Ditch the spreadsheets

Ditch the spreadsheets

Get a tool that houses all your client activity and communications in one place. Let the software handle the follow-up, update your client records, and get you paid, while you focus on providing great service.

Keep track of every important detail

Get better organized, be more efficient with your time, and delight your clients every step of the way.

Client management - No more leads falling through the cracks

No more leads falling through the cracks

Keap software promptly responds to incoming leads and existing contacts by sending highly personalized communications that drive action or sales.

  • Set an automatic process for sending messages to new leads—being the first to respond sets you apart from the competition
  • Save time by choosing from pre-written emails

“Oh, you get me”
–your clients

When you’re organized, your clients have a great experience, too. Keep all client interaction history in one place and never ask for the same info twice.

Store client information including:

  • Contact info like name, phone number, email, social media details, address(es), birthday
  • Any shared files, documents, images, contract, proposals, folders
  • History of all meetings, payments, quotes, conversations, emails, any logged notes
  • Tags (for quick, easy categorization)
  • Follow-up tasks
Client management - Oh, you get me
Client management - Master multitasking without trying

Master multitasking without trying

With Keap, you personalize your messages then time your communications to send when new leads come in—even while you’re working with other clients.

Collect the client data you need now

Use Smart Forms to help you collect the specific info you need right away when you add a new lead.

Client management - Collect the client data you need now

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Stop running your business out of your inbox

Connecting your Gmail or Outlook inbox to Keap automatically updates your Keap contact record with every sent or received email message.

Client management - Stop running your business out of your inbox

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