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15 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale (Updated for 2022)

15 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale (Updated for 2022)
15 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale (Updated for 2022)
The best way to star is clear and realistic goals for each employee. Schedule one-on-one meetings to track progress and to clear up any confusion.
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15 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale (Updated for 2022)
15 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale (Updated for 2022)

 As an employer, you should know that motivated employees are more likely to put forth their best effort and help their company succeed if they feel that they are valued and appreciated.

As a matter of fact, an employer's success lies in the happiness and confidence of its employees. For example, if the employees are dedicated, the company thrives, and everyone wins.

Why should you boost employee morale?

According to a Business News Daily analysis, a company's profitability might rise by 21% of its employees are happy.

Increased employee satisfaction led to a 41% decrease in absences, according to the findings of this study (2017).

There is a lot more to employee satisfaction than just a good work-life balance and a good working relationship with the employer.

A company's ability to attract and retain top talent is directly correlated to the level of 'human' touch that it incorporates into its corporate culture.

Many actions and steps can be taken in order to increase workplace morale, despite the fact that business culture plays a major role in employee satisfaction.

What are the most effective ways to boost employee morale?

Your company's income is dwindling, while morale among employees is deteriorating? It's high time for some alterations.

There are various strategies to increase employee morale, but these should be incorporated into your company's culture rather than used on a one-time or occasional basis.

The most effective ways to boost employee morale have been listed below.

Effective ways to improve employee morale

Effective ways to improve employee morale

#1. Introduce exciting employee incentives

Sending your remote workers basic work-from-home equipment is the simplest and most effective method to reward them. Employees who work from home may have to spend additional money on furnishing their own workstations.

Alternatively, you can offer:

  • An annual increment in salary
  • Games with awards
  • Provide gifts for their families
  • Offer free online courses

#2.Implement team-building strategies

There are special tools that will help you to correctly organise team-building strategies. For example, a construction time clock app for businesses is a powerful tool to help implement team-building strategies for construction companies. It allows employers to track their employee's work hours easily and conveniently, giving them useful insights into how well they are working together. This data can also be used to benefit the working environment; for example, management could use it to develop more effective team structures and determine which job roles complement each other well.

There are numerous advantages to team-building events that go beyond simply providing a pleasant and creative alternative to having a drink together at happy hour. You can use different strategies for team building, including:

  • Complement circle
  • Brainstorming session
  • Share your personality
  • Team or board games
  • Lunch and learn

#3.Provide training to managers  

Training managers is one of the best ways to improve morale in the workplace because they may directly affect employee engagement and morale. Keep in mind the importance of educating all of your managers on how to communicate effectively, give feedback and appreciation, and use various leadership styles.

You can do it by:

  • Identifying training needs
  • Examining staff performance
  • Resource assessment
  • Making a budget
  • Make a training plan
  • Assigning trainers
  • Monitoring

#4.Keep a calm and healthy organizational culture

There are several ways in which you can reduce stress and keep your employee's work-life balance in check. You must: safeguard the physical and psychological well-being of your workers.

In addition, you need to:

  • Give timely and helpful feedback
  • Increase the number of people who identify as members of underrepresented groups in the workplace
  • Transparency in the workplace should be encouraged.
  • A high-performance learning culture should be established.

#5.Provide chances for employee growth

You can boost employee morale by providing your employees with a sense of purpose and a goal to work towards. You can boost their morale and give them something to look forward to.

You should give them opportunities to level up their skills and career.

#6.Encourage employees to give feedback

Getting input from employees is an excellent method to improve morale on the job. In order to motivate your employees, you must show them that you're listening to their feedback.

#7.Help your employees feel better about themselves

Working from home might lead to feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

As a result, individuals need to be involved in meaningful work-related activities. Employee engagement and contentment can both be boosted through participation in health and wellness programs.

#8.Create a reward system for your employees

Recognizing employees' contributions to the success of the team and the organization is a great way to show them that they're valued.

You can do it for:

  • Improve engagement level
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve morale

Moreover, it is critical for a company that is continuously growing and changing.

#9.Start a book club

Book clubs are a great method to get your staff involved in self-improvement since people enjoy being part of a group. When you sponsor a book club, you can see how your employees interact, learn, and grow as a group.

#10.Share motivational quotes with your employees

Inspirational quotes are inexpensive and easy to obtain. They can be tailored to any occasion or employee, such as a thank you card with quotes about gratitude, loyalty, and hard work. Quotes about life in general can also be shared to remind employees that they are doing something worthwhile.  When it comes to boosting staff morale and engagement, a few extra pearls of wisdom can surely help.

#11.Transparency: Be honest and open

You should try to be as open and as honest as you can.

Trying to hide problems or avoid dialogues when morale is low would only cause additional harm. More importantly, sincerity will be respected by your staff as you work together to resolve any concerns.

#12.Recommend regular breaks

It is possible to lose creativity if you do not modify your environment. For this reason, urge your employees to take a five-minute break from their desks every hour.

#13.Show zero tolerance to workplace bullies

The morale of your employees can and will be impacted by workplace bullying.

It's critical to ensure that all of your employees are aware of the zero-tolerance policy for workplace bullying.

You need to show that:

  • You care about your employees
  • You are fair and do not promote unfair treatment
  • You are a leader, and you can take action


Add gamification to your intranet like using AgilityPortal. You'll see a rise in employee engagement and adoption. Intranet gamification, like other gamification solutions, incorporates elements of gameplay, such as competition, into the workday to keep employees engaged.

#15.Take a break in a designated areaEnter heading here...

​ In order to keep morale high, create an area where employees may relax and recharge but also have the opportunity to converse and exchange ideas with one another.

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