Keep track of every important detail

Get better organized, be more efficient with your time, and delight your clients every step of the way.


Make it easy for your clients to pay you.

Many business management tools expect you to purchase expensive add-ons in order to get the most out of their product.

With Agility Portal:

  • Manage aspects of daily operations to combat silo mentality
  • Work securely on projects across organisations
  • Manage project documentation, tasks, & communications in one place
  • Easy to use, with no special IT skills or training required
Invoices payments - There's more ways to get paid

There's more ways to get paid

PayPal Checkout allows you to easily take payments with major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Venmo* and PayPal Credit**(US Only). PayPal Smart Payment Buttons™ intelligently presents your clients with the most relevant payment types automatically, allowing them to quickly select their preferred option and complete their purchase.

*Venmo account required to send and receive.

**Subject to consumer credit approval.

Get out of bill collecting

Chasing down late invoices or overdue payments can be awkward and cause friction. The app will send friendly payment reminders, getting you out of playing bill collector.

Invoices payments - Get out of bill collecting
Invoices payments - Keep track of your money

Keep track of your money

Create and track invoices to see which have been viewed, paid, or are past due.


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