept up to date on the company's progress.

Better communications

Workmates have been able to communicate more effectively thanks to the presence of numerous communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Outlook 2016. A digital workplace, on the other hand, is much more. Contextual collaboration, which allows employees to communicate easily, execute projects, and manage work all on one platform, is another benefit of a digital workplace.

Due to variances in software, there may be complications while using several communication systems. When everything is on one platform, however, everything can be tracked and has a digital record in case of discrepancies.

Increased availability of information 

A digital workplace provides central storage for information, access to larger business policy and critical papers, and access to tools.

Employees can now access organizational information no matter where they are, thanks to this big advancement. This cuts down on wasted time and allows them to get more done in less time.

Any organization's growth now necessitates the use of a digital workplace. Employees who have the opportunity to work in a pleasant setting benefit from simple access to the newest technology and easy contact.

It leads to company success and rapid expansion. If your organization hasn't yet implemented a digital strategy, now is the time to do so.

Intranet Business Case

Intranet Business Case

If you've started looking for an intranet business case, you're probably well aware of its importance. However, just because something is apparent to you does not mean it is obvious to everyone else—especially when you have a panel of decision-makers waiting to hear your intranet business case.

So, before we start working on your intranet business case, you need to know how (or whether) the intranet software you're proposing fits into your overall business plan. You can next attempt to link your intranet goals with your overall business strategy.

Role of intranet in knowledge management 

Almost every business faces the problem of siloed knowledge. It's difficult to capture essential knowledge imprisoned inside employees' heads, especially without the right processes and tools in place. Reduced productivity, low staff awareness, and stifled creativity are all consequences of failing to collect employee knowledge. Employees spend about 2.5 hours each week searching for people and information within the organization, according to an IDC study, which costs companies on average $7,000 per person per year. That works out to $3.5 million for a company with 500 employees!

Communication obstacles will be broken down through an effective intranet such as AgilityPortal. AgilityPortal can help you to improve your organization's knowledge culture and knowledge management. Employees have more tools and information to do their jobs efficiently when people, information, and procedures are brought together. An intranet aids a company's agility, productivity, collaboration, and competitiveness.

How an intranet can improve collaboration amongst teams  

According to a Salesforce poll of over 1400 business leaders, employees, and educators, 86 percent of respondents felt that workplace failures are caused by a lack of teamwork. We can no longer rely entirely on in-person collaboration as more companies provide telecommuting and remote working choices to their employees.

An intranet helps individuals and teams connect, engage, and thrive by offering a common platform for them to connect, engage, and succeed. An intranet helps decrease unnecessary meetings and erroneous or outdated document versions, whether through shared documentation or discussions. It also aids firms in adapting to changing workforces by allowing for asynchronous cooperation.

Intranet Use Cases

Intranet Use Cases

Have you ever discovered a technology solution that you were enthusiastic about implementing but your colleagues weren't? They either didn't get it, didn't give a damn, or didn't perceive the same value you did? This is most likely because they weren't given a clear picture of how this solution could benefit them individually.

To put it another way, they weren't given a use case.

A use case is the most basic requirement specification that can be used to describe how an end-user will interact with a solution to reach their intended end result. It's a paper that explains how a tool works in relation to user activities. Some of the intranet use cases are given below:

Knowledge sharing and management 

The traditional office is progressively being supplanted by the digital workplace, thanks to the rise of remote working. An intranet such as AgilityPortal can give your company the ideal location to store crucial documents that need to be accessed by your staff from any location.

Collecting information and submissions

An intranet can function as a two-way communication mechanism. Employee records, for example, can be saved in an online database for simple access while also allowing employees to update their information as needed, such as if their address or contact information changes. This can considerably reduce the burden that your HR department faces as a result of having to manually process such data.

Feedback and confidential complaints

Some employees are less reluctant to provide candid feedback and grievances in person, which might result in low employee morale when problems go ignored by management.

Employees can anonymously and confidentially submit these types of things on an intranet without fear of repercussions. Management can also use specialized surveys and polls to gauge public opinion on a specific problem related to the company and solicit suggestions on how to improve office life.

Training via knowledge sharing

An intranet is a great way to keep track of training opportunities and other documents that employees may require. You can save training materials in a variety of digital forms, including PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and MP4 files. This implies that your training materials are readily available to all of your employees without the need to share resources, as is the case with physical training materials such as DVDs or manuals.

Best Practice Intranet Examples :

Best Practice Intranet Examples

Most of the intranets are clunky, cumbersome, restrictive, and unnecessarily difficult.

These are some of the words used by disgruntled users to disparage their company's outdated intranet software.

Not everyone is enamored with their intranet. According to Gartner's research, 90 percent of intranets fail to reach their initial goals.

Maybe you've experienced the frustration of spending thousands of dollars on traditional intranet setup and support only to have your staff disregard it. Unfortunately, one of the most significant issues firms confronts with intranet software is adoption. Many of them wind up accumulating dust on the shelf.

However, it is not true about modern intranets like AgilityPortal. Successful intranets use best practices to enhance employee experience and improve productivity. For example, you can:

  • Make your intranet modern
  • Optimization of your intranet for remote work
  • Improve user experience
  • Choose intranet features based on your company culture
  • Make your intranet a "go-to" place for your employees
  • Do not ignore the social aspect (i.e., AgilityPortal has social media portal)
  • Improve and monitor employee engagement
  • Enhance communication and knowledge sharing

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